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    So I upgraded a forum for my client, but he wants the old profile status back and the old comments in profile. So what I thought I'll do is create a status hook and a hook that modifies profile feed posting - when you post on someone else's feed the same message won't be posted on your own feed.

    I have never written a single hook or application for IPB, although I have made a custom design and read some basic tutorials on hooks/applications (can't find any in-depth information, this is a big problem with IPB as there's no proper help for starting developers, or I have missed some magical page?).

    I have several questions:
    1. How do I make my hook execute "ALTER TABLE" on install? I read that it will automatically undo these changes on uninstall, how do I stop that from happening? (I don't want all user statuses lost if someone accidentally uninstalls the hook).
    2. Let's say I make my hook insert <form> with some fields. How should I make it to update fields in the database with the submitted data? How do I use IPB sanitazion functions?
    3. What kind of hood should modify the way feed posting works? Can library hook override \admin\sources\member\status.php methods?
    4. Is there an easier to way to do this ? :smile:

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