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  1. Fabien added a post in a topic: New data hook for topic view   

    Currently, with IP.Board 3.1.0, there are 4 hooks for topic view that allows us to add a new button beside a post, compute some data but we cannot add new field for the posts select query (like birthday).

    I suggest to add a new hook for topic view that we could customize posts select query and add a new sql join.
    For example, this new hook could be used to display easily and cleanly (without changing source code) age of members in topics.
  2. Fabien added a record in IP.Board   

    Hardcoded in ACP > Skin sets
    [*]Run Merge Report...
    [*]EXPORT Templates into 'master' directory...
    [*]IMPORT Templates from 'master' directory...
    [*]EXPORT CSS into 'master' directory...
    [*]IMPORT CSS from 'master' directory...
    [*]Each step can take a few minutes, please be patient
    [*]The merge tool is not available as you have no previously stored templates
    [*]Run a new report on:
    [*]New item for this version
    [*]View original default item
    [*]View customized item
    [*]View new default item
    [*](old default > new default)
    [*]View Merge Preview
    [*]Manually Edit/Resolve Conflicts
    [*]Resolve: Custom Wins
    [*]Resolve: New Wins
    [*]Show All Items
    [*]Show Merged Items Only
    [*]Show Conflicted Items Only
    [*]Show Uncommitted Items Only
    [*]Show Committed Items Only
    [*]Select All Shown Items
    [*]Un-select All
    [*]Merge Report
    [*]resolved conflicts
    [*]merge conflicts
    [*]no conflicts
    [*]Changes committed
    [*]Resolve All: Custom Wins
    [*]Resolve All: New Default Wins
    [*]Commit All Merged Changes
    [*]Un-commit Merged Changes
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  3. Fabien added a record in IP.Board   

    Edit skin outside ACP does not work
    I followed instructions from file cache/skin_cache/masterMap.php...
    [quote] To be able to edit a skin outside of the ACP, do this.

    1) Create a new skin set within the ACP. It can be a 'root' skin or a 'child'. It doesn't matter. Make sure you enter a 'skin_key' which must be unique.
    2) Put your board in IN_DEV mode by editing the constant in conf_global.php
    3) Create a new master skin directory in /cache/skin_cache. It must be something unique, like 'master_myskin' for example.
    4) Add your new 'skin_key' to the 'templates' array below.
    5) Back into your ACP, go to the list of skin sets. Click on the menu icon for your new skin set and choose: 'EXPORT Templates into 'master' directory...'.

    You should now be able to edit those files as you browse the board without the ACP. When you are done, simply choose 'IMPORT Templates..'.
    ... but there is no new link appears in ACP > Look & Feel.

    I found the bug in our file publicOutput.php
    [code] if ( is_array( $REMAP['masterKeys'] ) )
    if ( in_array( $id, $REMAP['masterKeys'] ) )
    $_skin = array( 'set_id' => $id );
    /* we're using a key */
    $_skin = $this->_fetchSkinByKey( $id );
    should be
    [code] if ( is_array( $REMAP['masterKeys'] ) AND in_array( $id, $REMAP['masterKeys'] ) )
    $_skin = array( 'set_id' => $id );
    /* we're using a key */
    $_skin = $this->_fetchSkinByKey( $id );
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  4. Fabien added a comment: Hardcoded texts   


    [quote name='bfarber' date='24 May 2010 - 09:48 PM']
    I can't reproduce the missing key "hook_data_location". It's in acp.lang.js (I've confirmed) and when adding a hook the string shows up properly.
    [/quote]Key "hook_data_location" is missing with IP.Board 3.1.0 Beta 3. Perhaps a bug with your tool to create files *_language_pack.xml?

    [quote name='bfarber' date='24 May 2010 - 09:53 PM']
    I also can't reproduce the "Exporting..." page title. None of the pages set their own page title in the ACP - the page title is generated based on the app/module/section names. When I go to export a hook I get "IP.Board: > System > Applications & Modules" as the page title. I searched in the miscellaneous files and couldn't find any "Exporting..." text, so I'm not sure where you are seeing that.
    All the other strings are fixed.
    In admin/applications/core/skin_cp/cp_skin_applications.php, line 1645:
    [code]<h2>Exporting {$hookData['hook_name']}</h2>[/code]
  5. Fabien added a comment: Hardcoded texts   

    In ACP > Hooks > Export Hook
    [*]Exporting (page title)
    [*]Select a File (langage files dropdown)
  6. Fabien added a record in IP.Board   

    Hardcoded texts
    In ACP:
    [*]Notification Center
    [*]Remove License Key
    [*]Save (login_conf_form method in file cp_skin_tools.php)
    [*]Add New Rule
    [*]Edit Rule
    [*]Edit Log In Method
    [*]Save Changes (in file login.php)
    [*]Notification Type
    [*]Default Selection
    [*]Disallow Option
    [*]Disallow Member Selection

    Also, there is a missing lang key: hook_data_location. This is used in ipb3Hooks.js and showed when you add a new data hook ([i]undefined[/i] is currently displayed)
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  7. Fabien added a record in IP.Downloads   

    Deleting a category with subcategories
    When I delete a category from ACP, sub-categories aren't deleted.
    Files in these sub-categories aren't removed either.
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  8. Fabien added a record in IP.Board   

    New data hook for post query?
    I try to show the age of post authors in topic view without editing ipb files, by using a data hook, but this does not seem possible.
    I need to add three fields (m.bday_day, m.bday_month, m.bday_year) to SQL select query, but there is no hook here.

    I added a data hook for the variable $_post_joins in admin/applications/forums/modules_public/forums/topics.php and now I can show age of post authors:
    Just before:
    [code] /* Ignored Users */[/code]
    I added:
    [code] IPSLib::doDataHooks( &$_post_joins, 'topicViewJoinQuery' );[/code]
    (and also I registered this new data hook in dataHookLocations.php)

    Is it possible that a data hook is added for the variable $_post_joins in the next release of IPB?

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  9. Fabien added a record in IP.Board   

    Lang strings using sprintf & argument swapping
    There some problems with arguments swapping (%1$s, ...) for language strings using sprintf function.

    With 'Translate Externally':
    In the php file:
    [code]'subject__other_status_reply' => "<a href='%1\$s'>%2\$s</a> a répondu au <a href='%5\$s'>status</a> de <a href='%3\$s'>%4\$s</a>",[/code]

    After importing php file and recaching language set, I get :
    [code]'subject__other_status_reply' => "<a href='%1$s'>%2$s</a> a répondu au <a href='%5$s'>status</a> de <a href='%3$s'>%4$s</a>",[/code]
    (backslashes were removed)

    With 'Translate in Admin CP':
    I set [code]<a href='%1\$s'>%2\$s</a> a répondu au <a href='%5\$s'>status</a> de <a href='%3\$s'>%4\$s</a>[/code]
    After saving my changes, I get : [code]<a href='%1\\$s'>%2\\$s</a> a répondu au <a href='%5\\$s'>status</a> de <a href='%3\\$s'>%4\\$s</a>[/code]
    (double escaping)

    Another try, without backslashes. I set [code]<a href='%1$s'>%2$s</a> a répondu au <a href='%5$s'>status</a> de <a href='%3$s'>%4$s</a>[/code]
    After saving my changes, I get [code]<a href='%1$s'>%2$s</a> a répondu au <a href='%5$s'>status</a> de <a href='%3$s'>%4$s</a>[/code]
    (no escaping)
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  10. Fabien added a record in IP.Board   

    IPv6 address support
    IP.Board does not support IPv6 address. User get this message:
    [quote]Could not determine your IP address[/quote]

    I hope this will be fixed really soon because all users with an IPv6 address cannot see any IPB page.
    Now IPv6 address support is enabled by default for some ISPs in Europe.
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  11. Fabien added a comment: Language bit 'subject__other_status_reply'   

    Thanks IPS for using sprintf function for strings translation! This will help us to improve our translations

    With all *printf functions, you can specify argument order in the format string. This will work:
    [code] 'subject__other_status_reply' => "<a href='%1\$s'>%2\$s</a> has replied to <a href='%5\$s'>status</a> <a href='%3\$s'>%4\$s</a>'s",[/code]

    There are somme examples about argument swapping with sprintf on official php website : http://fr2.php.net/manual/en/function.sprintf.php
  12. Fabien added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Content 2.0 Dev Update: Improvements to Databases   

    Any news about the full FURL support for databases?

    - /resources/official.html?category=36 => /resources/official/getting-started/index.html
    - /resources/official.html?record=278 => /resources/official/getting-started/general-ips-information/test-boards.html
  13. Fabien added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Board 3.1.0 Dev Update: Modification Development Enhancements   

    These improvements seem nice but what is the cost/performance?

    For each template, you store all local variables until the end of execution/printing? This will not use too lot of memory and is against the Garbage Collector of PHP?
  14. Fabien added a record in IP.Board   

    Hardcoded texts - ACP
    In file /admin/applications/forums/js/acp.forums.js
    [quote]$( 'togglemod' ).innerHTML = ACPForums.showModForm ? "[color="#FF0000"]Show Moderator Options[/color]" : "[color="#FF0000"]Hide Moderator Options[/color]";[/quote]

    In file /admin/applications/forums/sources/classes/forums/admin_forum_functions.php
    [quote]$data['_fullname'] = '[color="#FF0000"]Group:[/color] ' . $data['group_name'];[/quote]

    In file /admin/applications/core/skin_cp/cp_skin_templates.php
    [quote]ipb.templates['add_replacement'] = "<div class='acp-box'><h3>[color="#FF0000"]Add Replacement[/color]</h3><ul class='acp-form'><li><label for='popup_key'>[color="#FF0000"]Replacement Key[/color]</label><input type='text' class='input_text' id='popup_key' /></li><li><label for'popup_content'>[color="#FF0000"]Replacement Content[/color]</label><textarea id='popup_content' style='width: 45%' rows='7' class='input_text'></textarea></li></ul><div class='acp-actionbar'><input type='submit' class='realbutton' value='[color="#FF0000"]Add Replacement[/color]' id='popup_submit' /></div></div>";
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  15. Fabien added a record in IP.Board   

    Applications - Import replacements
    When an application has a file like [i]myApp_replacements.xml[/i], while installing, replacements aren't added and existing ones are deleted.

    My file [i]myApp_replacements.xml[/i]
    [xml]<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <replacement_content><![CDATA[<img src='{style_image_url}/ssw/spoilers.png' alt='' />]]></replacement_content>
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