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  1. Charles added a post in a topic: RC4 today?   

    I will check on that for you. That is not related to IPS4 - that is a network-level message.
  2. Charles added a post in a topic: RC4 today?   

    ​You get that on our main web site or our forums?
  3. Charles added a post in a topic: Can IP4 ... ?   

    ​You can as the site owner but I assume @blue9  is wanting the members to list their own products for sale. You cannot do that right now but you may want to read the entry on Physical Products Marketplace .
  4. Charles added a item in IPS4 Feature Plan   

    Physical Products Marketplace
    For some time now we have had the ability for your members to sell digital goods through the integration of our Downloads and Commerce apps. If you had both apps installed the Downloads system would handle the digital good management and Commerce would handle the money aspects. You could even set it so the site owner could take a cut of all sales:

    This has worked great and is how we do the IPS Marketplace which is completely standard way of using the Suite.
    All this is great but what if you want to sell physical products?
    Well you already can sell physical products using Commerce but you as the admin must define them. It is designed for you to create your own store but, unlike with digital downloads, there is no way for your members to sell physical items on your site.
    We plan on adding a whole new feature set to Commerce to allow this to happen. Features may include:
    Members listing products for sale in categories you specify Members can upload images, rich text descriptions, pricing information, quantity, shipping info, and more. Commerce will collect all the sale data and offer an interface for both you and your members to track pending orders for fulfillment. You will have the option to take a cut of all sales. Cross-integration with our reputation system enhancements. Mini-storefront attached to a member's profile. Commerce-specific reviews allowing people to review a member as it relates to their purchase experience (rather than just the member in general). Reviews associated with the purchased product. And more as we develop the implementation!  
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  5. Charles added a comment: [RC3] Can't show posts from Archived Topics made by 3.4.x   

    Changed Priority to High
  6. Charles added a comment: Likes underlined in blogs   

    Changed Priority to Interface
  7. Charles added an answer to a question: Mac or PC? Why?   

    Mac because Mac
  8. Charles added an answer to a question: Who is he...?   

    He was creepy on his old name.
  9. Charles added a post in a topic: RC releases   

    Oh please not another topic about the member list
  10. Charles added a post in a topic: RC releases   

    It was moved to our blog.
  11. Charles added a comment: Report notification bug   

    Changed Priority to Normal
  12. Charles added a comment: [IPS 4 rc3] Login fatal error after new installation   

    Changed Priority to High
  13. Charles added a comment: Theme partially stoped working RC1 -> RC3   

    Changed Priority to Normal
  14. Charles added a comment: Designers Mode - Running brings back deleted resources   

    Changed Priority to Normal
  15. Charles added a comment: [RC3] "Rebuilding posts" task appears to have crashed out   

    Changed Priority to High

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