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  1. majorskillz added a post in a topic: Modern Warfare 3 Gaming Skin (Now Free)   

    hi, i notice you have added social media buttons :P but how would i link them? where about in the template/CSS do i input the url to enable them linkable?
  2. majorskillz added a post in a topic: Dark Set   

    yeah cool, thank you man.. this has been tons of help :) the issue with the BBCode = FIXED, (#main_search) is fixed i searched for that code and i was missing the # tag at the start of the code. common mistake, that's why the colour didn't work.. as for the Shoutbox that is still black :( so i am thinking i may have missed a # tag in that bit of code to, i shall go have a search..
  3. majorskillz added a post in a topic: Dark Set   

    hi there mate, i have ran into a problem with your skin, the BBCode panel is blown way out and a few of the codes have taken up a 3000 x 3000 radius on the panel like the centre code for example it should be in a nice little box but it takes up my whole screen and then some for that one code.., i have changed my auto resize permission to allow for profile templates to be added to profiles so i don't know if this is what has caused it but when i select the default ipb skin there is no issue.. it only happens when using your skin?

    also i have edited the colours a little in your skin but i can't fine the code to edit the typing text colour anywhere? when i type in the advanced search and on my shoutbox the text is black as is the search bar and the shoutbox tab so i can't read what i'm writing? can you help me locate the correct code to change the text colour?

    Major Skillz
  4. majorskillz added a post in a topic: Download: Shoutbox   

    Hey there mate.. firstly i would like to say awesome job :smile:

    just a couple of questions though..,

    how would i add extra tabs on the bar at the bottom of the shoutbox next to (refresh, BBCode, clear, smiles, ETC) ?

    how would i add colour codes to the @ feature for example when you click the @ next to a members name, this happens

    but when i click on my website all i get is this ?

    and last question, is there any extra hooks,mods,addons for your shoutbox that i can have a look at?

    kindest regards

    major skillz

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