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  1. media added a post in a topic: WARNING: Do NOT convert Friends to Followers when upgrading! And the need for better follow settings.   

    I am already having trouble to understand this dysfunctional feature...
    We have to have some kind of control or members have to have that control too...
  2. media added a post in a topic: Followers notification X real followed 'content' notification   

    This has to be FIXED... driving me crazy....
    There should be an option for user to get notification from Friends post in notifications setting....
  3. media added a post in a topic: Why notifications drop down window opens so slow???   

    ​Thank you Adriano,
    Probably that's it... Crazy...
    ​No I DO NOT follow that...
  4. media added a post in a topic: Why notifications drop down window opens so slow???   

    Looks like I am signing up on every new bug tracker post????
    I have just checked someone just made a post and I got a notification for it.... Is there a separate notification setting for bug tracker????
  5. media added a post in a topic: Why notifications drop down window opens so slow???   

    Hi Kevin,
    Thank you for your response, I am getting tons of notification that I do not even follow them... One example is Bug Tracker I have set that up "Do not send me any notifications" but I am still getting tons of notification from bug tracker
    Not sure what exactly going on???
  6. media added a post in a topic: Why notifications drop down window opens so slow???   

    Why notifications drop down window opens so slow???

    This is one of my top concern about 4.0...
  7. media added a post in a topic: Official Release?   

    When it is ready... LOL!
  8. media added a post in a topic: Yea not happy   

    ​I have been with this software more than a decade...  I went thru what you and your users going thru every time IPS come up with a new version (major one)...
    Trust me I had exactly same comments from my users, "this is not for us" or "not good" or "do not upgrade to this version"....
    I always trust IPS and their vision on this kind of product and They always win my users heart...
    Just upgrade and give some time to 4.0... I am pretty sure when the version 5.0 is ready, you are going to hear same thing about 5.0 too... LOL!
    Good luck
  9. media added a post in a topic: What is Google reCAPTCHA? Are we going to see this on 4.0????   

    What is Google reCAPTCHA ?
    Are we going to see this on 4.0????

  10. media added a comment: Duplicate notifications about single blog entry   

    I am lucky that I have seen this otherwise I was going to open a support ticket to tell them stop sending....
    I got 56 emails from IPS (something about hidden blog posts or something like that)...
    But it  stop about an hour ago... I hope email networks are not going to treat IPS email as SPAM emails....
  11. media added a post in a topic: What's the recommended system requirements of 4.0?   

    ​Hi Stuart,
    We had this problem before and I have uploaded that ips4.php file again and got this
    PHP setting suhosin.max_vars is set to . This can cause problems in some areas. We recommended a value of 4096 or above. You should contact your hosting provider or system administrator to ask for this to be changed. I does not really say what the current value and what would be the recommended value???? Confusing...
  12. media added a comment on a blog entry: 4.0 - Delta Updates   

    nice... :)
  13. media added a post in a topic: I own 3 (three) lifetime licences, Please explain?   

    Thank you for your input... As I said, We will wait and see... :)
  14. media added a post in a topic: I own 3 (three) lifetime licences, Please explain?   

    Well, we all are going to see what happens at the end of this negotiation... Wait and see... :)
  15. media added a post in a topic: I own 3 (three) lifetime licences, Please explain?   

    Thank you for the clarification, but I meant going further with IP Board (Or whatever IPS name the product). It is the only option for US.

Status Feed

  1. media

    Happy new year everyone... :)

  2. media

    Happy holidays everyone... :)

  3. media

    What is next, 5.0?

  4. media

    All about 4.0... :)

  5. media

    Happy Holidays Everyone... :)

  6. media

    has been 10 years!

  7. media

    Happy Holidays Everyone :)

  8. media

    happy thanksgiving everyone... :)

  9. media

    So quite here lately...

  10. media

    I see 3.3.4 then 3.3.5 then 3.4.0 Beta What is next?

  11. media

    How is 2012 treating you so far?

  12. media

    Happy New Year :)

  13. media

    Happy Holidays :)

  14. media

    I start spending too much time here LOL!

  15. media

    This is a little story about four people named Everybody, Somebody, Anybody, and Nobody. There was an important job to be done and Everybody was sure that Somebody would do it. Anybody could have done it, but Nobody did it. Somebody got angry about that because it was Everybody's job. Everybody thought that Anybody could do it, but Nobody realized that Everybody wouldn't do it. It ended up that Everybody blamed Somebody when Nobody did what Anybody could have done.

  16. media

    So, who is here?

    1. .Ian

      Where? I am here - cannot see you here though - did look ;)

  17. media

    "Quantum mechanics: The dreams stuff is made of."

    1. Amy T

      have you read Physics of the impossible? It is a good book.

    2. media

      No I did not, but i willl .>> :)

  18. media

    The quickest way to double your money is to fold it in half and put it back in your pocket.

    1. VioAdmin

      I stoned but that is hilarious.

    2. dogpatch

      haha thats funny

  19. media

    If you were on death row, what would your last meal be?

    1. Jυra

      Some US states limit your choices to what is at a local grocery store and some don't give you any choice at all.

    2. Herofiles ★

      Well.. a good big beef, with fries and Bernays... om nom nom :D

    3. TheRevTastic

      I would choose a meal that would last days.

    4. rsyvarth

      Everlasting Gobstopper. I win!

    5. Shadow82x

      I wouldn't be eating, id be planning my escape plan

    6. Olivier Turbis


    7. Black-Elmo

      A cake with an escape weapon inside

  20. media

    I'm Getting Really Tired Of Hearing About Prince William And Kate Middleton. Media just went to far. Everywhere, everything about this weeding... Girrrrrrrrrrrr

    1. shamil

      Wait until Friday next week then!

    2. Robulosity2

      I am so sick of this to, who cares that a bunch of socalites who don't really do anything got married..

    3. AndyF

      I just ignore it :)

    4. ørret

      Boring faeces I got to agree :D

    5. Lewis P

      I really don't care. I'm more concerned about some form of terrorist attack taking place on the day.... unfortunately, that's the world we live in :(

    6. Andy Rixon

      I ignore it too, they are having a "budget wedding", but it still costing millions, why can't they have one like us!

  21. media

    Have you guys seen Firefox screen capture add-on? It is pretty cool tool.... :)

    1. media

      Just install and whatever page you are on, click on the logo and it captures the page and give you tools to edit the picture and play with it.... very cool

    2. Mo7sin

      am using screengrab!

    3. Collin S.

      There's also one for Chrome.

    4. media

      Yes I have that one too... :)

  22. media

    Excited about Gallery 4.0.3, Looks like IPS working hard to fix all the bugs on this version... :) Cannot wait!... :)

  23. media

    Firefox 4 is absolutely beautiful.. :) Thumps up!

    1. Amy T

      It looks like google chrome

    2. Herofiles ★

      told ya xD its awesome :D

    3. Amy T

      I installed it today hopefully it fixes the issues I had with 3.6.

    4. TheRevTastic

      I see no similarity between Firefox 4 and google chrome.

    5. Ryan H.

      Pretty much all of the latest generation of browsers have almost identical interfaces... eerie, but not surprising [it's pretty close to ideal].

    6. media

      @Ryan H agree pretty close to ideal...

    7. Amy T

      Are you not seeing the way the tabs at the top look the same?

    8. TheRevTastic

      Tabs don't look the same at all.

    9. Amy T

      are you using a themed version of firefox or some thing. Like how are they not the same?

    10. TheRevTastic

      Please tell me how they look the same, please do.

      Defualt themes on both chrome and firefox 4.

    11. Amy T

      That image is almost self explanatory. Granted google chrome angles the tabs but other that that they are a like almost the same. They even both have the plus to open new tabs. Opera and IE also started doing that with the tabs. I find it interesting how browsers are copying google chrome now but making it just a bit different so to look different to some people.

    12. TheRevTastic

      Firefox has been using the plus to open new tabs since early 3.6 stage which was way before chrome.

    13. TheRevTastic

      Nevermind make that back in the early 3.x stage of Firefox, so I am sure chrome copied them there.

    14. Amy T

      yes however having the tags at the top is a google chrome thing. With out that orange firefox button at first glance it might look like you are using google chrome. I think they are all copying eachother.

  24. media » Rainbow Dash

    I have been following you in Tracker (Gallery). You are good... :)

  25. media » bfarber

    Happy b/day Brandon :)