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  1. DavidAM added a comment on a file: Nerva & IPSForumSkins   

    very nice skin, recommended
  2. DavidAM added a comment on a file: Editor Themes by IPS Themes   

    very nice addon to every forum, feeling much more clean and smooth with it :) For sure will refresh look of every board
  3. DavidAM added a comment on a file: Topics Verifier   

    Hmm, no thanks for this hook to the creator? Well, I'll be first then, Thanks for the handy mod :)
  4. DavidAM added a record in IP.Nexus   

    Support Body View broken if long name support custom field presents
    As per title: [url="http://scr.hu/0r7w/km5yn"]http://scr.hu/0r7w/km5yn[/url]

    Any quick css/template fix?
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  5. DavidAM added a record in IP.Nexus   

    Invalid renewal price on grouped renewals

    Grouped renewals for child reactivation/renewal are calculated wrong way.

    1. Have parent 1 parent package and at least one dependent package associated (child).
    2. Have them configured with grouped renewals.

    3. Now, go to client area and cancel child.
    4. Basing on monthly renewal period lets say we renewed our parent package by 10 months in advance.
    5. Now reactivate our child package.

    it gonna charge only reactivation price and will set expiry date same as parent package (due to grouped renewals).

    This way we reached 10 months of subscription of the child by paying on reactivation fee of it. (remember renewal price of the child was not considered while we were renewing the parent).

    In such scenario of configuration it should charge for the difference of time between Current Date and Parent Expiry Date, so..

    multiplier = ps_expire - current_date

    reactivation_price(renewal) = multiplier * renewal_price + renewal_price(reactivation)
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  6. DavidAM added a record in IP.Nexus   

    onCancel - does not work
    Tried to run onCancel however all the code I tried to execute does not work on this action.

    For verification I tried same code on different actions, e.g. onRenew and all was working perfectly.

    1. I have 3 packages from which one is parent and 2 of them assigned to parent childs.
    2. All packages are configured for grouped renewals
    3. I cancel package using cancel button in package from client area

    Tested onCancel on each of the above packages, nothing happened.
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  7. DavidAM added a record in IP.Nexus   

    Grouped package cancellation / reactivation

    Having 1 parent package, Child 1 and Chil2, all configured for grouped renewals.

    Child 1, Child2 assigned to parent.

    Scenario I:
    1. Canceling child package
    2. Reactivating it -> A reactivation charge claimed => ALL OK

    Scenario II:
    1. Canceling child package
    2. Canceling parent package
    3. Reactivating parent package (which in real is still active as expiry date did not come yet) -> Causes reactivation of all childs too => FAIL

    Why FAIL? As this way Customer can bypass 'A reactivation charge' from 'Scenario I'

    No charge is claimed as Parent is still active due to expiry date did not came out, so in case of having canceled childs it is enough to cancel and reactivate parent to get our childs reactivated free of charge.
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  8. DavidAM added a record in IP.Nexus   

    Creating invoices problem back again

    I have perent package and two childs. Each of those 3 packages have 3 options with price adjustment. All packages are configured for grouped renewals.

    I create invoice via ACP, Add parent package, add child package 1, add child package 2 with any of options.

    Marked it as paid via ACP. Now going to Client area -> purchases. Can see my 3 packages, however renewals of child 1 and 2 are not considered, renewal price stays at price of renewal of parent only.
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  9. DavidAM added a record in IP.Nexus   

    Possibility to add to Cart package without selecting options etc

    I have several packages configured to show up on upsell. Each of those packages are child packages that must be assigned to parent package, also each of them has pricing adjustment per option from select.

    1. Add to card parent package
    2. Upsell packages are being offered, chose any, select options and add to cart
    3. Click browser backward button
    4. Add any of the upsell packages

    After point 4 you are able to add package >> that is configured to 'MUST BE ASSIGNED' and which has pricing adjustment per select option << without assigning it and without possibility to select desired option because the selects for parent package selection and options do not appear. Thanks!
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  10. DavidAM added a record in IP.Content   

    Control over Navigation Menu
    After latest update the Navigation Menu configured from IP.Content settings is not being applied to forum and other applications pages, applies to content index and its pages only.

    I have content as front page on main domain and forum on sub domain.
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  11. DavidAM added a record in IP.Nexus   

    BETA 24.05.2013 - Possible issue related to Csncelling / reactivating / renewing renewal grouped packages

    Well, not easy to describe, also not sure if an issue.. however let me explain..

    1. We have 6 packages this time, however I believe not all of them are required to reproduce it
     [quote]- [color=#800080]Parent[/color]
    |-- [color=#b22222]Child 1 [/color](grouped renewals with [color=#800080]Parent[/color])
    |......---- Other package (child of [color=#b22222]Child 1[/color] - independent renewals)
    |-- [color=#008000]Child 2[/color] (grouped renewals with [color=#800080]Parent[/color])
    |.......---- Other package (child of [color=#008000]Child 2[/color] - independent renewals)
    |-- Other package (child of [color=#800080]Parent[/color] - independent renewals)[/quote]

    2. Click Cancel in Parent package: it will inform that dependent child packages will be cancelled -> Proceed
    3. Click Reactivate in Parent package page - Parent Package together with Child 1 and Child 2 are being reactivated without any additional charge.

    What I point to you may ask?

    In scenario when I will cancel one of child: child 1 or child 2 separately, proceeding with cancellation directly from child page (I reported also a bug related to impossibility to reactivate such cancelled child package here: [url="http://community.invisionpower.com/resources/bugs.html/_/ip-nexus/beta-24052013-impossible-to-reactivate-child-package-directly-from-child-package-page-r42333"]CLICK[/url]) the only option to renew that childs is to renew parent package, so go there and click renew, it will offer you to reactivate child package and will charge reactivation fee isn't it?

    So, proceeding with points 1-3 will allow to reactivate packages without fee but renewing packages will charge for the reactivation, what I miss? Thanks
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  12. DavidAM added a record in IP.Nexus   

    BETA 24.05.2013 - Unhandled situation related to add / remove group upon expiry

    Well, I was keep testing when realized that there is unhandled situation when more than one package is moving / adding to the same group/sec group. It is often scenario when having several items moving / adding same group as are representing same class of items etc etc..

    However when one expires the group is being removed/switched back upon expiry.. same situation may happen when one item configured with possibility to associated to different parents will be associated to two or more parents.. each of that associated item has different expiry date.. so when one expires the group is being switched back / removed even if the same item presenting as active at different parent package..

    Well, there should be a check if same package presents as active within current purchases and if yes the removing / switching back the group should be skipped in such case. The group should be removed or switched back only upon expiry in case when no same package presents as active within current purchases.

    Hope you understand. Thanks
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  13. DavidAM added a record in IP.Nexus   

    BETA 24.05.2013 - Not clear invoice items listing

    Tests done with two packages, parent and child with grouped renewals.

    1. Cancel parent package and its child at once
    2. Renew parent package
    - it will offer to reactivate the child - check the select

    From my best knowledge you charge reactivation fee for reactivation of child package in price of the renewal charge

    In my setup parent package is 50USD and Child is 25USD, on invoice generated we can notice the following: [url="http://scr.hu/0r7w/2aixt"]http://scr.hu/0r7w/2aixt[/url]

    Renewal of Parent package is 75USD - means reactivation fee of child package has been applied to the parent renewal charge. To avoid misunderstanding by Customer the reactivation fee should be listed as separate invoice position.
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  14. DavidAM added a record in IP.Nexus   

    BETA 24.05.2013 - Impossible to reactivate child package directly from child package page

    Well, tests done on latest beta from 24.05.2013

    1. Have two packages, parent and child one with grouped renewals
    2. Cancel child package
    3. Reactivate child package:


    - Before you can reactivate this child purchase you must first reactivate the parent purchase.

    it is only possible to reactivate child package by renewing parent package

    NOTE: Parent package is still active during performing above steps.
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  15. DavidAM added a record in IP.Nexus   

    Still keeps asking for billing details for existing purchase
    Why Nexus is keep asking for Billing details every transaction attempt on existing purchase? What in case store admin want's to keep existing purchases within one billing details (those used at initial purchase?)

    When I renew or reactivate existing purchase it allows to change billing details.. [url="http://scr.hu/0r7w/m674v"]http://scr.hu/0r7w/m674v[/url]

    Should not be like that.. as many stores basing other dependent things on such details.. also I makes no sense if we are selling Subscriptions which are feature of Nexus (for which we do not allow Transfers) where in current situation Customer may change details of it..

    There should be at least option to allow billing details change for existing purchases / renewals or not.
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