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  1. Brant Marshall added a post in a topic: Urgent help needed - Badwordfilter   

    Were all of his posts that vital that you need to keep them? Ultimately, to save yourself and everyone involved a really big headache, I'd just delete, or even just hide the posts.
  2. Brant Marshall added a post in a topic: Hosting   

    ​I have, yes. Not at the moment as I'm updating a few things though.
  3. Brant Marshall added a post in a topic: Hosting   

    I definitely believe its a good idea to prepare for the future, indeed, but when you're talking about a hosting environment, most people pay a monthly fee to their provider. Ultimately the community that I'm currently running has over 600 users and we experience zero server load issues (on a shared host), so I think you should be fine on a shared host for the time being.
    IPS has really worked on performance optimization in IPS 4.0, and they are continuing working on it, your community should run fine without having to shell out money that you don't necessarily have.
    I hope this helps!
  4. Brant Marshall added a post in a topic: Moderator Options: Does anybody use Unlock/Lock Time?   

    Depends on what kind of community you're running. IPS likes to provide dynamic features for all types of communities.
    For instance, if you were to host a raffle, or a giveaway, or something similar, you can create a thread documenting information about the event, and you can use that thread for users on your website to sign up. Most giveaways, raffles, and events have a specific close date, and time. Human errors come up, and sometimes closing a thread such as this in a timely fashion may prove a bit difficult, which is what I use it for.
    Users are still able to review over the thread and its information, without being able to contribute to its content.
  5. Brant Marshall added a post in a topic: Forum Community Website rated #1 and uses IP Board / Invision   

    Congratulations! I see that people are recommending getting a custom theme for your forums - that's probably something I would do as well, however! 4.0 is right around the corner, so if you guys plan on upgrading when the first stable release is out, then I'd recommend waiting to have a design built.
    Once again, congratulations!
  6. Brant Marshall added a post in a topic: cannot fix this issue   

    I'd recommend leaving discussions regarding bugs in the Bug Tracker, so the people working to resolve the issue can keep up with the discussion, having it in two different places won't speed up the process, it will most likely slow it down.
  7. Brant Marshall added a post in a topic: IPS 4.0 Default Themes   

    I think it all depends on personal preference. 4.0 is a slick, clean, professional design that can be customized fairly easily. As time progresses, things become outdated, and its time for an "upgrade", i definitely believe the design in 4.0 is a very nice update indeed.
  8. Brant Marshall added a post in a topic: Back to top option   

    ​Middle mouse button squad
    In reality, it appears that this thread is literally going back and forth about a link that most people find irrelevant, it just goes to show that people will find something to complain about.
    All companies are unique with their designs, and functionality, if they weren't, we'd all be on the same software. There's things about IPS that most of us really like, and won't find anywhere else. If a "Back to Top" button is legitimately a concern, there's no reason why you can't just add it yourself, as demonstrated within this topic, most people don't have a care in the world for something so small, to be honest with you, its quite useless in my opinion.
  9. Brant Marshall added a post in a topic: Back to top option   

    LOL! I'm done. hahahaa
  10. Brant Marshall added a post in a topic: Modify 3.4 Now or After 4.0 Is Released?   

    4.0 is a completely different design, so pretty much all 3.x skins will no longer work in 4.x. 
    Depending on how early you're going to be switching over to 4.0 (beta releases aren't always the best for massive communities), i'd honestly just wait until 4.0 is released.
  11. Brant Marshall added a post in a topic: IPB 4.0 - Questions   

    Hi Ashley!
    1 - No, as it is a complete overhaul to their suite, skins that worked for 3.x will not work for 4.x.
    2 - The best guess is sometime within 2014, they're beta testing it on a private website now for contributors.
    3 - from what I've seen, the ACP is reworked, posting should w ork the same though.
    4 - You have to understand that MyBB is a free software, so users from all over the world that cannot invest in a software such as IPB are ultimately left with software like PHPBB, MyBB, etc. therefore they may have a larger community-base.
  12. Brant Marshall added a post in a topic: 4.0 "Like This" button   

    Touche ;)
  13. Brant Marshall added a post in a topic: IPB 4.0 - Server related questions   

    This is a list of what your server should be running,


    Click here to get the file to check if you meet the requirements to run IPS Community Suite 4.0.
  14. Brant Marshall added a post in a topic: Use multiple images to produce one rank   

    Why not just use the 3rd image to begin with? The way that user ranks are set up in IPB I'm not sure that it's possible since its directed straight to an image location. 
    You could try and use html to add an image, and then have one image as the background, but I'm pretty sure that's not what you're looking for.
  15. Brant Marshall added a post in a topic: Server lag and processes... search tip needed   

    What are you running your website off of?

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