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  1. bfarber added a post in a topic: Installation Error - White page/screen after DB is created   

    An option is to go to init.php, find the exceptionHandler function and then add to the beginning of it var_dump( $exception );exit; .  This would output the actual exception or error that is being thrown.
  2. bfarber added a post in a topic: 4.0 has less options than 3.4.x?   

    Realistially, no options were removed because they were too hard or would take too long.  Every option was removed because we either felt it wasn't needed, we could do the same thing automatically without requiring a setting, or the setting was inappropriate for some other reason (i.e. a novice admin might adjust it incorrectly).
  3. bfarber added a post in a topic: Gallery Field Questions   

    Image IDs from gallery_images.
    The final extension is obfuscation to prevent "image.jpg" from overwriting another "image.jpg"
  4. bfarber added a post in a topic: This is a mistake   

    Yes, this is intended.
  5. bfarber added a post in a topic: Conflicting javascript libraries using page with wrapper   

    In \IPS\Output....
    /** * @brief Anything set in this property will be output right before </body> - useful for certain third party scripts that need to be output at end of page */ public $endBodyCode = '';  
    so something like
    \IPS\Output::i()->endBodyCode = \IPS\Output::i()->endBodyCode . "<script src='...'></script>";  
  6. bfarber added a post in a topic: IP.Pages - custom fields and loop fields   

    Our form helpers have a "Stack" field type, where you are given a field (select, text, whatever) and you can add additional rows as needed (i.e. if you are to provide a list of URLs, this is an appropriate UI tool).  While I'm not sure if Pages supports adding this field type out of the box, the backend form helper could be leveraged to provide a user with this option.
  7. bfarber added a post in a topic: View edit history   

    Edit history is available in IPS Community Suite 4, optionally.
  8. bfarber added a post in a topic: [AdonisMale] Image Compression   

    It controls any images written by the suite - usually the originals are not modified in Gallery, but the thumbnail, medium sized and small sized images are (as are any images with a watermark).
  9. bfarber added a post in a topic: 4.0 has less options than 3.4.x?   

    We found that the "Merge member's concurrent posts" option was confusing for most end users in practice and provided little value.
    You should not need to "manage" caches.  If they are not being managed properly, please report your findings as a bug so we can investigate.  The concept of caching is that it is automated.  You can clear them if necessary by emptying the appropriate database table or folder, depending upon your configuration, but you should never need to.
    Rebuilding non-content editor content is not related to caching.  This is a task and if it is hanging, that is a bug that we need to fix.  Mark already addressed where you can manage tasks now, and this is admittedly intentionally "hidden" to limit confusing areas of the ACP for newer admins (but is available via live search in the ACP ).
    Admins that adjust cookie settings often break their sites because they don't understand the settings and how they work.  Subsequently, these are now adjusted by editing your constants.php file instead.  It is still possible to change the settings and documentation will be available, but you have to edit a config file now to limit admins playing around with settings they don't truly understand.
  10. bfarber added a post in a topic: BBCode error after upgrade ipb4   

    You can go to advanced configuration and get instructions on setting up a cron job on your server to run the tasks, which will run them much faster (as it does not rely on traffic to your site to initiate tasks).
  11. bfarber added a post in a topic: [AdonisMale] Image Compression   

    In the ACP under System -> Files -> Images you can set the JPEG quality and PNG compression levels already.
  12. bfarber added a post in a topic: Sell official IP.Template packs   

    The database configuration, field definitions, categories and templates.  They're not CSV files (I'm not talking about the data).  I'm talking about developers creating databases and sharing them (here's a links database, here's a bug tracker database, etc).
  13. bfarber added a post in a topic: Pages Contact US   

    It is possible with Pages and a little custom coding for sure.
  14. bfarber added a post in a topic: Signatures   

    If I'm not mistaken, the default option is for individual users not to view them.  I could be mistaken without going and testing it right now, but I know when we upgraded I had to go manually turn it on.
  15. bfarber added a post in a topic: Rebuild Skin   

    How/why are they using the wrong URLs?
    We do have a change-url script we will be releasing which helps you update your base urls (i.e. if you move to a new domain) which handles this, but it hasn't been released yet.

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