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  1. raredesign added a post in a topic: Hide Member Titles/Ranks and User Groups   

    Rather than edit the db resulting in a permanent change, where would I hide the ranks and user groups? (i.e. which php file or ACP setting)
    I am using a Team image and the rank/group doesn't seem necessary.

    right now, a poster's avatar looks like:

    [Member Image]

    It is rather redundant, so I would like to thin it out.

    Secondly, I will likely keep the rank, but just call it something else, however, I noticed that an Administrator's Rank is shown as Administrator above the Avatar but does not show up in the Member Titles/Ranks page in the ACP in order to edit. For instance, I may want it to be "Guru".
    Does this have to be changed in the db, or is there a less intrusive method?

  2. raredesign added a post in a topic: Search is not returning results   

    In the middle of replying that I don't have a link to it right now because it is locked down in development, I realized that is likely the issue, and I won't really know until I take password protection off my home directory. I noticed this just a moment ago while I was trying to get my favicon and apple-touch-icon to work. They would not display until I removed the pass protection. Perhaps this is the same reason for the search index not working yet.
    Thank you for the replies.
  3. raredesign added a post in a topic: Search is not returning results   

    I just set up a fresh install yesterday and made a test post with the word "welcome". Today when I searched for welcome, there were no results found.
    Is there a crawler schedule I need to set for the index?
  4. raredesign added a post in a topic: Only allow creation of sub-album   

    By default, there is a Member's Albums in the Gallery. I was hoping that members could create albums inside the Member's Albums, but not at the root level. Is this possible?

    My tests, have shown that when enabled on the member group, I can create an album at any level, rather than just as a sub-album of Member's Albums.

    Thank you for your help.

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