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  1. vtlynch added a post in a topic: Forgot Password Prompt Not Working for ACP Reset   

    Like a big dummy I forgot my admin password, so I used the "Forgot Password" function to reset it for my account - which is what all the threads on this topic suggested. But this only seems to let me login regularly and not into the ACP.
    I also remember that there used to be an actual ACP login landing page, and now when I click the "AdminCP" link I just get a blank new tab with a browser dialog box popup to login.
    Can anyone please help with this issue? I would like to regain admin access but have found nothing from searching this issue.
  2. vtlynch added a post in a topic: Force members to change password.   

    Hello AndyF and Kessler,
    I need to do exactly this on my forum, reset all passwords. Where do I enter this code?
    and for the salt and hash, how many characters should each be and is there a specific way I should generate/pick these values?
    Thank you.
  3. vtlynch added a post in a topic: I got hacked. But how?   

    Thank you so much Wolfire! I struggled with this for a long time, to be honest I am much more well versed in graphic design and HTML, php and site management like this is still new to me.
    I uploaded a version of the database with regular inserts and then did what you said about recaching the language and hooks. Everything seems to be working fine now. Finally, our community is back online. Thank you again.
  4. vtlynch added a post in a topic: I got hacked. But how?   

    Wolfire thank you for the response,
    Somewhere along the way I am messing things up. Obviously ignoring the fact that I havent uploaded my old images, the forum does not seem to be in good health. 
    You can see the current state of my forums here:  http://greencriminology.org/forums/
    Im guessing the problem is with how I exported the database. I exported the database through phpMyAdmin (its very small, on GoDaddy) with extended inserts. What settings should I be using? (I looked at the first 15 of so threads that came up on these forums on this topic and they were all literally useless).
    I can export through another method if that will work better, but I honestly just cant find a straight answer to this.
  5. vtlynch added a post in a topic: I got hacked. But how?   

    Hello, I am attempting to restore my iPBoard database to a new server after being affected from this virus,
    I am having trouble understanding how to do this, but I think the following steps should work:
    1. I import my old MySQL database to a new database on my new server
    2. Edit the conf_global.php to point to that new database
    3. Upload all the files from my INFECTED backup of my old forums, except for the following folders:
    and index.php
    4. Then take a fresh install from the client area and upload only those above folders to replace my infected ones, then manually reinstall any style images/css or hooks I had installed.
    Will this allow me to restore all my old data while also ridding the new server of all infected files? Or are folders outside of the ones listed above also infected? Or is there an altogether better way to do this?
  6. vtlynch added a post in a topic: Restoring old content to a new install   

    Can you link to instructions on how to do this? I did a clean install and then imported my old database through PHPMyAdmin and none of the posts/members appeared.
  7. vtlynch added a post in a topic: Restoring old content to a new install   

    My forum was affected by the malware attack from last month. What I want to do is move my install over to a new server and restore the old database. Is this possible?
    I couldnt find a clear answer on this in the threads I looked at. It looks like you have to also bring over all the files as well, but since with this particular malware attack its a pain finding everything infected, I was hoping to skip this.
    I would then reinstall the same hooks/theme/style images etc do get the forum matching with the old one. Am I misunderstanding how IP.Board works, and if I cannot do this what is the simplest way to get old content/database into a new install (same version).
    Thank you.
  8. vtlynch added a post in a topic: I got hacked. But how?   

    Hello all,
    I have been reading through this forum since my install was hacked. The hack coincided with a decision to move servers so before I upload the IPBoard MySql database to a new site I would just like to confirm that the database is malware free, correct?
  9. vtlynch added a post in a topic: Questions about Notifications   


    I tinkered with this more - what I have now noticed is that the subscription does seem to be working but there are two problems. I have selected daily digest, but the forum is sending immediate notifications, and there is no way for the user to change this. When you go to your Content I Follow page it is blank. So it seems that any users will be stuck following this content with no choice of unsubscribing.
  10. vtlynch added a post in a topic: Questions about Notifications   

    I recently set up a small forum where I would like all members to be subscribed automatically to the sections of the forums.

    I saw that this is an option in System Settings -> Members -> User Profiles.

    I selected Members and Moderators as the two groups that should automatically be subscribed and receive a daily digest. However, I have a reason to believe that this isnt working. I created new members (both through actual registration and through the Admin CP) but when I looked at the forum sections it said "Follow" instead of Unfollow, and under "Content I Follow" there is nothing. How can I test if this is working?

    Also, is there a way to specify what time the daily digest is sent out?
  11. vtlynch added a post in a topic: Display Name in Registration?   


    I would like to a dd the Display Name field as one of the fields you fill in during the sign up process. How may I do this?

  12. vtlynch added a post in a topic: Custom Sign up Information   

    Anyone else give good insight on this?

    I would REALLY like to add Display Name to the registration forum, the guest message hook will do in place of a static registration message.
  13. vtlynch added a post in a topic: "Driver Error" - Forum Broken   

    Thanks for the help guys but this is most likely related to the issues with GoDaddy today.
  14. vtlynch added a post in a topic: "Driver Error" - Forum Broken   

    Could it be down for maintenance, or is it a critical error like a crash?
  15. vtlynch added a post in a topic: "Driver Error" - Forum Broken   


    Went to my forum today to find that for some reason there was an error. Weird thing is I hadent made any changes to my page at all since yesterday when I installed a language pack.

    Below are the details. Any help is very much welcomed, I am unfamiliar with MySQL and this part of site management.

    The error file from forums/cache says:

    Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2012 18:05:05 +0000
    Error: 2005 - Unknown MySQL server host 'ipboard.db.8682158.hostedresource.com' (1)
    IP Address: - /forums/

    The forum currently looks like this:

    Driver Error

    There appears to be an error with the database.
    If you are seeing this page, it means there was a problem communicating with our database. Sometimes this error is temporary and will go away when you refresh the page. Sometimes the error will need to be fixed by an administrator before the site will become accessible again.

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