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  1. Cool Surfer » bfarber

    hi brandon, just to say hello :)

  2. Amy T » Cool Surfer

    Saw your comment and just saying Hi back.

  3. Cool Surfer » Amy T

    Hello amy :)

  4. vesperala » Cool Surfer

    I came to bring the stars for you..:)

  5. Cool Surfer » xXrenegade_spiritXx

    Hey I am cool, thanks for xmas wishes. Wish you the same n a blessed new year 2008. :)

  6. Cool Surfer

    Hey thans and same to you too :)
    Have a blessed time and blessed year 2008. :)

  7. xXrenegade_spiritXx » Cool Surfer

    hey watz up?
    have a great christmas!!

  8. Cool Surfer

    okk ... I think this is also good :)
    Whats your site lin?... ur forum ??

  9. xXrenegade_spiritXx » Cool Surfer

    yea im dawn
    yes i have yahoo.
    i dont really know my id is it the same as my screen name?

  10. Cool Surfer » xXrenegade_spiritXx

    Hey i am good, how are you. Do you have a nick name,? your id is long :)
    Any yahoo or msn id?

  11. xXrenegade_spiritXx » Cool Surfer

    hey how are you doing?
    so...watz up?

  12. Cool Surfer » Debbie

    ok. Thats ok.

  13. Cool Surfer » Debbie

    Whats your email id debbie? Did you get my invite at myspace?

  14. Cool Surfer » Brendon Koz

    nice site)
    You working on it?

  15. Cool Surfer » faze

    Hi friend, all fine ? :)

  16. Cool Surfer

    With this RSS thingy, its gonna be fun. hmm...

  17. Cool Surfer » Logan

    Because dean is alsoa compulsive hand washer, or is procastinating.

  18. .KX » Cool Surfer

    Ok see if you can delete or edit this. :D

  19. Cool Surfer » Logan

    .logan are you Dean ? :)

  20. Cool Surfer » Kimberly

    Is this the fly :)

  21. Debbie » Cool Surfer

    Glad your pup made it! So sweet!

  22. Sunlite » Cool Surfer

    Thanks for the Birthday wishes, and no worries on the other :)