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  1. Zille added a post in a topic: (M34) Videos System   

    What happened when original video deleted in youtube. Suppose I have more than 200 video and 30 are deleted. Can I fix or delete Youtube deleted videos using quick search or I have to manually find them and delete. 
  2. Zille added a post in a topic: Photo of the month block help please?   

    Thank you for your reply. Its really great and server the purpose. Still not 100%. 
  3. Zille added a post in a topic: Fun Image page   

    Is there any item available in Marketplace that will allow me to post funny images one after another and user visit them scrolling down and navigate using next and previous button like 9gag
  4. Zille added a post in a topic: Having E-Commerce MarketPlace like Digial Point   

    Is it possible for ipboard forum users to have a marketplace similar to digital point marketplace.
    Is there any similar product in ipboard marketplace or anyone can code this for me.
    Thank you
  5. Zille added a post in a topic: How to rename HTML to PHP add image and swf files with ip.content   

    I have uploaded all html, CSS, JS  files in ip.content.
    I failed to upload gif and swf files as I could not find the folder. So I renamed the source to my root folder for gif and swf.
    I was able to add code inside .php files and ip.content renamed them as .html
    Now the problem is I am not expert in coding so I can not rename this .php files to show as .html.
    This is why the design is not functioning properly.
    Can anyone tell me how to rename files extension .html to .php in ip.content and is it possible to add swf and image files inside ip.content folder without changing src url 
    My original website inside a folder working fine but the one for ip.content working except unable to feed topics.
    Original:  http://www.qwre.com/pagination/index.html
    Ip.content:  http://qwre.com/testingmain.html
    Please help
  6. Zille added a post in a topic: IP.Content design not fully functional   

    I have design a simple design which will feed my RSS Feed for forum.
    My coding includes Php, JS, Css and PHP
    Now my website is working fine inside sub-folder but when I added all files to ip.content its not feeding my topics any more.
    Anyone can help.
    Here is the website inside subfolder working:  http://www.qwre.com/pagination/index.html
    IP.Content can not feed topics but everythng else fine:  http://qwre.com/testingmain.html
    Anyone can help
  7. Zille added a post in a topic: RSS Feed IP.Content Block need little help   

    I have a made a RSS Feed Block using HTML code. It working but I want only 7 topics to be shown in first page and click next for another 7 and so on. I have to use a counter but don`t have any idea how as I am new in HTML.
    Can anyone give me the remaining code for counter to show 7 topics and click next for another 7 or previous for last 7 etc:
    <script id="feed-1376826768096637" type="text/javascript" src="http://rss.bloople.net/?url=http%3A%2F%2Fforum.qwre.com%2Frss%2Fforums%2F3-qwrecom%2F&detail=100&showicon=true&showempty=true&type=js&id=1376826768096637"></script>     My website BanglaForum
  8. Zille added a post in a topic: [HQ] Forum Icons   

    I am running this great application but in the forum index I always can see icon for Category and not for Sub-Category. Only when I enter a particular category, I then see sub-category icons. Is there any solution to show icon for both category and sub-category in forum index.
  9. Zille added a post in a topic: [HQ] Forum Icons   

    Thank you. It solved the problem as I found it. Regards
  10. Zille added a post in a topic: [HQ] Forum Icons   

    I have found the read me file. 
    After I select the skin I am lost:
    [choose skin] -> Manage Templates & CSS -> Board Index -> boardIndexTemplate
    I need to replace some codes as mention in the readme but after selecting skin I end up here:

    Where can I find boardindexTemplate?
  11. Zille added a post in a topic: [HQ] Forum Icons   

    There is no read me files inside the skinedit folder. 
    Can anyone upload the hole thing as zip for ipboard 3.4.5
    Here is a snapshot of the folder I have:

  12. Zille added a post in a topic: [HQ] Forum Icons   

    I have the skinedits.zip and inside there are four files. Two edit and two original. How do it use them in my skin set.
  13. Zille added a post in a topic: [HQ] Forum Icons   

    No. How do I do the skin edit.
  14. Zille added a post in a topic: [HQ] Forum Icons   

    I have installed today and applied image on one Forum category which I can see in admin area but not in the actual forum. Is there any permission settings? I tried with gif and png but now showing in actual forum.
    Anyone can help. Using IPBoard 3.4.5
  15. Zille added a post in a topic: IP Content page showing RSS Feed like blog   

    Hi. I have a website and default IP.Content page.
    Now it shows only topic title and last five topic in the forum.
    Is it possible to show RSS Feed for the forum in that area and also with next and previous button so that members or visitors can click next to see more recent topic and also topic instead of showing just Title and short test description, showing something like shown in blog.
    I mean display like IP.Blog with next or previous buttons.
    Something like engadget.com. I mean similar type display of topics and older posts button so that members or guest can visit more topics. 

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