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  1. Andy Badwool added a record in IPS Extras   

    UTF8 Converter 1.1.10 (Web) doesn't progress unless refreshed
    [b]My server configuration: [/b]PHP 5.3, 128 MB, Mysql 5.5. Everything is compatible with "Are you ready for IPS 4.0?".
    Tested the Converter on Firefox and Chrome, the conversion wouldn't progress to the next table unless I manually refreshed the page each time. I saw this reported by other users as well in the entry blog comments and other posts. This is what happens:[list]
    [*]"Converting first table"... gets stuck.
    [*]Converter proceeds to second table and gets stuck.
    [*]Converter proceeds to third table and gets stuck.
    [*]And so on.
    At this point i just repeatedly pressed refresh each time a new page loaded and wait for the next page to load.By doing this, it did everything pretty fast (around 15 mins for a 600 mb board). It would obviously take longer to refresh based on the size of that current table, longest was obviously the posts table.
    At the end, once all tables were processed, it got stuck at 93% saying "Converting..." (when there was nothing else to convert). I just pressed "Tools" and then went back to the Convert page and it said Conversion Successful.
    And it was successful indeed as everything worked perfectly when I tested it on my forums. All new UTF tables were there in the database and working as expected.
    [b]Just... I think the Converter is supposed to progress through each table by itself rather than having to be guided manually with refreshes?[/b]
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  2. Andy Badwool added a comment on a blog entry: 4.0 - Profiles   

    By the way, I think the improvements are great. A few more things though:
    Where's Profile Views? Should it be added on top of the header along with Content Count, Joined Date and Last Visited?
      Where's "Liked Content" by the user?
    . If you do end up to add the Tabs option, a Tab for the Signature would be good..
      I agree with anoismale: You have an "About testadmin" on the left sidebar and then another "About Me" in the main area.  This is kind of redundant.  Maybe change the wording of "About testadmin" to "Basic Info."
      I agree with anoismale: If you're going to show a member's followers, won't it also be incumbent to show who the member is following?  Also, wouldn't it be logical that the follow button would be better placed near the Followers instead of elsewhere on the page?
  3. Andy Badwool added a comment on a blog entry: 4.0 - Profiles   

    How about... an admin setting?
    Use Tabs in Profile Page? Yes/No
    Default Tab (if set on Yes)? About Me/Status Feed/etc.
    So everyone can choose based on their community needs.
  4. Andy Badwool added a record in IPS Web Site and Client Area (not for software issues)   

    Can't download Marketplace files contained in "Old Categories (Being Migrated)"
    I was trying to download this addon [url=""][/url] but it didn't et me.
    I investigated and realized there must be a permission issue. Infact, all files still contained inside "Old Categories (Being Migrated)" ([url=""][/url]) can't be downloaded. An incorrect "missing license" message is displayed instead.
    They should be downloadable even if they're not migrated to the new categories yet, shouldn't they?
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  5. Andy Badwool added a comment on a blog entry: 4.0 - Simplification of deletion and approval process   

    I guess I will disable the "delete" option for everybody, and just have the "hide" option and the multi-moderation action "move to trashcan" (Or I'll name it "delete", maybe :smile:) which will move topics to a trashcan forum, that only admins and mods can see. Like the good old days. Problem solved.
  6. Andy Badwool added a record in IP.Board   

    Major Twitter sign-up overlooks
    After a user reported a problem of not being able to change his Display Name after signing up with Twitter, I decided to test it out, and found out even more issues:
    First of all, it appears that when [b]signing up via Twitter [/b](mind that we're talking actually signing up via Twitter, not connecting the account to Twitter at a later date), [b]no forum password is set [/b]for the account. Now this not only means that the user will only be able to login by using the twitter connect button, but also this brings several problems:[list]
    [*]User can't ever change his [b]display name [/b](requires password input)
    [*]User can't ever change his[b] email address[/b] (requires password input)
    [*]User can't even change his [b]password[/b] either, ever, because there's no "current password" set
    This is not even the worst part about it.
    [b]The user can't effectively disassociate twitter from his account without completely losing access to his forum account[/b]. If the user intentionally or accidentally disconnects his twitter account from his forum account... he's done for. He's not going to be able to login into that account anymore, ever again: if he clicks on twitter sign up again, [b]he's not going to be able to associate it back to the previous account because it requires that account password[/b], and that password was never set.
    I guess the only way around would be doing a password recovery, but it's not really ideal to point everybody that signs up via twitter to do a password recovery as the first thing they should do...
    While testing this, I also noticed something else. [b]When somebody signs up via Twitter[/b], he's prompted to also enter an email address. So it doesn't import the email address from Twitter. BUT it bypass the email validation. I always thought that signing up via twitter would import the email from that social network therefore making sure the account was legit and already confirmed by those services, so there was no need to validate their emails. Now I found out I was wrong and it doesn't work like that. But what's the point of even doing twitter and facebook connect if [b]they can just put any random email address and bypass validation[/b]? Isn't this a major security overlook?
    Effectively, one could do this:
    - Click sign up via twitter
    - Insert a fake email address
    - Create account
    - Disassociate twitter
    - Repeat
 create an infinite number accounts in matter of minutes.
    [b]PS: All of this may apply to signing up with Facebook as well, but I haven't tested it as I don't have an extra account.[/b]
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  7. Andy Badwool added a comment on a blog entry: 4.0 - Introducing Themes   

    Kind-of-unrelated question that has been in my mind for a quite a few of these blog entries...
    With the fact that you're rewriting the whole platform code from scratch, does it potentially mean that previous bugs that have been fixed throughout the 3.x years could possibly return? Or are you keeping track or all of them and their respective fixes so that when you rewrite the code you're sure to not possibly reintroduce them? :tongue:
  8. Andy Badwool added a record in IP.Board   

    Secondary group permission overrides
    I noticed this:
    Let's say a member has Group A as primary member group, and Group B as secondary member group.
    Group A has the ability to change display name set on YES.
    Group B has the ability to change display name set on NO.
    This member which is in Group A and has Group B as secondary group, will not be able to change display name. Is this intendend? I thought secondary groups would affect permission only if [i]for the better.[/i]
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  9. Andy Badwool added a comment on a blog entry: 4.0 - Introducing the new AdminCP   

    This looks amazing.
  10. Andy Badwool added a record in IP.Board   

    Copying also carries CSS background and font color?
    Copying some content from any website (or even a post of the forum itself from the topic view), also carries the [b]CSS background color and the font color[/b] properties that affect that copied text of the website page you copied it from. The text has NO inline HTML background or color properties. Copying just takes the CSS for some reason.
    Is it supposed to?
    This leads to some ugly occurrences like this: [url=""][/url]
    It's worth noting that switching to source mode and switching back to RTE, gets rid of those properties...
    I'm 100% SURE this never happened in the past.
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  11. Andy Badwool added a record in IP.Board   

    Maximum number of embedded quotes not enforced with mobile skin?
    This happens on my forum at least.
    I have a limit of 4 maximum embedded quotes set via ACP.
    If a user tries to post more quotes than the maximum allowed, an error message prevents the post from being submitted. This is correct.
    If a user tries to post the same post with the mobile skin though, the post gets submitted, but the quotes show unparsed. (with quote codes displayed)
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  12. Andy Badwool added a comment on a blog entry: IPS 4.0: Editor - Part 4: Special Features   

    Will the autosave feature also work for personal messages (it doesn't now)?
  13. Andy Badwool added a comment on a blog entry: Spam Service Updates   

    Wouldn't it make more sense if the system was working based off calls to the spam service from one single DOMAIN instead of one single IP? That would easily solve the dynamic IP issues... Instead of unnecessarily charging an extra100$ for it...
  14. Andy Badwool added a post in a topic: How to include custom php code in the template?   

    WTH. Damn. I thought I did this exact thing before and didn't work. Now it did. Who knows what I was doing wrong O____O
    Thank you! It worked!
  15. Andy Badwool added a post in a topic: How to include custom php code in the template?   

    I tried it following the same instructions as above but couldn't get it to work... Could you please write down the full code I should use? Thank you!

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