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  1. sethy81 added a post in a topic: Pip Popup   

    Sorry, that should say IPB 3.4.x :-)
  2. sethy81 added a post in a topic: Pip Popup   

    I know it's been awhile since last post, but I'm just wanting to know if this will work with IPB 4.x.x
    Thank you
  3. sethy81 added a post in a topic: Visual editor goes in standar skin colors when editing   

    I'm also having the same issue.

    I spent some time on creating a new skin and then built it with no problems. I opened the editor to make another change to the same skin a few times with no problems. Now when I open the editor for the skin it is showing the default. If I hit build it applies the standard skin (exactly as described).

    I've tried using Firefox, Safari and IE all with the same error occurring.

    I understand the Visual Skin Editor is still Beta as per the message that appears when you first start;

    Is there word on whether the editor will be upgraded with the next IP.Board update?

    Thanks in advance

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