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  1. DarkGizmo » ysun

    F-F-F-f*** the police comin' straight from the underground....... haha, sorry dude, but i saw your stats and thought that'd be freakin hilarious to post. :) and HOLY crap, you NEVER had white castle? duuuuude........white castle is godly....

  2. ysun

    Wanted by the Police

  3. .Brian » ysun

    Yeah it has been a very cold summer which is very odd. have you tried white castle yet

  4. ysun

    There was too much rain in NJ this summer. I felt cold especially in the office.

  5. ysun

    Sorry my friend I saw your comment just now, thank you very much!

  6. .Brian » ysun

    How is New Jersey treating you?? I am driving there in a few weeks to Perth Amboy, and New Brunswick.

  7. vesperala » ysun

    happy birthday!

  8. ysun

    Thank you so much! My dear friend! ;)

  9. vesperala » ysun

    Happy birthday, my dear!

  10. ysun

    Thank you for the stars! ;)

  11. vesperala » ysun

    I came to bring the stars for you..:)