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  1. Michael added a post in a topic: iframe   

    You could adjust the bbcode to remove the height option, and then set it in the replacement code, but I don't think you're going to be able to set it to something that will always take up one page worth of height.  The height of a page will vary depending on the browser size of the person viewing it.
    Maybe there'd be a way to set up a container div that the iframe would reside in and have that container be sized to be the height of the page.  Not sure if something like that would work.
  2. Michael added a post in a topic: iframe   

    This should work.  Since iframes can be sized, but custom bbcodes only give you the option to give one option to the code, I set the frame width to be 99% of the post area, and then allowed you to give the height as an option.  It should validate that the height passed is numeric to prevent any additional code from being passed.  And it's currently set to only be usable by Administrators.  Feel free to tweak this as needed.
  3. Michael added a post in a topic: Add more pricing options for the projects manager   

    "Requesting free project" exists as an option already.
  4. Michael added a post in a topic: iframe   

    You'd have to create a custom bbcode for that, iframes are not able to be posted out-of-the-box.  Fair warning, though, if you do create such a bbcode then you should lock it down to something only trusted members (like Admins) can use, because iframes can easily be used to add malicious content to a page.
  5. Michael added a post in a topic: how to check which tags are assigned to a topic   

    Maybe this?
    <if test="count( $data['tags']['tags'] ) && in_array('off topic', $data['tags']['tags'])"> do something </if>
  6. Michael added a post in a topic: Require signature on forum registration   

    Custom profile fields can show up in the area below your avatar, again, without having to do anything custom.  What you're looking to accomplish is exactly what the custom profile field system was designed to accommodate.
  7. Michael added a post in a topic: how to check which tags are assigned to a topic   

    This code should work in the Forum Index -> topic skin template:
    <if test="in_array('off topic', $data['tags']['tags'])"> do something </if>
  8. Michael added a post in a topic: Cannot delete members and members cannot change avatars   

    You need to edit that link ASAP, people can get into your Admin CP if they have the adsess value and you don't have certain other security features in place.
  9. Michael added a post in a topic: Wiki application   

    I think that doing that would make the app lose a lot of what makes a wiki what it is.  I would think that with a real wiki app, you'd want to define what your different sections of the article are using some specific formatting, then have those be styled as headers, and also feed into a generated table of contents for the article.  Using non-IP.Board parsing, that's relatively straight forward.  You just define what control characters need to be around the words to have them be converted into those section headers.  The custom code in the app, then, takes all of those sections and builds the table of contents with them.  If I tried to reproduce this with the IP.Board editor, I'd probably have to do a lot of custom bbcodes to define these sections, and complicated coding to deal with the generated HTML that the editor sends to me.  I've worked with IP.Board's editor enough to know that it is truly the hardest part of the software to deal with programmatically, and I'd like to avoid that if I can.
    I don't think that what IP.Content currently does really captures what I think people are looking for.  Maybe the new version will add some of this true wiki functionality and maintain their editor, but I've been burned before on trusting that the editor is truly better than previous versions.
  10. Michael added a post in a topic: Wiki application   

    I wouldn't exclude anybody.  If people are satisfied with using IP.Content for their wiki, then good for them.  If they want to switch, then they are welcome to.
  11. Michael added a post in a topic: Wiki application   

    Correct, I'm not talking about adding anything to IP.Content, I'm talking about creating an application that is just a wiki.  If you just want a wiki, IP.Content would be more than what you need, and doesn't really act like other wiki software in a lot of ways.
  12. Michael added a post in a topic: Wiki application   

    Yes, exactly.  I think that even using the normal IP.Board editor would be a mistake.  Wiki articles should be edited using wiki markup rather than bbcode/html, and the normal editor will just confuse things.
  13. Michael added a post in a topic: Wiki application   

    Ooh, that's good to know, will keep an eye on that.  Thanks!
  14. Michael added a post in a topic: Wiki application   

    With IPS Community Suite 4.0 coming out pretty soon, I've had a few folks contact me and asked me to do some custom work for them for their updated sites.  Now, I've been out of the IP.Board game for several months, but 4.0 does look pretty sweet, and I've been considering whether I want to possibly do some modding work again.  The income it provided was a nice little bonus, and even though my day job takes up a lot of my free time, I am thinking I may have time to have one nice app I can focus on rather than several dozen like I used to.
    One common type of app that both gets requested often and that I have some familiarity with is a Wiki.  There are a few existing solutions, but I don't know of any true dedicated Wiki app for IP.Board.  The wiki functionality in IP.Content seems pretty limited, and solutions like a bridge between IP.Board and existing wiki software seems clunky and disconnected.
    Before I devote my time to a project like this, I wanted to ask whether folks thought it might be worthwhile.  It'd be a commercial app, and while I'd probably start laying some groundwork on in in 3.x, it would almost certainly only be released for 4.0.  If enough people think it's a good idea, I'll start asking for some feature suggestions.
  15. Michael added a post in a topic: Inserting Multiple Rows...   

    Just call the $this->DB->insert() function inside the foreach loop.
    EDIT: Sorry, just read your last few lines there.  No, I don't know that there's a way with the built-in driver to do what you're asking.  MySQL supports it, but the IP.Board database driver assumes an Insert is inserting one line.  Typically, database Inserts are not performed in so many items at once or that frequently that such efficiency is worth the effort of supporting it.

Status Feed

  1. Michael

    My blog is back up, any suggestions on new entries? Walkthroughs you'd like to see, maybe?

    1. AndyF

      An example of adding something with a variable / value attached. As a practical example adding a checkbox to the UCP or suchlike. I do sort of have plans for something and although I could probably manually edit the skin and the code to do it I could not do it with a hook as I don't understand. :(

    2. Michael

      What about a checkbox in the UCP that, when checked, does something like hide the board index sidebar? That should be possible. It would involve a template hook to get the checkbox to show and be populated with the value for the member, a hook (library, I'm guessing) to store what they checked into something like the member cache, and then another template hook or possibly skin overloader which would read the value of their preference and do the appropriate work. Sounds doable.

    3. AndyF

      That would be OK. Even if it made something appear or otherwise on another page. :) I did have something more complicated in mind but that's best left until I see how this works properly.

    4. IPB Bob

      How about an update of your application walk through?

    5. AndyF

      I would eventually like to see more of these or perhaps (in the future) 4x versions if you have time/enthusiasm for them. :)

  2. Michael

    Woohoo, 4000 rep!

    1. .Ian

      yay :)

    2. Andrej

      well-deserved! :)

    3. Ax Slinger

      You da Man!

  3. Michael » Philip L.

    Congrats on the staffitude!

    1. Philip L.


  4. Michael

    Today on the forums feels like trying to have an argument with my couch

    1. Aiwa


  5. Michael

    All of my mods should be IP.Board 3.4 ready now!

  6. Michael

    OMG, I can write a post, then Tab+Enter to submit it again, and then hit Home to go back to the top of the page. Just like it used to work!

    1. larva

      awesome right, it happen the same in my forum and i was so pist off lol.

  7. AndyF » Michael

    Looks like I'll have to add $INFO['species'] = 'human' if you're not sure then ;)

  8. Michael

    Can't wait for the first "this mod doesn't work on 3.3.2" post

    1. .Ian

      Well does it? ;)

    2. AndyF

      Shoutbox 115 (yes I did say 1.1.5) does not work on 3.3.2 ;)

  9. Con » Michael

    Talk about updating en masse. :P

    1. Michael

      Hopefully I didn't flood you with notifications, did I? I thought it only did that when I actually clicked the 'upload new version' option.

  10. Michael

    If I get one more PM with a subject of 'hey', I'm not going to be responsible for my actions

    1. Marcher Technologies

      May I join you in that action irresponsibility? I get 5 of those a day....-.-

    2. media

      I am sorry, am I missing something? Spam? or What?

    3. AlexJ

      Hey :) Hi, Michael :)

    4. Michael

      @media: It's just that people like to only say 'hey' as the subject of their message, and that's not really a subject. A subject should convey the general thoughts of the PM, something like "Need your help" or "Custom work?"

    5. media

      Oh, I see... :)

  11. Michael

    The number of paid files being submitted to the Marketplace seems to be increasing

    1. media

      So? good or bad? cannot decide!

    2. Michael

      Good for developers, I guess, but I can see a potential backlash brewing from the community. We've had more than one "there are too many paid mods!" topics here.

    3. • Jay •

      Greed reigns supreme.

    4. AndyF

      I'm still awaiting documentation to be included in every file :P

    5. Michael

      That'll be the day.

    1. media

      Congrats... :)

    2. AndyF

      Congrats :D

  12. Connor T » Michael

    Off topic: Your posts are always so hard to read. lololololol -> agreed.

  13. Michael

    The bug here about us losing our 'follow' info on topics is annoying when it makes me stop following my support topics

    1. DawPi

      Grr, totally agree!

    2. AndyF

      You mean you both don't read *every* topic anyway ? :P

    3. DawPi

      Read, but this option is meant to help and relieve me of this. ;)

  14. Michael

    It's truly amazing how many people who submit files check the box indicating they've read the guidelines, then don't follow them

    1. AndyF

      Welcome to my world at the coal-face ;) , now you know why I have generic responses ready for said submissions.

    2. AndyF

      Not sure if its my imagination (or perhaps the mass new files influx has stopped as it goes in cycles it seems) but most seem to have it at the moment.

  15. Michael

    I don't see statuses on any bug reports here anymore, is it just me?

    1. Con

      Same, they seem to have disappeared recently. :/

    2. Michael

      They're actually back for me now, but apparently not for everyone, huh?

    3. Con

      No, for my account they disappeared later and haven't returned yet.

  16. Michael

    IPS, *please* give IP.Tracker some love, there hasn't been a new version in 3 months

    1. media

      Yes, it looks like a dead project... :)

    2. Amy T

      No no they need to do IP.content first.
      I need the tags.

    3. • Jay •

      I feel ya... if I'm going to have an "Edit" button (in the Tracker), I should be able to use it. :(

  17. 7SiN » Michael

    I was late to the party on the new SEO thread. I think the thing you do NOT realize is that SEO for many of these admins (including myself) is the last peice to the puzzle. We have a great userbase but it has become stagnant. In my top 10 keywords, 4 are my site name. It wasn't like that before I moved here. And for your information, I'm one of the 2 that Matt is talking to about SEO. I just feel you are looking the other way when we are making our points (much like Rhett and ot...

    1. 7SiN

      other IPS staff). I'm just glad Matt is listening when no one else would.

    2. Michael

      I don't know what this is in regards to. You probably should have posted this in whatever topic you and I evidently both posted in.

    3. 7SiN

      It was one of the SEO threads that was closed and you had stated your opinion that those of us "focusing" on SEO are focusing on the wrong things.

  18. Michael

    Sweet, I can filter out those Ask IPS topics from VNC by using the 'Filter by forum' option :)

    1. DawPi


  19. Michael

    Approaching 40K Marketplace downloads!

    1. media

      Congrats... :)

  20. Michael

    Did I miss the window for Marketplace payments last week? Submitted my request Friday AM (early) but never got my payment. :(

  21. Con » Michael

    Hey, a few days ago I received notifications that you updated the following files: Clickable IP Address in Online List [3.2], Group Name Indicator [3.2], IP.Downloads Stats [2.4], Local Time in Topics [3.2], Member Anniversaries [3.2], Members Age in Topics [3.2], View Online List Permissions [3.2], Shoutbox [3.2], Members Online Today [3.2], Members Skin in Topics [3.2], Number of Topics Started [3.2]. However I didn't see any change in version number for these with the exception of the...

    1. Con

      Looks like my comment got cut off. Here's the final part of the comment again: "However I didn't see any change in version number for these with the exception of the Shoutbox which went from 1.2.1 to 1.2.2. Is it advisable to re-download any of the others mentioned? Thanks."

    2. Michael

      They were just changes to the title to indicate the support IP.Board version, with the exception of the Shoutbox and DB Customization Manager, which were upgraded.

  22. Michael

    The more issues I run into because of IP.Nexus's encoding, the more I want there to be an alternative I can use

    1. Mark

      Anything I can assist with?

  23. Jombi » Michael

    What's the chances of you making a sorta "sandbox" app to filter threads that have a checkbox selected upon creation?

    1. Michael

      I don't understand what you mean, but I'm not likely to make any new mods until all of my old ones are updated.

    2. Jombi

      Suppose a user makes a thread. At the right side of the editor where it asks you to follow it, etc, could there be a check box to filter the thread by? Such as "NSFW". And if the thread has that selected, users can choose to filter out those flagged threads from their searches.

  24. Michael

    If anyone is guessing why 3.2 mod upgrades of mine are taking so long, I have just two words for you: Shoutbox Support

    1. .Ian

      Sorry to hear it is causing you trouble. :(

    2. AndyF

      As I mentioned earlier, you can only do what you can in x hours. :)

    3. AndyF

      And I've somehow managed to squeeze a few support answers into the Shoutbox topic too.

    4. AndyF

      Although I do see what you mean too.