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  1. IPB Bob added a post in a topic: Deluxe by IPS Themes   

    Any updates planned for 3.4.4
  2. IPB Bob added a post in a topic: Next / previous image on full size   

    I agree, this would be a nice feature.
  3. IPB Bob added a post in a topic: Help me understand this licence renewal stuff   

    At one time I kept all of my licenses up to date, I did this for years, but after years of extremely poor support (slow, not incompetent), and lack of updates, I found that I was wasting money keeping my licenses up to date. I have to wonder why others see no value in keeping their licenses up to date. Maybe IPB should focus on the reasons why customers see no value in keeping their licenses up to date. I like the idea of paying for the "suite" all at once though, would make it much easier to keep track of as I have far too many licenses already, and it's a PITA to keep track of what licenses are up to date and which are expired.
  4. IPB Bob added a post in a topic: (RSyvarth) Social Groups   

    Same problem here, reinstalled social groups, but didn't help.
  5. IPB Bob added a post in a topic: Recent Topics   

    I forgot to mention that I am using chrome, sorry. :)
  6. IPB Bob added a post in a topic: Recent Topics   

    The only issue I am seeing with this mod is a small skin issue with the little + and -:

    Excellent modification. I use it on multiple forums, thanks for the excellent mod.
  7. IPB Bob added a post in a topic: (RSyvarth) Social Groups   

    A few of my members are having an issue where they get an enter password when they attempt to enter a groups forum, but it seems to happen randomally. Many times it goes away if they enter the forum through the groups tab, but not always.
  8. IPB Bob added a post in a topic: Download: (Pav32) Someone Mentions You   

    Same issue here, tried recaching, but no luck.
  9. IPB Bob added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Blog 2.5 Dev Update   

    Any chance you can add autosave to the blog entries? Most people enter far larger blog entries then forum posts, so it would be great to have auto save enabled in the blogging system.
  10. IPB Bob added a post in a topic: Tags on Board Index Hook Suggestion   

    You can see it here on my daughters teen roleplay site. It's the same on a few of my sites too, but they aren't as long as hers at the moment.
  11. IPB Bob added a post in a topic: Tags on Board Index Hook Suggestion   

    I currently have the tags hook enabled, but it's quickly growing and will soon contain too many tags to keep it enabled. It would be nice if the admin could limit the number of tags to show in the hook and then arrange it based on the most popular from that limit.
  12. IPB Bob added a post in a topic: Suggestion: Improve Flash Uploader Settings in ACP   

    I ran into this same issue today with the gallery and flash uploader. I agree, it needs to be easier to enable.
  13. IPB Bob added a post in a topic: IPB's Current COPPA Setup Might Cause Problems for Site Owners   

    I think IPS might want to fix up their current COPPA system as it leaves site owners open to litigation. It would also be nice to be able to enter your own message into the COPPA field if you wanted to filter and add your own message instead of the COPPA form.

    This is getting stupid, what ever happened to parent being responsible for their own children? Shouldn't the parents be the ones who get into trouble when their kids lie and join a site? This world is upside down.

    For any forum owner who has a site that may be considered in any way directed at children, even if it's not, the current COPPA verification setup can leave the site owner vulnerable.

    From the FTC Website: http://www.ftc.gov/p.../coppafaqs.shtm

    39. Can I block children under 13 from my general audience website?

    Blocking children under 13 from participating in a general audience, or teen-directed, website does not violate COPPA. However, as described in Question 38, above, should you choose to block children under 13, it is important that you design your age collection input screens in a manner that does not encourage children to provide a false age in order to gain access to your site. If you take reasonable measures to screen for age, then you are not responsible if a child misstates his or her age. For example:
    Ask age information in a neutral manner at the point where you invite visitors to provide personal information or to create their log-in user ID. In designing a neutral age-screening mechanism, you might consider:
    Making sure the data entry point allows users to enter their age accurately. An example of a neutral age-screen would be a system that allows a user to freely enter month, day, and year of birth. A site that includes a drop-down menu that only permits users to enter birth years making them 13 or older, would not be considered a neutral age-screening mechanism since children cannot enter their correct age on that site. Not encouraging children to falsify their age information, for example, by stating that visitors under 13 cannot participate on your website or should ask their parents before participating. In addition, a site that does not ask for neutral date of birth information but rather simply includes a check box stating “I am over 12 years old” would not be considered a neutral age-screening mechanism.

    In addition, we recommend using a temporary or a permanent cookie to prevent children from back-buttoning to enter a different age.

    Note, however, that if you ask participants to enter age information, and then you fail to either screen out or obtain parental consent from those participants who indicate that they are under 13, you may be liable for violating COPPA and the Rule.
  14. IPB Bob added a post in a topic: Clickbank + IP.Nexus = Cash   

    Looks interesting.
  15. IPB Bob added a post in a topic: When Will IPB 3.2 Be Released?   

    Yeah, my members had a fit when I upgraded my forums to 3, so I can understand your apprehension, but I think 3.2 offers so much more that I can't resist the urge to upgrade all my forums. Maybe you should set up a test site for them to check out before making the decision and see their reaction?