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  1. redfoster added a post in a topic: Numbered Posts Link Do Not Work   

    Hello all.
    We are finding that if someone ends a post in a thread with a number, example "John Deere 454", that post will not work and link to another or to a screen that says sorry post not found. This happened when going from Vbulletin in 2012 to IP Boards. Many posts dending in numbers stopped working. No we notice that it happens about 1 out of every 4 times a new post ends in a  number.
    Anyone have this issue or possibly know why? We fixed the other posts by adding a hash to the slug, but want to stop it now from happening.

    Thanks all...
  2. redfoster added a post in a topic: Update Messed up Chat/Shoutbox   

    Hello all...
    We recently updated our board from 3.3.4 to 3.4.4. In doing so quite a bit messed up. What we are trying to get back is by adding the shoutbox to the top of our forum again. It works fine on he chat page, Along with our sidebar which is now partially back by manually adding ads, it disappeared. Settings all seem correct. Had anyone had this issues?


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