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  1. Nicki Boards added a post in a topic: (DP34) Referrals System   


    Is there any way to remove the following from the widget?
  2. Nicki Boards added a post in a topic: Awards System   

    I'm getting this error when I click on the Awards tab on my forum (every other part of my forum is fine).

    Fatal error : Call to a member function AwardsListing() on a non-object in /home/nickiboa/public_html/forum/admin/applications_addon/other/awards/modules_public/view/view.php on line 91
  3. Nicki Boards added a comment: Billing & Purchases - client info phone fields   

    Sefket is amazing! First, IPB had problems with installation because of my SMF files, but he fixed it no problem. He finished the installation himself then converted it for me. The conversion was finished, but when he transferred everything from /forum to /index.php on my site, I wasn't able to access my site. Sefket redid the entire conversion! If you need any IPB services he is definitely the person to go to!

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