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  1. Mikuru // X added a post in a topic: iRC Chat [3.2]   

    Crap.....guess with the way things are going then, there wont be no update for this.
    Does anyone know of any other alternatives that allow me to have a chatroom that connects to rizon.net?
  2. Mikuru // X added a post in a topic: iRC Chat [3.2]   

    I'm having an issue with this. I can't seem to set permissions as what member groups can use the IRC chat and who can't. I've looked everywhere but can't find it. Can anyone help me with this and also, I'm going to assume no update is going to be made, right?
  3. Mikuru // X added a post in a topic: (TB) Tickets System   

    Having a small issue, maybe I'm missing it but is there any way to close or delete tickets in this current build?
    I can't seem to find it.
  4. Mikuru // X added a comment on a blog entry: IPS 4.0: Internationalization and Localization   

    I'm extremely excited about IPB 4.0 and seeing that better language functions are being implemented but I only have one concern. Will there ever be an official language pack for Japanese & Korean in the future for IPB?

    It's been over 7 or 8 years (I think) since I've started using IPB and even though my site main language is English, waiting for someone to bring a language pack for these two languages has been one long wait with nothing shown or such so I'm just wondering.
    Regardless of that, things looks to be shaping up really well with the new version. Keep it up!! ^_^
  5. Mikuru // X added a post in a topic: Looking for a Manga Reader Mod   

    Okay, so I've caved in and purchased WPManga for wordpress and I have to say that I like it but it's missing features that made Foolslide good and all but I still hate the fact that there isn't any manga reader mod for IPB.
    Not asking if there's one here but does anyone know of any group or person that is working on one?
  6. Mikuru // X added a post in a topic: Signature Editor Stuck in HTML mode   

     Yep, definitely that.
  7. Mikuru // X added a post in a topic: Signature Editor Stuck in HTML mode   

    I just recently updated to IP.Board 3.4.2 and everything is currently looking okay on my end except for this one little problem.
    I've been trying to make some edits to my board signature and found that the editor is currently stuck in HTML edit mode with no way for me to return it back to Full Rich Text mode. Is anyone else having this problem or is it just me and if possible, how do I fix this?
    One extra thing I want to ask, how do I go about adding new Link extentions into the Link list? I want to add and extension for Steam links like this one:
    Anything that can help would be grateful. Thanks.
  8. Mikuru // X added a post in a topic: Looking for a Manga Reader Mod   

    [quote name='CodingJungle' timestamp='1343865960' post='2292922']
    what format are the files in?

    I'm not quite following you on the question but I'll try to pinpoint what ya asking:

    - The format of the files uploaded to the manga reader would be JPG or PNG.
    - One of the features would be to allow uploading of bulk image uploads like .zip & .rar riles (I have a problem with uploading through IPB on my site due to limits set by my site host so I'm always uploading bulk files through FTP but this is more than likely no problem for people whom have complete control over their site server. If the upload mechanics of the mod weren't dependent on the IPB settings then that would really be a bonus.)

    As for what language FoolSlide is in, I can just send you the latest version I have that is running on my site server and let you look at it CodingJungle so you can get a better idea of what I've been using thus far. It would seem the project is not active at the moment for the time being ( http://foolrulez.github.com/FoOlSlide/ )
  9. Mikuru // X added a post in a topic: Looking for a Manga Reader Mod   

    But that's the thing, I already have IP.Content for my site so I don't really have a need (or desire) to use wordpress. It would also seem that the guys who make FoolSlide have given up on that project as well so I'm kinda running out of options on what to do at the moment.
  10. Mikuru // X added a post in a topic: Looking for a Manga Reader Mod   

    [quote name='Lucy Heartfilia' timestamp='1328747866' post='2229535']

    You can even make one in IP.Content with some talent. Check out batoto.net.

    I wouldn't mind doing something like that but I have no experience in doing programming a site into doing something as such.....as you said, talent or know-how is needed.

    I have looked around and found what every other manga reader site is using and it appears to be the Xhanch's WP-Manga extension for Wordpress ( http://xhanch.com/wp-manga ). I contacted them about it but they are bent on me using Wordpress and buying their extension and then making a intergration for WP - IPB.....which is something I'm not talking about doing but rather an independant mod for IPB that runs on IPB alone, like IP-Content, Gallery, etc..

    Oh well, I'll keep searching around or asking about if there's any interest in doing something like Xhanch.....but without Wordpress.