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  1. Scott Brown added a post in a topic: IPB install on multiple server nodes. Is it possible?   

    Thanks Grumy. I didn't realize the cache directory was for long-lived items. It makes a lot more sense to use an NFS share now.

    Can you expand a bit on installing hooks in a multi-node env please? If I install it on one node (since I'm load balanced to that node), I want the hook to be activated on all nodes at once. Can the hooks directory be hosted on an NFS share?
  2. Scott Brown added a post in a topic: IPB install on multiple server nodes. Is it possible?   

    Hi everyone,

    I am building a IPB forum install that can provide failover capabilities, so I have a 2-node setup behind a load balancer. However, I find that IPB uses the filesystem is different ways, but I haven't enumerated them all.

    First, the cache is on the filesystem. Am I right to think that switching over to Memcached would remove all files from being created in <install_dir>/cache?

    Second, the uploads directory is local to the server. I was thinking that I could either restrict uploads all together, or create an NFS share that both servers can use to store uploads.

    Third, hooks. They are installed via XML but they get written to the <install_dir>/hooks directory. Can that be on an NFS share or can it reside in a Memcache server?

    Lastly, skin files. I think this is the same issue as file uploads, but I'm not sure.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction?

    Thanks in advance.

    Edit: I see in ACP->System Settings->General Configuration , there is a CACHING_PATH setting, but I don't know if this is supposed to be set to an NFS share or not. If this is the case, my worry is that multiple servers writing to the same NFS cache directory will cause write locks.

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