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  1. Puppy-linux-hub added a post in a topic: Forum Attacked by spammers?   

    I Have Purchased the Hosted solution that is offered from this company IPB, I am not hosting it myself

    So , yes I do have the absolute latest version of the software and they just restored the forum from a back-up that they had
    I have Changed all passwords, and I thought the captcha thing was sent in the  "validation" email...I also have the option to make it do a challenge question as well
  2. Puppy-linux-hub added a post in a topic: Forum Attacked by spammers?   

    Thanks, I am a noob and have no Idea of how to install "hooks" or any other 3rd party plugin
    And as I have stated, I do not know specifically for certain who hacked and deleted my forum or even if this is my fault or not

    But Thank you for your advice...

    Could you be so kind as to direct me to 
    1: The location to get this  3rd party "hook" or plugin
    2: How To restore my Forum 


    This is snapshot of all the attempts that the russian created:

    It seems it might have even been automated, but I am not certain of this 
    The other attacker, from china brings up no results in the member search Tool

    Regardless of what I have Done, It would not explain the reason why The network status page would be down, at least for me

  3. Puppy-linux-hub added a post in a topic: Forum Attacked by spammers?   

    Hi All, 
    I submitted a Ticket request for support and I have been getting repeated attempts to spam my board with various products such as web hosting and porn
    Today from IP address  which is registered to Vladimir Litvak From the Ukraine (where 95% of the spam originate from)
    Has accomplished Three things Today, Ban Evasion of both the Ban I imposed on this specific IP and also evaded IPB's spam filters (which is before I changed or implemented any SEO "Suggestions" )
    But this is not the only party that is involved was An entity  from China Telecom (

    But I was unable to identify this person, both successfully logged into my ACP after I implemented all the SEO "suggestions" from the main ACP panel, on the bottom left hand side
    it is quite possible since it altered the .htaccess file that it made the Forum somehow vulnerable 
    Either The Russian or the person from china deleted my sub forum/Topics, while For some reason leaving The main Forum Directory available, un harmed

    Only Thing, is that my main concern about this nature is if there are any "Back - ups" To  my Forum's Database, as It's vital to my FOSS(Free Open Software, specifically involving Linux) Community, "Puppy - Linux"

    Also, I have noticed that, from at least from my location, the network status website is also down...

    Which can only lead to two logical conclusions a hack , hardware failure or both, being a hardware failure resulting from malicious activity.

    I will attach screenshots of both

    Network status page failure :  

    Deleted Forum:  

    I look Forward to working with both  the Community  and IPB staff as well to resolve this issue!


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