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  1. Ashcroft31 added a post in a topic: How to create a new skin from scratch?   

    well i seek the aid of dragonfly myself

    and i'm not talking about her ladyship, it's an element inspector that comes with Opera Browser so that helps with finding bits i need to change or add to,

    but thats just me though, other than that i may look into this firebug to see what all the noise is about

    so thank you for that :thumbsup:
  2. Ashcroft31 added a post in a topic: Anybody else want an upgraded Storefront?   

    yea i was thinking the same thing myself, but you know what the developers are going to say right?

    show us some examples to give them a general idea,

    so here's one example to start off with " Sample ", which i'm in the process of upgrading that to a more jazzy look and feel once i get down the generals on how to safely upgrade it,

    so if you have any examples then post them so they know roughly what your asking for yes

    but other than that best of luck
  3. Ashcroft31 added a post in a topic: Recurring Payments   

    [quote name='ee_joseph' timestamp='1346074876' post='2301596']
    You can set a renewal payment every day/month/year. Set base price to zero and add a renewal with price per day/month/year. I hope that's what you were asking for.

    ok i appreciate what you are trying to do and help, so i'll lay all the cards out on the table, here's my clients main site now pay particular attention to the way the system is setup, and how the payment options are laid out and tell me this can be done exactly the same way in nexus?

    if not, then i'll just bin it as its of no use to me at all based on the fact that it's telling me that i do not have any servers listed to use it for hosting, and i cannot see any options apart from advertisement selling,

    so, if the developer of Nexus can pull off not only the recurring payment plan system but also the main block management system along the top of that main home page, then and only then i'll consider keeping on Nexus, but otherwise by the looks of it, i may have to ditch this system

    sorry but thats the way many of us feel especially myself, when you compare both nexus and the one i was thinking of losing

    so it's the developers call
  4. Ashcroft31 added a post in a topic: Recurring Payments   

    ok i'll give it to you straight,

    i have a client which is a designer of porcelain figures but her costs make it somewhat difficult for more everyday householders to purchase custom made figures outright,

    so, she has asked me the big burning question, " is there anyway to create either a recurring payment plan - or a layaway payment option through Nexus " if so, how?

    well my questions is can this be added or done through Nexus at all?

    i'll leave that over to you guy's to come up with something
  5. Ashcroft31 added a post in a topic: The server returned an error during upload   

    oh yea i forgotten about this post here

    it's already been resolved by both myself and Brandon, it turned out to be post_max on the global php.ini at the server end, it was set to 8mb which the video's are anything upto 44mb and yes i have 60GB on a VPS so space isn't the problem.

    but thank you for your concern all the same
  6. Ashcroft31 added a post in a topic: Nexus - cannot add to cart   

    you know everyone by now should be on the new 1.5.3, so if your still using the old one then my advice is to upgrade and see if that fixes your add to cart glitch there, because i've tried it on my clients store and it's adding no problem and going to checkout as well

    so try that then file a bug report if it still persists agreed?
  7. Ashcroft31 added a post in a topic: The server returned an error during upload   

    ok now i'm not fully sure what exactly is going on here

    but when trying to upload a simple avi and/wmv video to the gallery it's returning the following message

    {" The server returned an error during upload "}

    is that the server end or a bug,

    something to perhaps look into

    what do you guy's think?
  8. Ashcroft31 added a post in a topic: How to create a new skin from scratch?   

    now i can see why these professional skinners are always in tears each time they have to create a new theme from scratch,

    sure the visual skin generator helps with basic color changes but once that is switched off it's over to good old html and css which at times is like trying to find a needle in a haystack, easy enough once you know where everything is, but tough to get round

    so the answer to everyone's question is "No" you cannot edit skins using the "Visual Skin Editor" as that only works on newly created skins the rest is like everyone states good old hard coding
  9. Ashcroft31 added a post in a topic: Any Thoughts on this?   

    [quote name='Marcher Technologies' timestamp='1345325323' post='2298358']
    not at all true, just the next gallery update(it is a beta lol), is not difficult, nor at all beyond farber to check if content is installed on upgrade/install and dynamically rebuild the template/xml(shucks, is abstracted well enough I've got a cli script doing feed template imports en-masse locally ;) ), and it might actually lead to block template xml's being abstracted by app in a future content version.

    mate i read your tracker there, so i'm assuming that was a hint for the main cause of the problem with the block template there, because after going through the main database at the root side and main the edits that seemed to have resolved the issue there,

    so, on a side note i'd like to extend my gratitude by saying thank you, you've been a great help

    [quote name='Keiichi Morisato' timestamp='1345325793' post='2298363']
    I would have first tried looking for the missing image ... lols :tongue:

    and don't you think i'd already thought about this before submitting this topic in the first place, so yes all settings and albums as well as photo's are setup at the locations where the block is supposed to feed them from,

    so again thank you for the sarcasm all the same and the problem is now resolved so LOL to that
  10. Ashcroft31 added a post in a topic: Any Thoughts on this?   

    right so it's not me then

    thanks for that,

    but i will need a little bit more than that

    because this lot is unfamiliar to myself based on the fact that it's not showing up anywhere in the blocks or templates manager here,

    so i'm assuming it's a file belonging to either the gallery or the content,

    other than that looks like we're going to have to wait for the next release of ip.content to sync up before going any further with this

    but thanks all the same
  11. Ashcroft31 added a post in a topic: Any Thoughts on this?   

    now this is rather confusing as this is the Gallery Block for the Content Manager

    now this has only happened after upgrading the main gallery to the 5.0

    so my question is:

    whats changed with the gallery causing this, and what can be done about resolving this issue?
  12. Ashcroft31 added a post in a topic: multiple select options for Lightbox   

    thanks brandon

    it was just a thought that was all,

    well anyway that same script is on one of my clients stores and the store is acting up so i might actually be putting nexus forward as an alternative

    but we'll see how it goes,
  13. Ashcroft31 added a post in a topic: multiple select options for Lightbox   

    you know guy's

    ever thought of using this as another option for gallery previewing at all?

    this also could work with the main forum, downloads marketplace, and nexus,

    just a thought,

    so what do you guy's think?

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