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  1. lbbjab added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Board 3.3 Dev Update: Auto-share on posting   

    Our forums are private but we would like to use the auto share feature to allow members to share their content on their FB and Twitter pages. Can we allow them to link existing accounts while still maintaining forum security, and when these posts auto share - if someone clicks through to read the rest and is not a forum member, do they just get an error message?

    Looking through the Integration documentation - I just want to make sure I am reading this correctly - can this be set up to allow members who want to join FROM Twitter and FB to use our regular registration process. We currently use the user/admin validation process. So if we set this up for these members to be sent to the "validation" group, would they then go to the regular 'queue' or how would we need to do that?

    Thank you...
  2. lbbjab added a post in a topic: No longer able to send personal messages to multiple recipients   

    There used to be a setting for it, but I cannot find it in 3.3.1. It was in the groups - but it is not there now, and not in the system settings, either. If you have any other suggestions, that would be great...
  3. lbbjab added a post in a topic: No longer able to send personal messages to multiple recipients   

    Did the multiple recipient feature disappear in 3.3.1? There is only one box now, even for Admins, and no option in the group settings page to allow admins to have the privilege. Am I missing this setting somewhere?

  4. lbbjab added a comment: Hidden/soft deleted topics don't trigger "Unapproved" flag   

    I understand that you only want to generate a flag for someone on Mod approval, but this does not work for us...and dI still don't understand why all of these things were combined. Not every member needs to be mod queued - we only have one member currently on mod approval - but we do have posts that we remove, pending discussion. "Hiding" a post - essentially removes it from the radar now. It doesn't generate any kind of queue or flag, and if you set the mod controls up so mods can't see hidden posts, they disappear! So then what? How do you mod these posts? They are either there or not? That might work for some communities, but not ours.

    Because of the nature of our forums, the diversity of moderator POV is valued and discussion of moderation is encouraged...and for legality - we rarely hard delete anything. This system, does not work for us now. We need the ability to flag a post - let everyone know it is there so we can discuss it - and then mod it. That is very difficult to do now when you don't even see a post has been hidden.

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