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  1. sspinola added a post in a topic: Change "Upload New File" to "Edit File"   

    "Upload New File" in no way suggests that I need to click that if all I want to do is change the file name. If all I want to do is rename the file, why would I ever think to click that?

    That link should be something that more fully describes what I can do, such as "Edit File" or "Edit or Upload New Version". Or even create a duplicate link to the same screen, one saying "Edit File" and the other saying, "Upload New File".

    Better yet, provide functionality where I can simply rename a file or change other data about the file without having to create a new version. Uploading a new version is kind of silly if all I need to do is fix a typo in the file name.
  2. sspinola added a post in a topic: Can I rename a file in IP.Downloads?   

    I uploaded a file to IP.Downloads but I need to rename it. Is there any way to do that? I am a full admin of the site. It's a very large file so it was rather cumbersome to get it there in the first place so I want to avoid having to delete the and existing file upload it again. Besides, that will delete all associated download metrics, etc.

    Is there an easy way to rename a file in IP.Downloads that I'm missing?
  3. sspinola added a post in a topic: Scheduled blog posts not publishing   

    " may not be sufficient activity on your site to trigger the task regularly enough" -What possible reason could there be for that to matter? If I want it published I want it published when I say to publish it. Why should the site decide otherwise?
  4. sspinola added a post in a topic: Scheduled blog posts not publishing   

    I created a blog last night and scheduled it to publish at 8:00 a.m. this morning, but the post was still unpublished as of 9:30 a.m.

    My IPS system settings (System Settings > Advanced > Date, Time and Number Formats) show the correct time zone (U.S. Central) as does the member who I logged in as to author the post (Members > Viewing Member <name>).

    Is there some other location where I need to set a time zone or some other reason why my post didn't publish on time?
  5. sspinola added a post in a topic: How do I add a block to an article?   

    Lucy, I appreciate that this is not "official" technical support, but my comment is still relevant. If what I was asking for was not possible, the next logical step is to ask, "Do you just want a form on a page?" or at the very least, "What are you trying to achieve?" In fact, your first reply actually quoted my saying "I want a form on a web page."

    And as for, " If you don't understand the way that IPS has termed things then you shouldn't try to use those terms." It's kind of hard not to use them when the terms are generic but used in a way that is different than the general understanding of things. "Page" has a very specific meaning in IPS but it is different than the general meaning on the web. Same with the IPS term "Article". That's the problem with IPS using generic, well-understood terms in a different way than people generally understand them. It prevents accurate communication.

    Anyway, I got my answer. Thanks for your help.
  6. sspinola added a post in a topic: "[#10849] Sorry, but you do not have access ..." custom messages ?   

    I'm trying to achieve this but it's not working. I have a custom error message in each of the three spaces in my download category "Custom Errors" screen but I still get the generic message. Am I doing something wrong?

    See this page:

    In the "Custom Errors" fields for the catagory containing that file, I have this text:
    "We plan to offer a limited number of copies of LYNXeon Wildcat™ (Beta) to approved users. Please request a copy of LYNXeon Wildcat (Beta) and we will review your request as soon as we can."

    It would seem logical that if I'm NOT logged in then I would see that message when I click download. I'm not seeing it. I'm seeing the standard text: "Sorry, you don't have permission for that!"

    The only way I've been able to find to change the error message is by editing the very obscure "public_error" settings in the Manage Languages section, but that makes the message the same no matter what happens.

    What I want to achieve is for anyone to be able to see that file page, but if they are not in the correct permissions group I want them to receive the message above telling them they have to request it. I don't really care about the mechanism used to achieve this goal so if I'm not using the proper colloquial IPS terminology, please know that that is my goal.
  7. sspinola added a post in a topic: How do I add a block to an article?   

    As I stated "... discerning what the 'customer' is actually trying to achieve (even if it doesn't match the words he's using to ask for it) is the key to good technical support..."

    The fact that IPS uses common words in uncommon ways is an endless source of frustration to me and only leads to mis-communication. Sometimes it's about stepping outside the colloquial and highly proprietary world you work in and just trying to see what the heck someone is actually trying to achieve.

    Article, page, block, who gives a rat's turd. I wanted a form on what the rest of the world calls a page. The fact that I used the terms "block" and "article" in my request should not have stopped someone from saying, "Do you mean you just want your visitors to see a web page with a form on it? Oh, you can do it like this..." instead of persisting in the intricacies of the proprietary terms.

    Thanks again Darksbane0.
  8. sspinola added a post in a topic: How do I add a block to an article?   

    Darksbane0: Thank you. VERY much. This was such a simple thing. Thank you for finally giving me a straight answer without all the geeky gobbledygook. I know you don't work for IPS so you're not officially technical support, but discerning what the "customer" is actually trying to achieve (even if it doesn't match the words he's using to ask for it) is the key to good technical support. If customers knew all the proper words and insider lingo to use to ask for what they wanted, they'd probably be able to figure out the thing by themselves.

    Here is the page with the form in case anyone is interested:

    I tested the form and it works as expected, so please don't submit it unless you want a call from our sales guy. He's quite persistent. :smile:
  9. sspinola added a post in a topic: How do I add a block to an article?   

    Thanks to everyone for your valiant attempts at helping this poor soul, but let's scrap this entire discussion and start over because it's entirely too confusing and frustrating to me because I don't understand what anybody is saying.

    Assume I know very little about IPS and even less about software or web development (because both are true). I know how to stumble my way through HTML and can copy and paste with the best of them, but that's about it.

    I don't want to code an entire web site, I just want a form (using HTML form code generated from, that is, NOT utilizing the IPS database) to show up on my IPS site and I want to add some images and paragraphs of explanatory text with it.

    Whatever you call it in IPS, l want to do that.
  10. sspinola added a comment on a file: Contact Form   

    Can someone please tell me what, "Make the upload of upload folder content to your host," from the instructions means? What am I supposed to upload and to where am I supposed to upload it?


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