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  1. Overflowing added a post in a topic: How to install IPS+IP Content on Cloud VPS?   

    Using a cloud vps and having troubles trying to install ipb on it...

    cloud vps specs
    2GB 2 cores
    40 GB SSD
    3TB transfer

    Anyway on how I can use this guide https://www.digitalocean.com/community/articles/a-straightforward-guide-on-installing-web-facing-applications-on-a-vps but instead of mybb with ipb? Would appreciate the help
  2. Overflowing added a comment on a file: Fallen (General&Gaming)   

    Nice skin, but I honestly think you should try a different "formula", like a nav bar style and maybe some transparent skins.
  3. Overflowing added a post in a topic: Category icons should be a default feature   

    There is a forum that has this looks pretty well done.

  4. Overflowing added a post in a topic: Download: Paerula (3 Colors)   

    It's been already a month and he hasen't fixed the problems that the skin has been having.

    ( If you change the background on your profile you see a huge red/blue/green block at the bottom )
  5. Overflowing added a post in a topic: Glare by IPS Themes   

    Interesting theme, tempted to buy it.

    my only concern is that you had "background image examples" does this mean it changes when a person has their own background image for their profile?

    Right now I'm under the assumption users can have their profile background and it'll change the forum header to the profile background the user is using or no?
  6. Overflowing added a post in a topic: IP.Content does not work furl incorrect can't even uninstall   

    I was having troubles with IP.Content and tried to uninstall it and i can't even access it.

    I get this...

    ^ That's when I try to uninstall it..

    ^ When I try to access the plugin ( controls and etc)
  7. Overflowing added a post in a topic: IP.Content Home page   


    It's pretty much live streaming video games and such if you look at http://solomid.net

    you'll see a video being played at the front page but I only want to do that when we have a huge event going on other wise I won't ever use it.

    I mainly want to have that livestream block they have scroll down and you'll see their livestream section it'll show the livesteam pic and the livestream name and the viewers..

    Click one and you will be redirected to this..


    This seems ALOT like Xenforo's XenAttendo ( Which is part of XenPorta I believe)

    Here's an example


    As you can see on the right you'll see a "upcoming events" and a livestream going on

    Click on it and you will have something similar to TSM's


    Looks very similar to solomid's livestream function.

    I want to have something like this for IP.Content but I've seen a media system thing for IP.Content..


    That looks great except I don't see the live chat that you get like the other 2 examples I have provided above; and another thing I don't want the whole media thing.

    Do you guys think I can edit the media system for IP.Content and make it work with what I want? ( The Live stream block featuring other streams and people click on it and you can see it on the website.)

    I'm not experienced enough to do this and I would be willing to pay for it if I'm unable to do it ( or if there is any other easier method of me doing it myself.)

    And another thing what about the image slider?

    I don't like the whole "article" thing; I want people's comments to acutally count towards their post count.

    Similar to this..

  8. Overflowing added a post in a topic: IP.Content Home page   

    I'm not sure if I'll be capable of being able to be making a stream block which allows people to add their streams just the way solomid.net has theirs...

    The guide system is something I don't mind living without but the livestream and the slider is just so important >_<
  9. Overflowing added a post in a topic: IP.Content Home page   

    I just bought IP.Content and want to make a really nice homepage for my gaming community ( http://unlimitedchi.net)

    I really want to get a homepage similar to http://solomid.net

    Just want to be able to feature gaming reviews and gaming news and tech news and our site announcements ( tf2 servers minecraft servers etc etc) and be able to have a livestream system going on ( the way solomid has it and from time to time we can just put a live stream on the main page for a huge event we have going on) and of course a block for sponsors and such.

    Can anyone point me to the right direction and tell me which blocks to use? I'm not really experienced in coding; so if anyone can recommend me to someone who can do this all for me for a good price that'd be nice.
  10. Overflowing added a post in a topic: Download: Paerula (3 Colors)   

    Bought this theme; because it looked sexy.

    Can't install it; there is some bad .xml going on for the images-pareula.xml.gz

    Can you update the download link please?
  11. Overflowing added a post in a topic: Linux OpenVZ VPS hosting for IPB? How?   

    Thanks for the replies guys.

    I just ended up getting a dedi server.

    here are the specs

    Intel core i5 4x2.66 ghz
    Ram: 16GB
    2TB space

    Fully managed

    Free plesk for 1 domain free

    $149 first month, $125 per month.

    It's much more but I got people who are going to help me with funds just that I'm funding it first.

    Going to have to learn how to use plesk panel and they say it's fully managed going to be a 1 day setup, I'm looking forward to it.

    Planning to host Minecraft, Team fortress 2, teamspeak, forums, l4d2, killing floor and other game servers hopefully in the future
  12. Overflowing added a post in a topic: Linux OpenVZ VPS hosting for IPB? How?   

    Just bought IPB, and glad I did best forum software now I plan to use a VPS

    So I'm trying to run a community and I'm not familar with VPS's if anyone can link me a list of guides that I can read on how to host IPB on my vps I would really appreciate it.

    The VPS i'm looking to get is this..

    Disk Storage Space: 300GB
    Guaranteed Physical Memory: 6 GB
    Bandwidth per month : 2tb
    Burst memory limit: 10 GB
    Unique Dedicated IP Addresses : 2 Free
    Virtualization Platform: OpenVZ
    Processor: 6000 MHZ

    Price : $59.99/month

    It's using linux.

    A friend told me to use kloxo panel and I can host IPB; can anyone point me to the right direction? ( List me guides and such tips warning and etc whatever I need to know; I'm short on time and I need to do this asap.)

    I want to host a minecraft server, IPB forums for now.

    Thanks I really appreciate it!

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