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  1. bfarber added a comment: [RC2] ACP Emoticons: Drag&Drop to another Folder doesn't work   

    Changed Status to Fixed
  2. bfarber added a comment: [RC3][ModCP] Approval queue = 0 but this one is not empty   

    Changed Status to Closed
  3. bfarber added a comment: [RC3][ModCP] Approval queue = 0 but this one is not empty   

    The approval queue gets the number of items to approve from the search index, so if your search index hasn't built yet then it won't know how many are pending for the count at the top.
  4. bfarber added a comment: [RC3] function inside 'other' theme setting error   

    Changed Status to Closed
  5. bfarber added a comment: [RC3] function inside 'other' theme setting error   

    I can only suggest to wrap it all in a if( !class_exists() ) ... block.  If you are seeing a "Cannot redeclare class" error, that means it is being declared more than once, perhaps because the setting is referenced more than once.
  6. bfarber added a comment: [RC 2] Image max-width doesn't work with Firefox   

    Changed Status to Closed
  7. bfarber added a comment: [RC 2] Image max-width doesn't work with Firefox   

    We have a CSS class "ipsContained" to address this issue when it comes up (try that, or take a look at it for inspiration).  Either way, this isn't a bug in our software.
  8. bfarber added a comment: [Gallery] Rules link   

    Changed Status to Fixed
  9. bfarber added a comment: [RC3] Gallery, cannot change album's owner   

    Changed Status to Fixed
  10. bfarber added a comment: [RC3] function inside 'other' theme setting error   

    Can you give me more details about this theme setting?  Was it doing a file include, or was the class defined in the setting?  It seems like it's doing an include or require, and the theme setting is outputting twice on the page (which would include the file twice, leading to this error).
  11. bfarber added a comment: [Beta 8] Post rebuild super slow   

    Most clients would rather let this happen in the background over the course of a couple of days, rather than taking a site offline for half a day or a day to rebuild content.
    You can set up a cron which runs the task every minute over and over until it is done, and as Matt said he changed how the rebuild pulls to be more efficient.
  12. bfarber added a comment: Updated to RC3 styles gone   

    Changed Status to Closed
  13. bfarber added a comment: Updated to RC3 styles gone   

    I cannot reproduce, the upgrade should not be clearing out the CSS obviously.  Please submit a ticket.
  14. bfarber added a comment: [RC3][Calendar] Sometimes, old events need to be approved after an upgrade   

    Changed Status to Closed
  15. bfarber added a comment: [RC3][Calendar] Sometimes, old events need to be approved after an upgrade   

    The only way I can see this happening is if the event is unapproved prior to the upgrade, or if it has certain configurations (for instance if the event is only available to specific groups in 3.x it will be unapproved post-upgrade since there isn't an equivalent option in 4.x, same with "private events")
    In other words, this is by design when it does happen.

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I'm a 31 year old Zend-certified PHP developer working for Invision Power Services, Inc. I've been here since 2005 and every year just gets better and better.

When I'm not working I like to travel, play video games, watch movies, read, and spend time with my family (pets included). I live in central Virginia and have 3 wonderful children I dedicate my whole life to.  I am currently engaged to the love of my life and we are planning to marry next year.

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    Please test the 3.4.4 beta and let us know of any issues!

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    Is there any chance we can get a manual fix for the FURL issue with categories?

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    Let us know what you think about 3.2. :)

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      I shall :)

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      say its awesome.

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      I still wish the email for notifying me of this had the link directly to the status update instead of the settings. It would make it easier to find this. Plus the site is going slow.

    4. realmaverickuk

      Love it :)

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      and what do you think about that

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      I think you guys really need to skin up the who's online area, it looks too bland as it is now and very un-finished/unprofessional. fix that and 3.2 will be awesome. :-D

    7. GoGators

      I liked it so much, I purchased it a few days ago. It really looks great and responds nicely. :D

    8. bfarber

      Thanks for the feedback everyone!

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      you are welcome.

    10. Tripp_UK

      Apart from the bugs that's being fixed, fine. Just one major issue that's really bugging me. <-- That

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      We love 3.2 BUT...really would like to see a global sidebar :) Do you have an ETA on when that feature will be released?

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    If you have an IP.Downloads license and are interested in testing the pre-release, please see this topic for more information:

    1. Glumbo

      Link not working?

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      I thought this was going to be Contributor thing.

    3. TheRevTastic

      I already asked that in a post, it was answered too.

    4. .Ian

      open to all now

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      '[#10342] We could not determine which forum this topic is in.'

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      Can see the post, but nothing on the qa page.

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    10. bfarber

      The link will only work for those with an active license. If you can't see the file on the QA page, it means you don't have an IP.Downloads license. So, to summarize...If you have an ACTIVE IP.Downloads license, you may participate in QA testing the IP.Downloads release which is now available.

    11. .Ian

      Downloads - Purchased: 25 Aug 2010; Renewal: 24 Feb 2011 - mind you just realised I cannot open posts in the downloads support forum. Will log a ticket.

    12. bfarber

      Yes, if you can't access the downloads support forum, that is an indication the forums aren't seeing your license. Can always try logging out and back in, as well, since that's when your permissions get resynchronized.

  24. AndyF » bfarber

    He did tell me once, although I've forgot. Refers to Keith iirc.

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    i want say only thank you, for your work! I love to work wit the Databases! I hope you have a lot of success with your work in the future!