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    Strange handling of code tags
    There are a couple of strange things happening to code tags, including html and php tags. I think I may have just found another potential XSS vector, but I could be wrong.

    First off: if I click the [img][/img] icon in the wysiwyg editor, select 'code', 'php' or 'html', and input something, what I input will be parsed rather than displayed in the editor. For instance, if I input HTML to display an image, the editor will display the image, rather than the HTML to display that image. Switching between the wysiwyg and non-wysiwyg editors a few times will further screw the code up.

    If I then post it, it won't be parsed, but converted to bbcode (sometimes badly). It's generally broken in a large number of ways.

    Secondly: if I post a link inside code tags, that link will be shortened as per IPB's usual url shortening system thingy. This can break the code inside the code tags, and I think it'd be nice to disable it altogether for code tags.

    [html]<img src='' /> [/html]

    I think a way to post private bug reports would be nice too, for potential XSS exploits for instance. Just a suggestion.
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