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  1. Danno 61 added a post in a topic: Question about database search and capabilities   

    I have noticed that ipb now uses sphinx. 
    My questions are:
    1. Can you set-up 2 different search engines on the same board e.g. one tab showing members and another showing companies? I know you can do this within one search engine. I just want them distinctly separate. Is this a shot in the dark?
    2. I also want to have a tree type search that will go form state > city > to specific data information e.g. everyone that owns a Ford, Chevy, or a Toyota, etc.
    3. I also need to change the members profile section to specific questions or statements (on the left) with  the possibility of using the embed feature. Is this possible? I would also like the ability for users to embed a video in the main section of their profile.
    4. I would also be interested in hiring someone to do this work. Any idea how much this would cost?
    5. Note this board would also be a paid membership with little exposure without signing in.  I think this would help with spamming. Any input?
    I know these questions could be considered vague. I am just trying to get a feel of things. Please advise.
      Many thanks!!!
    The attachment viewed is just a test on attaching a pdf

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