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  1. akke added a comment: No sort direction in topic view and member list?   

    I agree that it's possible in forum view, but there's no "custom" dropdown in the memberlist...
  2. akke added a comment: Quoting a post with a quote => too much whitespace above   

    If people wanted to add additional content INSIDE the quote, they could just click at the first char of the first line and start typing, no?
    Anyway, I don't care about the whitespace inside the editor but the whitespace could be deleted after posting, cleaning up the quote's when posted...
  3. akke added a comment: Skin issue in IE9?   

    I asked a couple of customers to visit community.invisionpower.com and see if the problem is there too.
    They confirmed the problem. All using IE9 on Windows 7.
    Strange thing is, it looks like a white box is being placed on top of the post content/userinfopane but when clicking anywhere on the page the contents is being displayed correctly. More strange : it happens randomly. It's not bound to particular pages or anything. If it happens and they huit F5 chances are very high it doesn't happen again...
  4. akke added a record in IP.Nexus   

    SQL Error
    When going to advanced search, selecting nexus store and entering something by "find author" will result in a SQL error.
    Just reproduced on your site too.
    Error: SELECT * FROM nexus_packages WHERE (p_name LIKE '%%' OR p_desc LIKE '%%') AND member_id = 3 AND p_store = 1 ORDER BY p_name desc LIMIT 0,25
    Error: 1054 - Unknown column 'member_id' in 'where clause'
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  5. akke added a record in IP.Board   

    No sort direction in topic view and member list?
    Just wanted to note that there's no "sort direction" option in the memberlist of topic view. Could this be added? I can change "desc" to "asc" in the URL and it works. There's just nothing present in the default skin to make it happen :)
    IP.Gallery includes this option, that's why I thought it's strange not to have it in the forum too...
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  6. akke added a record in IP.Board   

    Quoting a post with a quote => too much whitespace above
    When you quote a post that already contains a quote it is, correctly, putting the post content in the editor and stripping the other quote.
    But it leaves too much whitespace above the post.
    Maybe some lines of code can be implemented to remove white space above and below the quote before putting it in the editor?
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  7. akke added a comment: View New Content not working?   

    Then you didn't understand the bug report. The current situation:
    1. New member signs up and "view new content" tells him "no new content", whichi is fine.
    2. The member waits for a couple of minutes, and checks again: now there are 10 new topics.
    3. The member doesn't read anything but logs out and logs in again.
    4. Now "View new content" again tells him "no new content".
    it's a bug.
  8. akke added a record in IP.Board   

    Skin issue in IE9?
    We regularry get messages from visitors about problems rendering the side in IE9. Because of that we temporarily switched back to the default IPB skin and the problem is still there.  Sometimes IE9 doesn't seem to render a page correctly. post text is only half there and when clicking on the text or scrolling it fixes itselves.
    Is this something that's fixed in 3.4 already? or anyone else experienced this?
    I was unable to repeat it myself but we got reports from multiple visitors so it must be true...
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  9. akke added a comment on a file: Member ID on Profiles   

    What exactly is the benefit of this? I don't mean to bash on your app or anything. Just wondering why it is usefull?
  10. akke added a comment: Edit reason getting lost when editing on page with full editor   

    Seems to be the case for moderators only. Super moderators and admins are not affected.
    Only happens when the moderators group is set to not allow to remove the "edited by" line.
  11. akke added a record in IP.Board   

    Edit reason getting lost when editing on page with full editor
    When you edit a post the edit reason is displayed. But when you edit the same post again and use the full editor the edit reason is lost
    Probably because the edit reason is not being shown on the page where the full editor is shown.
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  12. akke added a record in IP.Nexus   

    Show Tax In Store Yes/No reversed?
    About the option "[b]Show Tax In Store[/b]":
    When I select "Yes", tax is not shown.
    When I select "No", tax is shown.
    Seems to be reversed somewhere...
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  13. akke added a record in IP.Gallery   

    Using "advanced search", searching for author not working
    When searching with "advanced search" and entering the author name gallery is not returning any results. Seems like it's not implemented...
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  14. akke added a comment: ShareMedia is not working (maybe bbcode problem) no sure   

    I think your problem is related to a problem we had before. We fixed it on our board by patching applications_addon/ips/gallery/sources/classes/gallery/image.php line 3687

    [code]$image['_descriptionParsed'] = IPSText::getTextClass('bbcode')->preDisplayParse( $image['image_description'] );[/code]
    Replace with:
    $classToLoad = IPSLib::loadLibrary( IPS_ROOT_PATH . "sources/handlers/han_parse_bbcode.php", 'parseBbcode' );
    $bbClass = new $classToLoad( ipsRegistry::instance() );
    $image['_descriptionParsed'] = $bbClass->preDisplayParse( $image['image_description'] );
    (note: this is not an official patch from IPS or anything. If you try it out, please reply back if it solved your problem. It would be usefull information for IPS to debug the problem and incorporate a fix in a next release)
  15. akke added a comment: calendar_date_select localization   

    Okay. Sounds good
    Can't wait for 3.4 to be released

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