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  1. Dlf added a post in a topic: Mod Tool: Highlight helpful posts   

    Most likely has been posted before, but I was just on a VB forum and randomly came up with a thought of something that would seem useful:

    For the Moderators/Administrators, in a topic they (or the user?) get to make certain posts stand out in some way (color of the actual post area ( )

    I'd think this would help with support forum or with topics with what seems like trillions of posts and the same repeated question and the asker is told to search previous pages. ---- If there are about say 100 pages, that could be "painful".

    In a different way for private use, mods could flag posts they think should be looked @ by other mods.
  2. Dlf added a post in a topic: OMG, another manual thread! :O   

    Not to be rude but that paragraph could improve, with breaks, a few sentences than a split . . .
  3. Dlf added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Board 3.1.0 Dev Update: Template Merge Center   

    [quote name='Wolfie' date='30 April 2010 - 11:23 AM'] Never heard Matt's voice before. Don't know what I expected but it wasn't what I expected.. :lol:

    I doubt most of us were. But I knew he was from England or lest had the accent they have in England/Brittan.
  4. Dlf added a post in a topic: VB Customer thinking of changing to IPB   

    I would say most of them are, I don't believe somethings (such as when adding a reply in the full reply) is customizable but 99% of the URL'S of IPB should be customizable.
  5. Dlf added a post in a topic: Trash Can Enhancements   

    Or a small note (in the topic) some place noticeably close to the topic (out side or inside) that says what forum the topic/post came from. That if put back into it's original spot gets removed . . . Small addition to this as well.
  6. Dlf added a post in a topic: [Suggestion] My Reputation   

    I had the same thought a few hours ago, would be nice and for the admin - possibly something in the ACP of one whole log (unless there is now) of the name, IP, e-mail, and what-ever else of the person(s) who gave (insert_name) rep.
  7. Dlf added a post in a topic: Emoticons - its time for much needed overhaul!   

    Or for another idea for the mass "disable" or enable of emotions: Timed based, set by the admin - just like posts (that can be timed to be shown or not shown) why not with emotions? When this the time of the year reaches this day (set by the admin) the emotion(s) (group(s)) YOU set (as admin) will automatically turn the emotions on or off (start time, end time). If I think of more suggestions, I'll post them.
  8. Dlf added a post in a topic: IPB 3.1.0 features   

    I just had a rather interesting thought for a suggestion for IPB:

    When selecting a skin (through the skin selector @ the bottom of the forum), a (little?) preview of that skins "page" (such as clean cut's topics page, when viewing a topic, or the user-control panel when viewing that, etc) when highlighted (haven't clicked yet). Would that be possible?
  9. Dlf added a post in a topic: Security improvement   

    How about an addition to this, on the registration screen let the user, choose a RANDOM generated password (based on what they want) - than have it e-mailed to them (incase they ever forget).
  10. Dlf added a post in a topic: Choice of when you get e-mail.   

    Isdoo's quote below gave me an idea on e-mail response (improvement):

    Probably just me but it seems the two options above could use a improvement (not in wording but) in function. I can set, either by drop-down menu or user input when I get the e-mail based on my activity on the board (getting on and reading the topic that is) --- If I set say set 6 hours for say delayed , if I DON'T read the topic within that time I get a e-mail letting me know of any replies made -- if I did see the topic I don't. Why do I suggest this? I am sure I'm not the only person but when say someone replies to this topic, I will get e-mail weather I (had) read the topic or not, seems to me like some resources could be saved if the user only got a reply if they hadn't seen the reply/replies in x amount of time. -- Some might appreciate it if they didn't get a e-mail for replies they just read - regardless of time.
  11. Dlf added a post in a topic: Question about New Reply Notification emails in 3.0   

    User option of what they want? Every reply (with these:
    No Email Notification, Delayed Email Notification, Immediate Email Notification, Daily Email Digest, Weekly Email Digest) or not every reply (such as in IPB 2.x)? Or would that be more resource intensive?
  12. Dlf added a post in a topic: Specific hardware versions . . .   

    One possible thing is, if there is a apache version (& it works only on apache) than couldn't you (all) work on speed for the (indivual) version?
  13. Dlf added a post in a topic: IPB 3.X - Old PM System   

    Global setting for the old or new, or could a group setting be managed? -- But with the group(s) that don't get the new system they can't be added to a convo using the new system, only the member's whose name is "added"?
  14. Dlf added a post in a topic: [suggestion] Add reputation as criteria for group promotion   

    ^Exactly, similar to the friends things: Just ask friends to register to rep them (but not post). "Easy" promotion.
  15. Dlf added a post in a topic: [suggestion] Add reputation as criteria for group promotion   

    I see one problem with that: the user that "wants" to " "move up" " could just get his friends to create accounts and give him rep. Just as with days/posts - just wait x amount of days (either with or without activity) and & or post spam messages that don't really add to a topic and you'd "move up". Lest I'd see that.

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