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  1. cyberpedz added a comment on a file: Links Directory   

    Keep getting errors when submitting a link " Unable to proceed because the link URL specified is not valid"
    I have tried several ways e.i with http:// without http:// with a trailing/ and not with www. and without what is  happening ?
  2. cyberpedz added a comment on a file: [HQ] MotM - Member of the month   

    "Settings to configure a signature and title for motm note" Can not see this setting?
  3. cyberpedz added a comment on a file: Classifieds   

    Ok i cant find a support topic for this that is not locked so going to have to post here.

    OK so i am trying to set up charged for sale ads and free wanted ads.

    so i have a charger for sale package and a free wanted package my problem is their is nothing stopping people listing for sale using the free wanted packed to list which obviously is not god as they can get around the charges. Anyway to sort this?

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