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  1. Charles added a item in IPS4 Feature Plan   

    Chat Security
    All messages and other exchanges in our chat system will support SSL (https) connections.
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  2. Charles added a item in IPS4 Feature Plan   

    Usability Tweaks
    As IPS Community Suite 4.0 is a whole new product there are still lots of little things that we are finding we can improve. As people use it in real-world cases we get lots of great feedback on how to make it easier to use.
    Without going into a full list we are planing on things like editing topic title inline, clearer notices (such as banned status, admin user editing, etc.), more descriptive error messages, and lots of other small improvements that our clients have brought up.
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  3. Charles added a item in IPS4 Feature Plan   

    Enhanced Chat Service
    Our Chat service was something we originally designed as a simple chat room to see how our clients used it. We have seen that many of you use it quite heavily so we plan on enhancing it with features such as:
    Multiple rooms Moderated chats (such as for hosting chats with special guests) Higher user limits (right now limited to max 250) No nightly restarts New technology for future growth  
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  4. Charles added a post in a topic: Disappointed In IPS 4   

    Yes we know search is frustrating right now. We have solutions that we will implement soon. I am tempted to lock this topic as I am not sure how many ways I can say "yup I know..."
  5. Charles added a item in IPS4 Feature Plan   

    Reputation System Improvements
    Our existing reputation system is really good and lets users get points based on the quality, rather than quantity, of content posted. But we think it can be better. We plan on adding features such as:
    More ways to get reputation rather than only receiving a "like" or "up vote" on a post. Reputation sub-types. Think clicking like and then being able to optionally put in why you like it. (informative, funny, helpful, etc.) Cross integrate with the  highlight system A totally new rewards system with tiers and various options for what a member gets More member-discovery features based on reputation.  
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  6. Charles added a item in IPS4 Feature Plan   

    Community Moderation
    This will be a really great way to help you moderate your community. You will be able to define various rules and actions in the AdminCP for content that users flag as a problem.
    So let's say someone makes a post that is rude/inflammatory/generally just not pleasant. Your users could flag it as a problem and, based on your rules, once enough do so it will hide itself from view.
    You will be able to create multiple actions and rules. So you might set "spam" with a lower number of report requires than "trolling" might be since once is clear and one is an opinion.
    We think this will be a great addition for all sites powered by IPS Community Suite.
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  7. Charles added a post in a topic: Pages: Promote to Article   

    There's really no need for the theatrics I am incredibly sorry we neglected to reply to this one topic among the hundreds.
    Yes this is something we will look into.
  8. Charles added a post in a topic: Display Name changes   

  9. Charles added a post in a topic: Display Name changes   

    That was  bug in RC3 that will be fixed in RC4's release  
  10. Charles added a comment: IPS Community Suite text in ACP header hard-coded   

    It's branding. I love me some branding.
  11. Charles added a post in a topic: Display Name changes   

    You can of course still allow them to change their display name in IPS4.
    We can look into a publicly viewable list.
  12. Charles added a post in a topic: Mark Solved   

    ​I just don't want you thinking we didn't care about this one  ... it was done for a reason based on feedback. But I think our broader implementation of the post marking will be something that works for you.
  13. Charles added a post in a topic: IPB 4.0 Tracking Code   

    You could edit the theme template and put it in there.
    What I personally find easier though is to create a Pages custom HTML block with the tracking code in it and then dragging it on the pages I want it.
  14. Charles added a comment: rel="nofollow" problem with CDN   

    We see what you are saying but this is one of those things easier said than done. We will consider some sort of solution.

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