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  1. GoldSport added a post in a topic: (Wolf) Hide Posts   

    Hey all - couldn't find this answer here and maybe someone can help before I purchase this:

    I am looking for this plugin to do the following:
    [*] Show the post and replies BUT hide the link in the first post and have a message (or html image) that says "you must reply to view the download link" Any ideas how to make this work?

  2. GoldSport added a post in a topic: Download: Hide Links Until Reply   

    Wow I just purchased this and got the same exact Driver Error, then came here and saw it's not compatible. When is there going to be an update and is there any way to get a refund until then?
  3. GoldSport added a post in a topic: MP3 Preview for a "Record Pool"   

    Does anyone know if it's currently possible to "preview" an MP3 before downloading it from IP.Downloads?

    If not - is there any recommendation how to get this to work? Possibly embedding a preview snippet of the mp3 in the description of the download? Any IPB engineers or developers care to Private Message me for some extra cash if they can make it work?

    The goal is to use IP.Downloads as a Record Pool for DJs - examples can be found here:

    Has anyone ever seen IP.Downloads used as a record pool before?

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