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  1. PC-fre@k added a post in a topic: IP.Board 4 - move user icons where the heat map is   

    Well, doesn't the dot show if you have read that particularly topic or new posts? (dark dot, dark star, etc). New content is not a great example, but is does show different icons. It also adds a link so you go directly to the last unread post.
  2. PC-fre@k added a post in a topic: [Suggestion] Reply in support topic after file update   

    And, where did it go?
  3. PC-fre@k added a post in a topic: A few basic questions from a newbie.   

    I'm also unsure about the use of the report center.

    What I think it should do:

    1. Member reports a post (or any other content they are allowed to report - group permission)
    2. SMOD or MOD (moderating that specific forum) can see the report(s)
    3. When anybody updates the report, the member should be able to see that (this is a group permission as well)
    4. SMOD/MOD Completes report

    But nothing less, a member can report, but can't view a report center or at least his last report which is not completed.

    So now I'm unsure:
    1. Group permissions? ( Can submit reports?/ Can view reports?) What does 'view' mean in this context?
    2. Report Center as System Tab of ACP. What do these Plugins do? I don't see anything about them anywhere else.
    3. Same thing with Report Status. I know you have the 3 default status messages, but what do the flags define. How many members report the same content?

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