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  1. oldguysgaming added a post in a topic: (e32) Custom Sidebar Blocks   

    System > Applications and Modules > Manage Hooks > e32 Custom Sidebar Blocks > Edit Hook > Files > File # > The Hook 'ID' > Categories > then select the position of the template hook.

    I currently have the "Video of the Week" positioned below the shoutbox but above all other forums like so....

    Like I said in previous post concerning multiple blocks, all blocks position together, either all as sidebar blocks or all as category blocks.

    Anyhow, thanks for the response eric! :smile:
  2. oldguysgaming added a post in a topic: (e32) Custom Sidebar Blocks   

    Really great app, lots of uses. I am having an issue with block placement though. I'm using the main block for "Video of the Week" and treating it as a category to show above all forums. I have an additional block labeled "Welcome Center" that I'm trying to treat as side-bar block. The issue I'm having is that when editing the hook files to sort the two blocks, It will not save as wanted. Either both blocks are treated as category or both blocks treated as side-bar block. Even after several attempts to save it will automatically revert to previous settings.


    - old guy
  3. oldguysgaming added a post in a topic: Download: (SOS30) Message to Birthday Members v1.0.1   

    Currently using 3.3.2 and receiving.....

    "Warning: This hook has no requirements"

    Disabled for now. Any advice?

    - oldguy

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