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    Hi , i have read almost all 11 pages looking for a solution to allow decimals in points . If you have allowed us to change the * points * name into anything else then you have to take into consideration that maybe we need just the functionality of the system and not necesarily the points. In my case i want to allow my members to earn cash by posting interesting stuff , articles , etc but as we all know you can't put the same price on everything so maybe some things worth $1 .. others $0.50 , i just want to add this functionality . Being int() in mysql decimals are not allowed but this can be changed easily .
    I need some hints if possible like ( filename blabla.php does the update into database ) so i can update it my self .
    I have set into database for me to have 0.20 points and i got 0 displayed then i have set 3 and had it displayed ... in the end is just math.
    Thank you

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