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  1. estan added a post in a topic: Beta 5. The content rebuild background task is completed, but not all posts are processed   

    Please post in the Bug Tracker here:
  2. estan added a post in a topic: Upgrade from IP. 3.4.x to IPS4.0   

    Can you guys clarify where in the DB these things should be modified? Which table etc?
  3. estan added a comment: [Beta 5]Upgrade Error   

    Same here.
  4. estan added a post in a topic: Strange set of random numbers with Pages article   

    Please report bugs to bugs tracker:
  5. estan added a post in a topic: CKeditor developers?   

    CKEditor plugins:
  6. estan added a post in a topic: My problem or a bug?   

    As far as I remember I saw this in the Bug Tracker as a bug which was marked as fixed.
    Maybe it was not fully fixed, please report in the Bug Tracker:
  7. estan added a post in a topic: BETA 4 - PHP Mail problem   

    Please report bugs in the Bug Tracker:
  8. estan added a post in a topic: Support button   

    Same bug for me. We should report it in the Bug Tracker.
  9. estan added a comment: No file costs to update [Up B3a to B4]   

    It took some time for me as well. but finally it did get through. 
  10. estan added a bug in IPS4 Bug Tracker   

    [IPS Site] Site Marked as Read is floating above content
    See attached

    Related that was never fixed:  
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  11. estan added a comment: [Beta 3a] translation fields are narrow by default   

    Same here.
  12. estan added a comment: New Content Duplicates   

    @daniel-son  It still happens for me:

  13. estan added a post in a topic: IPS4 speed   

    it is very very fast for me. And there is a big difference and improvement since the first days when IPS 4.0 beta was put here.
  14. estan added a bug in IPS4 Bug Tracker   

    [Beta 3a] New Content Error Ex2
    1. Fresh new install of Beta 3a
    2. Pages prererelease 2 install
    3. Import new language and make it default
    4. Reordered the apps tabs
    5. Added Record Feed block to forums home and it showed error
    6 Clicked New Content and noticed the error
    Not sure which of the above could be related to the error, but these are steps I did before noticing the error.
    See attached

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  15. estan added a comment: [Beta 3a] Upgrading from Beta 3 to Beta 3a. Configuration errors show after upgrade   

    Thanks. Please close this ticket if you think there nothing to fix here.

Status Feed

  1. estan

    Just upgraded to latest IP.Nexus and IP.Blog - all is fine. Thank you IPS guys!

  2. estan

    Upgraded to Nexus 1.0.3 - no any issues

  3. estan

    Just upgraded to IP.Downloads 2.3.0 - no any issues

  4. estan

    Upgraded to IP.Blog 2.3.0 - no any issues

    1. AlexJ

      I use cleancut skin.. so I am kind of stuck till cleancut gets updated. More or less they removed cleancut from here so I can't even test if it's working with cleancut or not..

    2. ørret

      Why was it removed?

    3. estan

      That is why I'm using the default skin - to avoid such issues...

    4. ørret

      Default skin looks horrible (sorry IPS). IPS survive much thanks to skinners. You can say much about features but when it comes down to all, a nice skin is what drags people to your community.

    5. ørret

      Having said that. The default skin is a good "starter" for skinners I believe to make a beautiful skin (compared to vB etc.)

    6. AlexJ

      Well I agree with default skin viewpoint and hence the cleancut.. but sadly they remove that too.

    7. estan

      Yes, it would be nice if IPS can do some default skin design improvement...

    8. Olivier Turbis

      I thought I read "so many issues" haha

    9. ørret

      I vote Elegant skin for default ^^!

    10. AlexJ

      I already have that on one of my board :P

    11. ørret


    12. AlexJ

      Had posted it on skinbox forums :P

  5. estan

    Just upgraded to Nexus 1.0.2 - no any issues. Great...

  6. estan

    Upgraded to board 3.1.2 + applications. No any problems. Thank you!

    1. Matt

      Fantastic! Thanks for sharing.

    2. estan


  7. estan

    IP Content 2.0 is awesome