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  1. Kemble added a post in a topic: Can I convert a single owner blog to a group blog?   

    I'm playing wih this RSS from what I've read on the web.
    I was able to import all the entries but none of the embeded YouTube video's or image attachemnts showed up. UNLESS..... you actually clicked on the [Read full entry --->]  button in the lower right corner.  Once you "Read Full Entry" it takes you to a single post where the images/videos would show up.
    Any way to get the video/images to show up in the entry list view and not have to open the actual article to see them?
  2. Kemble added a post in a topic: Can I convert a single owner blog to a group blog?   

    What about a "work around" ? Is there a way to Export all the entries of the single owner blog and then import then into a newly created Group Blog?
    I know nothing about RSS or even what it means.
  3. Kemble added a post in a topic: Manage RSS Import - error code   

  4. Kemble added a post in a topic: Can I convert a single owner blog to a group blog?   

    I run an MMO gaming site and we have 5 different active games, therfore 5 different blogs for those games.  When the Guild Leader needs to step down and passes leadership to another we have to transfer the blog from one person to the next becuase it's the guild Leaders responsibility to manage the Blog for that game.
    Now that I've updated my forums I now have access to Group Blogs.  Can someone walk me through step by step on how to convert these single owner blogs over to "Group Blogs" so that each game's blog can be managed by multiple people?
    Thanks !!!
    IP.Board 3.4.5
    IP.Blog 2.6.3  
  5. Kemble added a post in a topic: Edit other people's events?   

    bump.. Still looking for an answer.  Can I make a group be able to edit events that they did not create? Currently only those that create the event and forum administrators can edit events. I want to add the ability to edit events to a specific group without giving them ACP access.
  6. Kemble added a post in a topic: Template Directory   

    I'm familiar with html & CSS and I want to edit a few things in the template. However I'm not sure where to look.

    Is there any documentation on the template system that states, "x" template contains "y"

    For example, in globalTemplate I diagnosed that this line

    <if test="mainpageContent:|:$html">{$html}</if> is the line that calls in topicViewTemplate. But I had to dig deep and self diagnose to find this. Is there any documentation anywhere that say's what variables calls in what templates?
  7. Kemble added a post in a topic: IPB Unlimited by IPS Themes   

    2 bugs I found in FifeFox 14.0.1:

    1) When I manually enter in a Hex color Ex: #FFFFFF and then hit the green checkbox to save it. when I open up the color checker again, it automatically closes on me. I can't get it to stay open until I refresh the page.

    2) Left click on a color and hold it down while right clicking and then release the left mouse button causes the color picker to follow your mouse, even whent he color picker window closes. Only way to return it to normal is to refresh page.
  8. Kemble added a post in a topic: Sports Pick 'Ems Application   

    [quote name='' timestamp='1344259667' post='2294270']
    I haven't planned on that. What you could do is utilize IPB's group system and just create a group for people that will help and add that group as their secondary group and give mod permissions to that group.

  9. Kemble added a post in a topic: (M34) Form Manager   

    Is there a way to add lines of text to a specific subject but not have it require a response (radial/checkbox/dropdown/text input)?

    I want to add a full paragraph of additional text right underneath the subject drop down menu but I want it to only be seen if a specific subject is selected.

    I'm using your system as a guild application system for a MMORPG gaming site. When a user selects their game (subject) it brings up a questionnaire for them to fill out. I would like to add a few lines of additional information right underneath the drop down menu that is just knowledge specific to the game they are applying for. How can I do this?
  10. Kemble added a comment on a file: Xfire Video BBCode   

    Thanks Cavey
  11. Kemble added a comment on a file: (RSyvarth) Audio Shoutbox Alerts   

    Where would I change the title "Shoutbox" I would like to just call it "Chat"
  12. Kemble added a comment on a file: (RSyvarth) Audio Shoutbox Alerts   

    The second screenshot with the shout box and all the buttons (clear, refresh, smiles, etc) how did you get it to show up on the bottom and in 1 thin line? Is that part of this mod?

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