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  1. EcliptuX added a post in a topic: ibf_profile_portal_views doesn't exist   

    I don't know...
    I tried to delete the .frm file.
    After, I did ACP > Support > Diagnose > Check database and it recreate the missing table.
    So it's done :)
  2. EcliptuX added a post in a topic: ibf_profile_portal_views doesn't exist   

    I have two differents instances of IP.Board, and on the same time, they both broke their ibf_profile_portal_views table.
    I try to recreate it, delete it, repair it... but nothing works.
    After investigation, on my /var/lib/mysql/myinstance/, it's missing the two files ibf_profile_portal_views table.MYD and ibf_profile_portal_views table.MYI
    There is only ibf_profile_portal_views table.frm
    Same on my second instance.
    So one big question : how can I solve the problem ?
    And another interrogation : it's curious than the problem occurs on two differents instance of IP.Board, isn't it ?
    Thanks for you help :)
  3. EcliptuX added a post in a topic: How to convert my board encoded in latin9 to utf8 ?   

    I have an old forum still encoded with iso-8859-1 charset
    I need for few reason to convert it to utf8
    What is the procedure to do it properly ?
  4. EcliptuX added a comment on a file: [HQ] Ban From Topic   

    any update for 3.3.4 version please ? :)
  5. EcliptuX added a post in a topic: Spam notification by unregistered Guest   


    Since the last upgrade with IP.Board 3.3.4, my staff is "spammed" by a Guest (without IP adress recorded) on the "warning a moderator" system (only registered members can use it normaly).

    Here an exemple of notification :

    -----Message d'origine----- From: Les Forums d' Sent: Saturday, July 28, 2012 4:00 AM To: *************** Subject: Guest a signalé quelque chose EcliptuX, Cette communication vous a été envoyée par Guest via le lien « Alerter un modérateur ». ------------------------------------------------ Lien vers le sujet : http://www.onnouscac...post__p__180788 Lien vers le rapport : http://www.onnouscac..._report&rid=602 ------------------------------------------------ Alerte : ------------ QUOTE ---------- Z0eUn2 rrhfrckmhmcd, kmtrfypinppp ( ), boodppqvgoht , ------------------------------------------------

    Is it a bug which come with the last version ? Is there a patch to block this "guests" ?

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