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  1. Charles added a comment: [Beta 8] Post rebuild super slow   

    We are going to provide a script to power users that will run it non-stop at command line until it's done.
  2. Charles added a post in a topic: On the performance of IPS 4.0 vs 3.x   

    There is no difference in how the software works on mobile vs. desktop so any differences you see there is down to mobile devices just rendering the page slower. IPS4 outputs literally the exact same code be it mobile or desktop.
    As for other performance things we have a list of things we plan on doing to increase the overall speed but right now we are focused on core functionality. So if you are patient with us over the next few weeks then the speed will improve noticeably
  3. Charles added a blog entry in News and Announcements   

    IPS Community Suite 4.0.0 Release Candidate Available
    Release Candidate of IPS Community Suite 4.0.0 now Available
    This means we have left the beta stage where things are unsupported and known to be broken and enter the period between that and final. The Release Candidate phase allows us to partially support the Suite without committing our full resources to it. This step also means that there will still be some bugs in the system but they should not be major issues any longer.
    You can download IPS Community Suite 4.0.0 RC in your client area. IPS Community in the Cloud clients can request upgrades through support. If you are using our Chat product please note that it is not yet available for version 4.0.0 so please do not upgrade if Chat is required.
    Important Support Note
    Release Candidates are partially supported only.
    There will be bugs in the Release Candidates. Do not use Release Candidates if any sort of issues will impact your ability to enjoy your site.
    We will assist you in support with any major problems in installing or upgrading from 3.4.7 to make sure your install is online. However, once the site is online and functional, other less critical bugs may be deferred until the next release to fix those issues. We do plan on a fast update schedule but it does mean you may not get fixes for several days.
    To reiterate: we will assist with major problems that make your Suite not function (install issues, upgrade issues, major problems) but you may have to wait for update releases for other issues. Please keep these support limitations in mind when choosing to use a Release Candidate.
    Release Candidate Schedule
    We plan on having several RCs that will be released every few days over the next couple weeks. By doing a rapid release schedule it will allow us to get fixes out to you very quickly and ensure things are as stable as possible for the final, fully supported release.
    Beta Testers
    Everyone at IPS greatly appreciates those of you who participated in the beta testing phase. If you did you use beta releases you can upgrade from Beta 8 to RC1 however you may wish to consider a fresh upgrade from 3.4.7 just to ensure you are not carrying over any beta quirks through to RC and final.
    Our Thanks
    IPS Community Suite 4.0 took at lot longer than we thought it would as we changed the focus of the Suite and were forced to extend our workload and therefore timeline. We are sorry for these delays and we do hope that you see it will be worth it in the end. IPS4 is a great platform and we are very excited to start adding lots of fun features throughout this year.
    Upgrading IP.Content to Pages
    When upgrading from IP.Content to Pages, it is worth noting that because the underlying code has changed, custom templates and custom blocks are not upgradable. Custom templates are removed from the system after the upgrade, and any custom blocks are retained, but left disabled as a reference point for recreating manually.
    This release of Pages does not have external blocks (this feature allows you use IP.Content blocks on another website or page) and neither does it have relational database field functionality. Both these features will be available in a near-future release.
  4. Charles added a post in a topic: How to Change Aplication tab name?   

    I think it depends on how the App has its languages setup. It may vary depending on how the App uses its display.
  5. Charles added a post in a topic: RC3?   

    ​Please submit a ticket so we can help diagnose that.
  6. Charles added a comment: [Beta 8] Post rebuild super slow   

    Please keep us updated on if the rebuild process is running better now.
  7. Charles added a comment: [RC3] Upgrade Losses theme edits   

    Changed Priority to High
  8. Charles added a comment: RC3 Text Areas gone   

    Changed Priority to High
  9. Charles added a comment: [RC3] Delta update (rc2=>rc3) : "There are no applications available to upgrade"   

    Changed Status to Closed
    Changed Priority to Critical
  10. Charles added a comment: [RC3] Delta update (rc2=>rc3) : "There are no applications available to upgrade"   

    Sorry about that - just re-download/re-upload RC3 and it will work.
  11. Charles added a comment: [This Site] Broken Image User Icon   

    Changed Priority to Critical
  12. Charles added a post in a topic: IPS Community Suite 4.0.0 Release Candidate Available   

    Release Candidate 3 is now available.
  13. Charles added a comment: @mention can't handle uppercase characters   

    Changed Priority to Normal
  14. Charles added a comment: [RC2] Blog Empty Stops   

    Changed Priority to High
  15. Charles added a comment: [RC2] [ACP] [Template] Long Emails for Members   

    Changed Priority to Interface

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