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  1. bfarber added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    nexus_shipping not updated properly
    During the upgrade for Commerce in the 40000 version, step 16, we convert s_rates.
    \IPS\Db::i()->update( 'nexus_shipping', array( 's_rates' => json_encode( \unserialize( $row['s_rates'] ) ), ), array( 's_id=?', $row['s_id'] ) ); 
    Two problems here though:
    In 4.0 we expect a key of 'price' and 'min' and 'max'.  In 3.x, it appears the format was "value" and "cost", so simply unserializing and then json-encoding is not sufficient.  Client upgraded and they have the following which does not decode/edit properly: [{"value":"","cost":2.5}]We do not adjust s_locations at all, so they remain a serialized array after upgrading (which does not default properly) 
    See ticket 914919 as an example.  Also keep in mind we can't just adjust the 40000 routine now, as we will need to account for this in the next upgrade routine for anyone who has already upgraded.
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  2. bfarber added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Account settings overview: Facebook logged in as
    If you have your account synced with Facebook, the front end Settings panel will show this on the Overview page, but it says "Logged in as" without a name.
    This is on the company forums for my account right now:
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  3. bfarber added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Albums with unapproved images
    Create a user in the members group, and allow the members group to create albums. Set a category to require approval of images. As the member, upload images to that category and put them in a new album.
    When the images are submitted the user can see the images in the album, and they reflect that they are pending approval. An administrator can also see the images in the album and see that they are pending approval.
    Two bugs though:
    The images show in the 'New Images' block on the index but do NOT reflect that they are pending approval here.
    Inside album:
    Index page: album itself says it has no images until you click into it.
    Category listing:
    Inside album: 
    This ultimately creates a confusing user/admin experience and makes finding content to approve through the system (vs the modcp) more difficult.
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  4. bfarber added a article in Knowledgebase   

    Topics are not included in the sitemap
    You may find that your topics are not being included in the sitemap that the Community Suite automatically generates.  This may be noticed specifically after upgrading from an earlier version of IP.Board, however can also occur after a new installation of the Community Suite if an administrator configures the software appropriately.
    Topics within forums can be excluded from the sitemap by editing the forum and configuring the "Sitemap Priority" to "Do Not Include".

    Topics within these forums will not be included in the sitemap - if all forums are configured this way, then no topic sitemap will be generated.
    Only topics within forums that guests are allowed to access will be included in the sitemap.  If you do not allow guests to read topics in any forums (or if you exclude, per the screenshot above, the forums that guests are able to read), then no topics will be included in the sitemap.
    If you disable the 'forums' module for guests under the System tab -> Applications -> click on Forums to expand it, then this has the same effect as above: guests will not be able to access the forums and subsequently the topics will not be included in the sitemap.
    Finally, you can use the ACP live search to look for 'Sitemap'. If you do not use the Recommended Settings, you are able to exclude individual types of content from the sitemap. From this page, you can configure Topics to include 0 items, or to exclude them from the sitemap.
    There are many different ways to exclude topics from being included with the sitemap. Before submitting a ticket if you believe there to be an issue, you should check the above-mentioned things to ensure that topics are not being excluded from a sitemap due to your configured settings.
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  5. bfarber added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Cannot PM certain members
    You are allowed to use special characters when registering an account.  For instance, I registered a user "x'abc" locally without issue.
    When you attempt to send a PM and type the member's name in, however, as soon as you type in a special character it is deleted and a tooltip advising special characters are not allowed is presented (which includes <, >, " and '). If you paste the name in and click out of the field, the apostrophe is stripped.  In short, there's no way to send this user a private message because the field does not allow special characters.
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  6. bfarber added a comment: Albumslider doesn't make sense   

    A similar issue exists with the next/previous arrow items at the same level as the image itself, in addition to the slider below the image.
  7. bfarber added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Post multiselection not working for restricted moderator
    If you have a moderator and that moderator does not have all permissions, there is no checkbox to multi-moderate the posts in the topics.
    My moderator only has moderator permissions selected under the Forums tab when managing the moderator, and only in one forum.  I did not select unhiding topics or posts, viewing hidden topics or posts, or deleting topics.
    If I go to a topic in this forum, the moderator options dropdown shows for the posts, however there is no checkbox to select multiple posts to hide, delete, etc.
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  8. bfarber added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Select all rows in ModCP
    If you go to the hidden content section of the moderator CP, i.e. for Posts, the "select all rows based on type" does not work.
    Locally I visit /index.php?/modcp/content/&type=forums_topic_post and then I try to select all 'read' rows and nothing is selected.  Reported in ticket 915336
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  9. bfarber added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Extra exif data in gallery not showing

    Uploaded a photo with exif data and it shows the summary on the photo.  If I click to view all photo exif information, however, the modal is empty.  I can confirm in the database there is a lot more exif data stored.
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  10. bfarber added a comment: Gallery video thumbnails   

    This appears to apply to ALL details.  If during submission you enter a title for an image and save, this is not applied to the image after you submit.  I believe I've seen other bug reports about this, but just wanted to point out it's not specific to the video thumbnail - no details are retained.
  11. bfarber added a comment: [4.0.3] custom.css is automatically loaded in admin panel   

    Changed Status to Closed
  12. bfarber added a comment: [4.0.2] minimum member password length hardcoded to "3"   

    Changed Status to Closed
  13. bfarber added a comment: [4.0.2] minimum member password length hardcoded to "3"   

    Please post feedback on our forums.
  14. bfarber added a comment: 4.0.3 Saving skin files gives error   

    What is the ticket number?
  15. bfarber added a blog entry in IPS News   

    IP.Board 3.3.x, 3.4.x Security Update
    We are releasing a patch for IP.Board 3.3.x and 3.4.x to address three cross-site scripting (XSS) issues.

    It has been brought to our attention that specifically crafted URLs may allow an attacker to adjust another user's ignored user preferences and private message options.

    To apply the patch
    Simply download the attached zip for your IP.Board version and upload the files to your forum server.
    IP.Board 3.4.x: 
    IP.Board 3.3.x:

    If you are an IPS Community in the Cloud client running IP.Board 3.3 or above, no further action is necessary as we have already automatically patched your account. If you are using a version older than IP.Board 3.3, you should contact support to upgrade.

    If you install or upgrade to IP.Board 3.4.7 after the date and time of this post, no further action is necessary as we have already updated the main download zips.
    We would like to thank for bringing the private message to our attention.