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  1. Zephyr62 added a post in a topic: Problème Cron   

    Hello, I have a problem on my forum.

    The dedicated server is on time (France Hour).
    The shootbox is on time.
    The time zone is on time.
    But the date of execution of tasks is not.

    Some spots do not launch because it is programed to run in the past.

    Good TimeZone in parameters =>

    Look =>

    Bad TimeZone dysplay in cron =>

    Can you help me please ?
  2. Zephyr62 added a post in a topic: code php => IPB template   

    [quote name='Michael' timestamp='1342288788' post='2286868']
    I'm thinking this approach is all wrong. If you want certain $_GET variables to make it so you end up on a certain skin, then why not just use the built-in URL mapping functionality?

    URL mapping functionality => Incompatible.
    1 Install => 3 Forums

    Forum 1:
    /index.php?c= 10 ,20,30 (load skin Minecraft for user)

    Forum 2:
    /index.php?c= 10 ,40,50 (load skin Guild wars 2 for user)

    Forum 3:
    /index.php?c= 10 ,60,70 (load skin Skyrim for user)

    10 is a common subforum to all forums.
    So i need to apply a skin directly to the user.

    In fact i wish that:

    1) go => /index.php?c=1,2,3&choiceskin=X
    2) Changeskin and...
    3) ...redirect to /index.php?c=1,2,3
  3. Zephyr62 added a post in a topic: code php => IPB template   


    But this code redirects me on the index after changing the skin.
    How to keep the other page please?









    skinchange.php redirect on the index :/

    skinchange.php redirect on the custom page :)
    <php> if( $this->request['jeu'] == 'Minecraft' ) { $this->registry->output->silentRedirect('http://forum.terra-umbra.com/skinchange.php?id=10'); exit(); } </php>

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