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  1. Charles added a post in a topic: Why not add Gallery Button where Galleries can be created   

    We agree and will be changing it
  2. Charles added a post in a topic: So IPB4 deletes users accounts without warning?   

    Yes please submit a ticket. There's nothing we can do for you in a topic.
  3. Charles added a comment: [4.0.5] Fresh install: forums_forum_3   

    Changed Status to Closed
  4. Charles added a comment: [4.0.5] Sign Up Registration Terms Title String   

    You may wish to consider using visual language editor mode when you cannot find a language string.
  5. Charles added a comment: [] Edited by line   

    Changed Status to Closed
  6. Charles added a comment: RC7a -> 4.0.51 Status upgrade error   

    As Mark said, submit a support request so we can take a look.
  7. Charles added a comment: This Site - Editor already populated with previous post   

    @nylyon please confirm - thanks
  8. Charles added a comment: [4.0.6] Cant edit profile in mobile   

    Changed Priority to Mobiles/Tablets
  9. Charles added a comment: Legacy quotes link to container not item   

    Changed Priority to High
  10. Charles added a comment: Archive - Last Post setting   

    Changed Priority to High
  11. Charles added a comment: \IPS\Content\Item::resyncCommentCounts() does not take Archive into account   

    Changed Priority to High
  12. Charles added a comment: Posts awaiting approval count towards approved posts   

    Changed Priority to High
  13. Charles added a comment: Archived Posts Do Not Display   

    Changed Priority to High
  14. Charles added a comment: Forum cached counts do not take into account archived posts   

    Changed Priority to High
  15. Charles added a post in a topic: Bug Tracker   

    Updated 4.0.6 notes. Nothing exciting just some tweaks to make things easier to use as some areas were causing confusion.