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  1. Eric Allione added a post in a topic: PGN Chess BBCode   

    Yes thanks anyway I did reupload those files and the BB code, but I already had the newest version and I am still getting the same error.
    I'm ok with just making animations though, this was kind of too much for members to handle anyway and the frame stepping wasn't mobile friendly at all, so animated GIFs should work nicely. 
  2. Eric Allione added a post in a topic: PGN Chess BBCode   

    I checked again and for some reason they were ok, then I went to refresh and they were broken. Kept refreshing and still broken. I suspect this is fully unstable now with 3.4.6.
    This is the error after a refresh: 

  3. Eric Allione added a post in a topic: Can I allow for smaller images than 360x360 to be displayed on the Gallery pages?   

    No one has anything to say about us having no ability to customize the presentation size of images in the gallery, and how they are stuck as squares with a minimum size that can't be altered??
    I have to take all my screenshots as LARGE squares now to accommodate this inflexibility, which is both awkward and damaging for the presentation of small images that I'm trying to arrange.
    I want to display small rectangles and instead I get GIANT BLURRED AUTOCROPPED images that I have no control over, and meanwhile the Gallery is supposed to be a flagship product of the the forum package.
    No one? 
  4. Eric Allione added a post in a topic: PGN Chess BBCode   

    With the 3.4.6 upgrade suddenly all my PGNs died.
    I guess it's time to make a thousand animated GIFs now :(
  5. Eric Allione added a post in a topic: Can I allow for smaller images than 360x360 to be displayed on the Gallery pages?   

    I ended up nuking my entire gallery just so I can start over with new 400x400 images so that they can scale down to 360x360, but it's pretty disappointing if there really isn't an option to allow for a different presentation size on a Gallery image's page. 
  6. Eric Allione added a post in a topic: Can I allow for smaller images than 360x360 to be displayed on the Gallery pages?   

    I am trying to get hundreds of screenshots going at a size of 250x250, but since it's smaller than the display size of 360x360, they all look blurry?
    I have to throw away all my pictures and only take 360x360 or bigger unless it will look very blurry?? There is no way to allow for actual size if smaller than the 360x360 standard?
  7. Eric Allione added a comment on a file: (NB34) Blog - Delete Blogs   

    This worked, thank you. Please have this for 4.0 also if IPS leaves this feature out again.
  8. Eric Allione added a comment on a file: Member Map   

    I am so happy to have the Member Map back after that last API crashed. The new global view looks great, but it's really too bad that hovering doesn't show member names unless you click on them first.
  9. Eric Allione added a post in a topic: Links Directory   

    This issue is resolved. However, I recommend removing this option, which appears to do nothing:  Use a direct link to the website.
    Reuploading the js file changed nothing, but I did some further tests and it works with the following settings:
    * Display website as bar across the linked page
    * Redirect user without notice notifying them they are leaving your forum
    * Redirect user with no notice
    But this setting still does nothing , even if I spam left click:
    * Use a direct link to the websit e
    I was being lazy not testing those other settings (and assuming they were broken too) before coming to you, my bad. This combination of settings works fine:
    Redirect user with no notice + open in new tab.
  10. Eric Allione added a post in a topic: Links Directory   

    Suggestion for "Latest Links" sidebar: (left) click functionality on icons.
    Ok, I know that I've probably more-than used up used up my quota for suggestions, but since 4.1.2 is right around the corner...
    Clicking on icons in the sidebar is not offering anchor link functionality. Hovering over an icon will display the url is in the lower left corner of the browser, which kind of crazy because if I right click and select "open in new tab" then I will get it , but nothing from left click! If it helps, "open in new tab" is my selected action now rather than the default iframe solution. 

    Also, are we able to manipulate the number of links on the sidebar: such as having 8 links in the sidebar instead of 5, 10, and 15? I am hesitant to try and change anything while there are still bugs because I don't want to corrupt the next update.
    PS. I did a search on "BoinkMe" to better understand what was going on here, and the results had nothing to do with web design  :unsure:

  11. Eric Allione added a post in a topic: Links Directory   


    Ah ok, I just saw your comment in the tracker that you already knew about this being broken. Alright :smile:
  12. Eric Allione added a post in a topic: Links Directory   

    All better, thank you! 
  13. Eric Allione added a post in a topic: Links Directory   

    Anyone, comments on the iframe system? I was just experiencing the annoyance on Stumbleupon—regarding how they take away your potential backlink by iframing you. Then I realized that I was doing the same thing to everyone in my site directory, not even lending them any Page Rank. Using this default frame system also ruins any bookmarks your users attempt to make... I think that says enough. Would/do you use iframes for your links? And why?
    PS. I disabled my global message because I don't want to showcase that bug anymore on how it double-posts itself, but I would be happy to lend you ACP/FTP access whenever you get the time if you wanted to check it out for yourself.
  14. Eric Allione added a post in a topic: Links Directory   

    Hi, just a friendly reminder that I posted about this in your tracker a couple weeks ago:
    If you would like to see a live instance of the global message bug, I am still displaying it on my site with the error:
  15. Eric Allione added a comment on a blog entry: 4.0 - File Storage   

    Whenever I run a webpagetest I get an F for both "compressed images" and "progressive jpegs". I have brought that up dozens of times with my hosting live chat and every time they scapegoat the forum software. I am not qualified to believe or disbelieve that, but I hope that there will be some easier to way to manage and verify image compression now that these things will be in a more unified place.
    Also, I have some caching rules in my .htaccess that I don't fully understand. I hope keeping those won't override whatever new caching options will be available. Hopefully someone can release a tutorial on what our .htaccess should look like in order to reflect the most up-to-date caching rules.
    Overall, Thank you for making this more CDN friendly. I am in the process of setting up a CDN, but am a bit intimidated about how to reference all of my CSS etc, as well as how to make sure that the CDN stays up to date on styling changes that I make.

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  1. Eric Allione » ndruelbe

    I saw you asking for help in the Cold Space support. I would just ask your question in Skinning and Design... I had tried to ask that author a few questions but he hasn't been logging in so I gave up and had a moderator delete my Qs. Also, that author doesn't really speak English.

  2. Eric Allione

    Wondering if all my BB code in old posts will get unruly in 3.4

  3. Eric Allione » MisterPhilip

    Thanks for the help. It looks like I have to retype everything if I want to do that and I can't indent if copying in mass amounts of information via Notepad.

    1. MisterPhilip

      Take a look at the reply I just posted. I think you can get around that by pasting as plain text. Cheers!

  4. Eric Allione

    Unable to post - Just getting an error saying "You need to enter a post". Not sure how else to report this bug!

  5. Eric Allione » Telemacus2

    hey, you need to fix your homepage url. I'm afraid you can only leave one. You wrote two down and it concatenated them into a dead page.

  6. Eric Allione » rsyvarth

    That upgrade fixed all those errors I was having with the sound alerts... consider me a slave for life if you ever need anything. You can hold me to that.

  7. Eric Allione » Mikey B

    Prison Break is a great show... Make sure to finish watching the fourth season!

    1. Mikey B

      I'm on Season 4: Ep. 10 on Netflix and I'm running out of enthusiasm for the show, it's getting boring to me now. :(

    2. Eric Allione

      Well keep in mind those shows were designed to be watched as one episode/week, not for binging on Netflix. But I feel that, I had to take a "break" during season three.

    3. Mikey B

      Yeah I can relate to that, didn't think of it that way.

  8. Eric Allione » Heineken

    Hey did you write a shoutbox mod to add a 'slap' action? I downloaded it but it seems to have been deleted from the site. Was just wondering if there was any reason not to install it.

  9. Eric Allione » HeadStand

    That free BB code table mod you wrote is a hundred times better than the one that cost $20...

  10. Eric Allione »

    Gotta love how 1 minute of work from someone else's end can save someone else weeks of confusion. Thanks for the rescue on that skin!

  11. Eric Allione » Mark H

    Thank you so much for fixing my site!!!!!