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  1. EugeneThermos added a post in a topic: Wordpress + IP Board Bridge?   

    PSX, Do I understand you correctly that you want to run a combination of wordpress and IPS? Meaning you keep wordpress, but wordpress also shows content done via IPS.
  2. EugeneThermos added a post in a topic: Turn your Suite into a website   

    [quote name='Con' timestamp='1339018526' post='2274996']
    This article will help turn your IPS Suite into a website, with forums to the side (e.g. at In addition, it has steps on getting your site nicer, cleaner URLs that not only better reflect the site's structure but that are also more optimized for search engines.

    Thanks for sharing. This will definitely assist me once I start using the script for my sites. At the moment I am just reading me into the capabilities.

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