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  1. bfarber added a post in a topic: Changing domains results in 15 dollar charge?   

    Append "-TESTINSTALL" to your license when installing on localhost.
  2. bfarber added a post in a topic: Username login   

    This is correct
  3. bfarber added a post in a topic: How to remove "index.php" from urls?   

    ACP -> Search Engine Optimization -> "Rewrite URLs"
  4. bfarber added a post in a topic: No ability to manually add location map in gallery?   

    The underlying libraries are present and work with general addresses too, so an addon could be created yes.
  5. bfarber added a post in a topic: Why new v4 bug tracker? Do we have to repost?   

    And yes, I've still been going through all the old pre-4.0 tracker categories as well, so don't worry that the 3.x bugs will be overlooked.  We will focus on higher priority 4.0 bugs first but will sweep through the older categories still.
  6. bfarber added a post in a topic: Pages 4.0: Navigation Bar   

    Look at our navigation bar - that's exactly what we've done here.

  7. bfarber added a post in a topic: Converting wordpress to ip.content 4 (keep the FURL)   

    The links will need to be redirected - it may be possible in theory to recreate some of the same URL structure but not likely in most cases.
  8. bfarber added a post in a topic: New to forum software   

    We have some documentation on our website, but if you tell us a little about what you are after we can be more targeted when trying to point you somewhere.
    For your theme, we have a visual skin editor in 3.x and 4.0 that allows you to click on areas of your skin on the front end and change colors using a simple form interface, rather than writing code.

  9. bfarber added a post in a topic: IP.Gallery IPB4   

    Yes, but keep in mind browser restrictions with supported video file types.  Few video formats are universally supported by all browsers.
  10. bfarber added a post in a topic: No ability to manually add location map in gallery?   

    The map is pulled by geo-coordinates embedded within the image.  If your camera does not supply the lat/long coordinates, no map is displayed.
  11. bfarber added a post in a topic: Hovercards, please don't forget   

    This should be dependent upon whether guests can view profiles.
  12. bfarber added a post in a topic: IP.Gallery IPB4   

    You can upload media to Gallery, but there is no transcoding functionality or anything like that (unless you develop an addon for this).  You cannot link to external media.
  13. bfarber added a post in a topic: Sitemap   

    There is a task that runs that rebuilds the sitemap periodically.  There was a bug reported about Commerce causing the sitemap task to stop.
  14. bfarber added a post in a topic: Two test sites - Possible ?   

    Our license only allows for one test installation.  We have made a concession to allow you to install unlimited localhost test installations, but otherwise the restriction is enforced for a valid domain.
  15. bfarber added a post in a topic: Information about "background processes"   

    We specifically have made the manage tasks page a little harder to find to keep it out of the way for novice users.  It should be extremely rare that any admin ever need to go there.
    The error you are getting has already been addressed for beta 3.
    You can set up a cron job to run tasks every minute, and the queue task is set to run every minute.

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  1. bfarber » AndyF

    Happy belated birthday!!

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    Please test the 3.4.4 beta and let us know of any issues!

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    Just testing

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    Test from top menu

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    Hello world...take 2

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    Hello world.

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    Testing a bug report

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      looks like bfarber had 3 cups of coffee this Tuesday, 29 May 2012 morning... what, maybe 18 replies to topics in 30 minutes? Wow!!!

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    Is there any chance we can get a manual fix for the FURL issue with categories?

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    I wanted to tell you again that you are doing a really great job here at IPS and say THANK YOU for your work!

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    I'm happiest when When I see you online ^_^

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    Let us know what you think about 3.2. :)

    1. AndyF

      I shall :)

    2. Hennet

      say its awesome.

    3. Amy T

      I still wish the email for notifying me of this had the link directly to the status update instead of the settings. It would make it easier to find this. Plus the site is going slow.

    4. realmaverickuk

      Love it :)

    5. boboss78

      and what do you think about that

    6. DarkGizmo

      I think you guys really need to skin up the who's online area, it looks too bland as it is now and very un-finished/unprofessional. fix that and 3.2 will be awesome. :-D

    7. GoGators

      I liked it so much, I purchased it a few days ago. It really looks great and responds nicely. :D

    8. bfarber

      Thanks for the feedback everyone!

    9. Amy T

      you are welcome.

    10. Tripp_UK

      Apart from the bugs that's being fixed, fine. Just one major issue that's really bugging me. <-- That

    11. JennB

      We love 3.2 BUT...really would like to see a global sidebar :) Do you have an ETA on when that feature will be released?

  15. DarkGizmo » bfarber

    Hey Brandon just noticed you're in management now! congrats! :)

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    You're a bug-fixing fiend!

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    If you have an IP.Downloads license and are interested in testing the pre-release, please see this topic for more information:

    1. Glumbo

      Link not working?

    2. .Peter

      I thought this was going to be Contributor thing.

    3. TheRevTastic

      I already asked that in a post, it was answered too.

    4. .Ian

      open to all now

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      '[#10342] We could not determine which forum this topic is in.'

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      Can see the post, but nothing on the qa page.

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      My perms are different though ;) , although I should be able to see that topic. Hmmm.

    8. .Ian

      thought perms went out with Dalglish ;)

    9. AndyF


    10. bfarber

      The link will only work for those with an active license. If you can't see the file on the QA page, it means you don't have an IP.Downloads license. So, to summarize...If you have an ACTIVE IP.Downloads license, you may participate in QA testing the IP.Downloads release which is now available.

    11. .Ian

      Downloads - Purchased: 25 Aug 2010; Renewal: 24 Feb 2011 - mind you just realised I cannot open posts in the downloads support forum. Will log a ticket.

    12. bfarber

      Yes, if you can't access the downloads support forum, that is an indication the forums aren't seeing your license. Can always try logging out and back in, as well, since that's when your permissions get resynchronized.

  22. AndyF » bfarber

    He did tell me once, although I've forgot. Refers to Keith iirc.

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    i want say only thank you, for your work! I love to work wit the Databases! I hope you have a lot of success with your work in the future!

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    Thanks for fixing the issue with Mobile Safari crashing my forum! You are the man!

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