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  1. Wolfie added a post in a topic: 12 years using vb, looking to migrate!!!   

    You can alter the way the friendly URL's appear, though I believe it best to leave them alone unless you are certain of the changes you are making.  The reason that the topics have 'topic' in the URL is so that the software knows what type of URL it is and thus which app is being called on.  After all, without something there, how does it know it should display a topic vs an image from the gallery or an entry from a blog?
  2. Wolfie added a post in a topic: Is the IPB hosting fee really $20 a month now?   

    I believe that you are 'grandfathered' in to the $10/month price, meaning that for as long as you have that package, it's $10/month.  If you get a new package, then you'll pay the new price.
    I just looked and the only thing different is the Basic 10 isn't offered anymore.  The other plans appear to be the same.  My guess is that IPS needed to stop offering the Basic 10 for business (financial) purposes.  While it sucks, it's understandable in keeping overall costs down.  That's if my guess is right though.
  3. Wolfie added a post in a topic: About to purchase $450 worth of IP products...help us remove VBSEO   

    This *might* fit your needs.  You would need to change the format of the detected URL's, but other than that, it should work.  It was made as a way for people who used an IPB SEO app (that went defunct) to have their URL's redirect back to the default IPS format.  For your use, you might only have to change the URL's in the settings area, but if nothing else, someone you hire could tweak the code to work specifically for VBSEO URL's.
    ​ http://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/3382-cseo-migration/  
  4. Wolfie added a post in a topic: is any content allowed on ip boards?   

    If you read here, you'll find what you can and can't do with the software.
    ​ http://www.invisionpower.com/legal/standards
    I've seen sites that deal with adult content and it's perfectly legit.  For the most part, IPS isn't out to censor content that community administrators wish to put up, but at the same time, they don't want to be associated with certain extreme types of content (mostly illegal).  If your content is going to just be adult (18+) and it's all legal/legit, then you should be just fine.  You should also consider getting IP.Nexus as part of the package, as I'm sure you'll be selling memberships or other related content.  
    For what it's worth, I have yet to hear or learn about a site that was removed (due to IPS) when it wasn't warranted and I've been using the software for a decade now.
  5. Wolfie added a record in IP.Board   

    quote tag 'date' option being weird in editor
    When working within the editor and then switching back and forth (source/rte), the display/preview for the RTE version is slightly messed up. Use the below as an example (copy/paste into source more, toggle to RTE).
    [code=auto:0][quote name="The One And Only" date="Jun 6, 2006"]Test[/quote][/code]The quote information shows
    [code=auto:0]The One And Only" data-date="Jun 6, 2006 said:[/code]When saved, it shows up correctly, it's only while in the editor that it displays weird.
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  6. Wolfie added a comment on a file: (NB34) Topics Closing Soon   

    I can't rate since I haven't bought it, but this seems like a good idea, especially for communities that get a lot of use out of closing times.  Kudos for the concept.
  7. Wolfie added a record in IP.Board   

    Can't break quotes into multiple quotes
    Quote a message with multiple lines.  Go in and try to break it into multiple quotes using the enter key.  All it does is add new lines, it doesn't break it into multiple parts as it used to do, not even when doing it on a blank line.
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  8. Wolfie added a record in IP.Nexus   

    Constant renewal invoices being generated
    This site (well front end).  I have a renewal coming up and got an email with an invoice in it.  I went into the client area to cancel the invoice.  On the next quarter of the hour (:00, :15, :30, :45) I get another invoice.  If I leave it, nothing more happens.  If I cancel it, then the process repeats.
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  9. Wolfie added a record in IP.Board   

    Can't delete blank line in quote.
    Did a hard refresh.
    Quote a post, delete a line and you end up with a blank line.  Press the delete key.  Nothing.  Try again, nothing.  Had to move to next line and then use the backspace key.
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  10. Wolfie added a record in IP.Gallery   

    Album on Board Index, HTML/CSS not matching up
    I marked it as 5.0.4 though it's like this in earlier versions.
    Enable the feature and look at it on the board index.  It may appear fine, but really, it's not.
    1. It's not lined up.  I thought maybe this was intentional, but it's not appearing to be once looked at closer.
    2. The thumbnail widens the far left column, so that the forum icons have a gap in them.
    3. On the default skin, this isn't isn't noticeable but it's there.  On skins where the sides are customized, the sides are 'skipped over'.
    The fix can actually be found here...
    I actually tried this fix on the default skin and it works fine...
    1. Lined up now, so it doesn't look like the odd row odd.
    2. Still the same issue, but at least the custom skins 'match' the default skin on that.
    3. Looks the same on the default skin, but on custom skins, the fix is noticeable.
    Now if the changes (fixes) were to be the default, I believe it would prevent the enormous changes needed in custom skins to fix it.
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  11. Wolfie added a record in IP.Board   

    Can't make new line in editor
    This might be specific to Blog somehow, but I'm going to post the bug here since it still deals with the editor.  Haven't been able to duplicate in a forum post, but can in a reply to a blog comment, so could also be the commenting system.
    Go to a Blog entry, like the recent one about doing editor testing.  Click to quote a comment.  Pick a single line to keep.  Delete everything above that line.  Then, using the keyboard, starting at the line under the one you want to keep, select everything (shift and down arrow key), everything even past the end of the quote box.  Press delete.  Now, press enter to make a new line.  Nothing happens.
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  12. Wolfie added a record in IP.Board   

    Indenting mangling quotes and lists
    Make a list, decide to indent it along with content before and after the list...  It's not a pretty sight.  Even worse if it's within a quote.
    [indent=1]Some text before...[/indent][list]
    [indent=1]Tomorrow Never Dies[/indent]
    [indent=1]The World Is Not Enough[/indent]
    [indent=1]Die Another Day[/indent]
    [indent=1]Some text after...

    [indent=1]Some text before...[/indent][list]
    [indent=1]Tomorrow Never Dies[/indent]
    [indent=1]The World Is Not Enough[/indent]
    [indent=1]Die Another Day[/indent]
    [indent=1]Some text after...[/indent][/quote]
    Okay weird.  When trying to make a post, it was ending the quote after the 'before' text, making a new quote for the list, then another new quote for the 'after' text.  On top of it, the layout was staggered.
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  13. Wolfie added a record in IP.Board   

    Emoticons within code tags still parsed
    Using RTE, make a post.  Enter in the code tags, put an emoticon in between the tags like : ) for example.  Then preview the post.  The code tags will have a :) between then and when previewed again or saved, it's converted to : smile :
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  14. Wolfie added a record in IP.Board   

    Memory bug
    Okay your impulse reaction is going to say it's not a bug but hear me out on this.
    Someone using my 'Reply Into New PC' hook was hitting an issue of running out of memory.  Managed to figure out the trigger is setting $_POST['Post'] to use the quote bbCode tags.  However for me, IPC would take over and say that it couldn't find the page (10CCS2).  So for some reason, when $_POST['Post'] contains certain bbCode tags, it's exploding.
    Now, I'm not suggesting that you backtrack the code to be compatible with existing hooks or anything, but if something isn't going to parse for whatever reason, be it a hook or something else, then wouldn't it be better to throw a specific error rather than letting something random happen?
    I hope you get what I'm talking about.  If not, you know how to reach me for more info.
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  15. Wolfie added a record in IP.Board   

    Deleting blank line in editor deletes two characters
    Look at the quote in this topic, the quote is the result of this bug.
    Not just in quotes.
    To reproduce (Andy here's your chance!)...
    Put in one or more blank lines, followed by some text.
    Go to one of the blank lines.
    Press delete.
    Will delete current line and next line (if both are blank lines) or current line and then first character of next line (if second line has text on it).
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