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YGLadies is an international fansite & forum dedicated to supporting YG's 4-member girl group, 2NE1 (투애니원 aka トゥエニィワン) and their fans, Blackjacks! Join us at www.ygladies.com

To create a supportive community of 2ne1 fans, otherwise known as Blackjacks in our mutual goal of promoting the worldwide success of 2NE1.

YGLadies is an international fansite dedicated to supporting YG's 4-member girl group, 2NE1 (투애니원)! Our #1 goal is to provide the 40,000+ members, known as BlackJacks all around the world a welcoming and fun environment to support jjang dancer Minzy, beautiful voiced Bom, baddest female CL, and fresh-spirited Dara. Join us in creating a strong international fanbase for 2NE1 as we follow them on their journey to the top!

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