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  1. kremington added a post in a topic: Package Custom Actions Not Being Called   

    I am trying to set up custom actions on my forum and it appears as though my file is not even being included. I know my Paypal IPN is working because it will change the users forums rank on purchase.

    I set up the file just like shown in the advanced user and tried putting in some code to test it which would store information in a database I set up and it did not store anything. Then I tried having it output test to a text file if any methods are called and that did not work either. I got rid of all the content and tried just having it create a text file to see if the file is even being called and it did absolutely nothing.
    Below is the path for the custom action file that I made.

    Could anyone shed some light on what the issue may be? I would try to find it out myself but you encoded nexus with ioncube...
    Could someone please help, I really need to fix this issue fast.

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