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    [quote name='Collin S. ' timestamp='1347163814' post='2306659']
    I picked up PHP from the old IP.Board days (think back to 1.2/1.3) where you had to make dozens of source file edits to install modifications. The days before hooks and apps. Making those source file edits over and over eventually I started to pick up on what the code "did" which lead me to making my own minor tweaks here and there, and eventually becoming fairly "good" at working with the IP.Board framework and PHP.

    Ditto really, I then went on to create open source pieces of software and landed a job as a junior web developer. Then I picked stuff up on the job and progressed my knowledge. I eventually went through the lines of getting Zend certified to force me to learn alot of the technical stuff people pick up when studying in a programming subject. Since then I'm now a lead developer at a large company doing project leads and managed to make a career out of it.

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