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  1. Charles added a post in a topic: Relevancy search is not relevant... please set default to Date, look at these results...   

    You may wish to review our Feature Plan so you are aware of what we are doing:
  2. Charles added a post in a topic: European Union cookie law. Yes another topic!   

    ​There are a number of proper replies to this issue throughout this topic. In fact one right above your reply.
    It is of course your choice to take the one, humorous, lighthearted post out of context in this entire topic and get all worked up over it.
  3. Charles added a post in a topic: Shirley we'll have a release soon?   

    ​It probably could have been but like I said we want to be sure the release process goes smoothly too. Betas and RCs are a different thing to a fully supported release
  4. Charles added a post in a topic: Shirley we'll have a release soon?   

    We do have a date for the fully supported release of IPS4 now. I'm not going to tell you in case something happens but we are pretty sure we will make it. There will be an RC7 though as we wrap up bugs. I'm sure you will notice the bug tracker is getting more sparse lately. We also want to do an RC7 as we need to test our internal release procedure that will apply to the "real" releases. That is why RC7 will take a bit longer than the others as it has to go through more process controls.
  5. Charles added a post in a topic: RSS Feed - number of items   

    I am curious as to why it matters? My understanding for RSS is that you get a certain number in the feed (5, 10, 20, whatever) and from there on the program you are using to monitor the feed keeps checking. So while you always have a limit in the feed you never actually miss anything because as new items are added it keeps track. I'm not sure how 10 vs 20 vs 1000 makes a different. Can you explain what you are trying to do?
  6. Charles added a comment: [RC5] All previous reported content is missing in mod CP   

    Changed Priority to High
  7. Charles added a comment: New Content page EX0 error here   

    Changed Priority to High
  8. Charles added a post in a topic: Followers Are Superior To Friends   

    ​I think that, just maybe, you're putting way too much thought into the word "follow" here. In this case it's follow as in "watch" not follow as in "bow before in servitude."
  9. Charles added a comment: [This site] Follow this   

    Changed Priority to Critical
  10. Charles added a comment: [This Site] Notifications   

    Changed Priority to Critical
  11. Charles added a comment: IPS Marketplace   

    @Kevin Carwile  please PM me if it happens again.
  12. Charles added a post in a topic: Feature Plan and Open Discussions   

    You seem to be thinking backwards on this
    Everything in the Feature Plan  came from discussions  posted in our feedback areas and such. To then open a discussion about a discussion would create an infinite loop and crash the interwebs.
    Besides there's nothing stopping you from creating topics in our feedback forum as you like. Feel free.
  13. Charles added a post in a topic: How do you search for TOPICS? Please see:
    The Search Enhancements section may interest you there.
  14. Charles added a post in a topic: In IPS bug tracker, Sort By > My Content please

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