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  1. MRK-PRX added a post in a topic: IPB on Windows Azure?   

    Would you be able to use IPB on Windows Azure Cloud hosting?
  2. MRK-PRX added a comment on a blog entry: License Changes Live   

    Can we run the other apps on separate domains then the board? or would we need a seperate IPS account for each of the domains?
  3. MRK-PRX added a comment on a file: (RedEnzian) Google Analytics Advanced 1.0.0   

    Does not work in 3.3.4 :-(
  4. MRK-PRX added a comment on a file: Duskiness IPB 3.4.x skin   

    pretty cool. nice textured feel to it. feels nice and smooth.
  5. MRK-PRX added a comment: [3.1.4] IP.Content homepage redirects to forum homepage   

    Nice-n-easy! thanks ;-)