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  1. Ashcroft31 added a post in a topic: Anybody else want an upgraded Storefront?   

    yea i was thinking the same thing myself, but you know what the developers are going to say right?

    show us some examples to give them a general idea,

    so here's one example to start off with " Sample ", which i'm in the process of upgrading that to a more jazzy look and feel once i get down the generals on how to safely upgrade it,

    so if you have any examples then post them so they know roughly what your asking for yes

    but other than that best of luck
  2. Ashcroft31 added a post in a topic: Recurring Payments   

    ok i appreciate what you are trying to do and help, so i'll lay all the cards out on the table, here's my clients main site now pay particular attention to the way the system is setup, and how the payment options are laid out and tell me this can be done exactly the same way in nexus?

    if not, then i'll just bin it as its of no use to me at all based on the fact that it's telling me that i do not have any servers listed to use it for hosting, and i cannot see any options apart from advertisement selling,

    so, if the developer of Nexus can pull off not only the recurring payment plan system but also the main block management system along the top of that main home page, then and only then i'll consider keeping on Nexus, but otherwise by the looks of it, i may have to ditch this system

    sorry but thats the way many of us feel especially myself, when you compare both nexus and the one i was thinking of losing

    so it's the developers call
  3. Ashcroft31 added a post in a topic: Recurring Payments   

    ok i'll give it to you straight,

    i have a client which is a designer of porcelain figures but her costs make it somewhat difficult for more everyday householders to purchase custom made figures outright,

    so, she has asked me the big burning question, " is there anyway to create either a recurring payment plan - or a layaway payment option through Nexus " if so, how?

    well my questions is can this be added or done through Nexus at all?

    i'll leave that over to you guy's to come up with something
  4. Ashcroft31 added a record in IP.Nexus   

    Currency Symbol Refusing to change
    ok after testing this through 3 browsers i'm trying to change the local currency from USD which uses the "$"

    the the Euro which when i last checked used the "€" symbol

    now i have tried also using the code "€" as well as the "€" directly and still seeing the "$" on every listing in the main store area

    are you getting this as well or is it just me?

    have a look see whats going,
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  5. Ashcroft31 added a record in IP.Gallery   

    Recent Albums only showing maximum of 30
    well i can see this is global

    i just thought it was me but the "Recent Album" list in social home page view is only showing 30 albums with no forward on to next set button in the beta 2

    any chance of adding this option at all?

    also the block on the content manage is showing up with broken links and null in the title and description and the source is revealing 2 trailing slashes

    so something else to look into later on as well
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  6. Ashcroft31 added a record in IP.Gallery   

    Getting a Fatal Error
    Ok so this only shows up with selecting Delete all Images & Albums through the ACP

    [quote]Fatal error: Call to a member function fetchImages() on a non-object in /home/<USERACCOUNT>/public_html/fanclub/admin/applications_addon/ips/gallery/modules_admin/categories/manage.php on line 482[/quote]

    something you are probably already aware of but look into it all the same though

    other than that the folders and categories still can be deleted but only if the option to move images to another category is selected first

    oh and the users account i've had to filter out for security reasons so the bit that states <USERACCOUNT> i have not used as an account name before you ask

    other than that everything else seems to be functional but however the old forum look for the private albums doesn't quite fit in with the rest of the layout so if you can add options to switch layout views to match the rest then that also would be a bonus in your favor there

    so i'll leave it in your hands
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  7. Ashcroft31 added a comment: Parse Error on line 417   

    right well i thought i would close this ticket with a note to say it was the zip file i first downloaded from the client center that became somewhat corrupt

    so after a second try out with a fresh download i can see everything has setup nicely with no major errors or faults so far, if anything there might be the odd one or two minor unnoticeable bugs but those will fix over time
    but for now sweet as a nut everything checks out, alittle laggy on scroll but thats due to newly upgraded so the server needs to settle itself down and level itself out with a simple optimize

    so we'll see how it handles over the next few day's and take it from there

    as for Adriano's extended gallery hook i've sent the developer a PM to alert of the glitch thats showing up in the ACP there

    so we'll see what the developer has to say about this

    other than that

    nice work and keep it up
  8. Ashcroft31 added a comment: Parse Error on line 417   

    ok thanks

    i'll re-download a fresh copy use wrar to extract it and set binary through filezilla and upload it again

    see how it goes

    so i'll keep you posted on what i find
  9. Ashcroft31 added a comment: Parse Error on line 417   

    Well without putting the main site at risk i thought setup another blank board with the gallery alone

    now on accessing the newly created albums i'm now seeing new error messages

    so the first one i'm getting is with the "upload" button

    error code for that is "Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/admin/public_html/support/admin/applications_addon/ips/gallery/sources/classes/gallery/media.php on line 560"

    and on testing the album access i'm getting the following

    error code "Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/admin/public_html/support/admin/applications_addon/ips/gallery/sources/classes/gallery/rate.php on line 447"

    now i did include in this ticket "2" snapshots of what i was seeing

    but obviously a bug with the tracker system here which has deleted the 2 image shots

    so here's the main test site so you can see for yourself

    also note guest group can initiate the upload but not the admin group,

    and as for the hook variation on a theme that the creator can deal with when the time comes
  10. Ashcroft31 added a post in a topic: multiple select options for Lightbox   

    thanks brandon

    it was just a thought that was all,

    well anyway that same script is on one of my clients stores and the store is acting up so i might actually be putting nexus forward as an alternative

    but we'll see how it goes,
  11. Ashcroft31 added a record in IP.Gallery   

    Parse Error on line 417
    Well i'm not sure if this is me doing something wrong or a possible bug

    but i get this when trying to create a new public or private album,

    also i'll have to notify Adriano Faria about he's Enhanced Gallery Images in Board Index hook which too is also now throwing off this in photo snapshot 2

    and just so you know i took down this site and reverted it back to it's original back up twice just to be absolutely sure that it wasn't anything else that is causing this, and both times the gallery has been the cause,

    so first things first lets look at the initial cause then take it from there
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  12. Ashcroft31 added a post in a topic: multiple select options for Lightbox   

    you know guy's

    ever thought of using this as another option for gallery previewing at all?

    this also could work with the main forum, downloads marketplace, and nexus,

    just a thought,

    so what do you guy's think?
  13. Ashcroft31 added a post in a topic: Paypal Subscription only   

    if you are referring to weekly or monthly recurring payments then you can find that under "Pricing" "Renewels" just state what time duration and cost and it should work but if your referring to auto paypal recurring payments then i cannot see that in the nexus panel myself, but i'm sure you can set that up at paypal side,

    other than that, you might want to submit a ticket to the main team that designed the system and see what they can make of what your requesting

    Note, After second look myself "yes under Payment Gateway", Paypal there are 2 radio buttoms 1 saying activate gateway and 2 Enable PayPal Subscriptions Support?,

    now is that the answer you were looking for/

    if so, then ignore the rest of this post

    if not, then refer to post
  14. Ashcroft31 added a post in a topic: IP Nexus   

    thanks mate, thats all i needed to know, so in the meantime, i'll wait till approval and take it from there.
  15. Ashcroft31 added a post in a topic: IP Nexus   

    hi i've just placed an order for the nexus addon but it's still showing pending could one of you guy's check in to the matter for me



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