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  1. OMGforum added a post in a topic: Which Linux distro are you using?   

    Centos 6.2 X64.
  2. OMGforum added a post in a topic: Regarding avatars   

    [quote name='Levy McGarden' timestamp='1347026697' post='2306038']
    Oh I read it wrong. I'm sorry. :sad:

    No problem, you atleast spent time and tried to help me which I appriciate
  3. OMGforum added a post in a topic: Regarding avatars   

    [quote name='Archangel72' timestamp='1346956589' post='2305755']
    In the admin cp, go to system settings>members>user profiles and in the first section is where you adjust it . It should be the second to last option in that section

    Thank you sir, and sorry for the misunderstanding :smile:
    This fixed what I was looking for :]
  4. OMGforum added a post in a topic: Regarding avatars   

    [quote name='Archangel72' timestamp='1346933216' post='2305614']
    the size is located where I mentioned...

    I've set my limits to pretty high, but when I upload an 500x500 image, it appears as 100x100. I think what you explain is the entry when upload image, their limits.. But they all gets resized to 100x100 and shown at the forums..

    [quote name='HellaWicked' timestamp='1346950401' post='2305721']
    I think I understand what OMGforum is talking about because I'm experiencing the same issue. I too edited that exact section in your screenshot and nothing changes its size in the forum view no matter how big I set it.

    Yeah true, I want to chagne the size of the images which are already uploaded, not the size from the uploader system which resizes them to a default value 100x100.
  5. OMGforum added a post in a topic: Regarding avatars   

    [quote name='Archangel72' timestamp='1346678012' post='2304382']
    go into your Admin CP, then choose MEMBERS across the top row, once that comes up, then on the left side of the page is a list of options, choose MANAGE MEMBER GROUPS. When you have the list of all your user groups, just use the EDIT b
    utton on the far right side of the group you are wanting to edit and when it brings up the details for the group you choose, click on the GLOBAL tab at the top (should be the second tab) and scroll to the bottom and the section for UPLOADING is where you set the size in kb and also size in dimension


    Thanks for your help, but actually what I am looking for is to change avatar size of the avatar which are shown throught the forums, not the upload limits.

    I want to change this:

    It's too small, how can I make that bigger?
  6. OMGforum added a post in a topic: Regarding avatars   

    Hey, I would like to change the size of the avatars (Which are shown at the forum threads)

    <----- I'm talking about that avatar

    It's to small, is there a way making it bigger? Like 200x200.

    Thnx for helping
  7. OMGforum added a post in a topic: (RC34) Automatic post when moving topics   

    Please update this modification to Ip.Board 3.3.4
  8. OMGforum added a comment on a file: Custom Moderator Team Page   

    well not worth 6.5$ :/

    make it free, the board was expenvice enough

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