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  1. Logan added a comment: [RC 3] Incorrect last visit   

    I think I recall in previous versions last visit showing as "Private" in that case? Which would be more appropriate for those trying to stay anonymous.
  2. Logan added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [RC 3] Incorrect last visit
    Just visited DawPi's profile, says his last visit was last Friday at 5AM. However, in his activity log it shows that he posted in a topic 12 hours ago (would would have been Tuesday). Last visit isn't showing the latest activity.

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  3. Logan added a post in a topic: How to Change Aplication tab name?   

    Super cool feature, didn't know that was there! You're alright too Charles
  4. Logan added a post in a topic: Upgrading - manual SQL queries   

    Not loving the time it takes to manually upgrade by running SQL queries from shell one by one.
    Any chance the auto-generated SQL files will come back so a lot of queries can be run at once? (like previous versions)
  5. Logan added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Users browsing topic as a guest...
    Appears that the "Who's browsing" for topics doesn't list users as a guest.
    As a guest user, hover over someone in the online list on the board index, when you find someone who is "Viewing topic: X" (maybe others), go to the topic, scroll to the bottom and the 'who's browsing' is empty, that user isn't shown.
    If you login, do the same thing, that user and anyone else is shown in 'who's browsing'. Not sure if other who's browsing areas are affected.
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  6. Logan added a post in a topic: Search feedback - not specific to application?   

    All good suggestions. I think the search still needs some changes for sure, I don't think it's at all as intuitive to use as it could be. Eager to see what happens!
  7. Logan added a post in a topic: Spam service -> "Action to take..."   

    For code 4 we use "register account, but immediately mark as banned". Can you also have this action empty their profile as well (like the flag as spammer option)?
    Reason being, if you have a lot of custom profile fields that can be filled out on registration (including website url, etc) these fields are filled in with "spam" (porn sites, marketing, etc). Would be nice to have that cleared in addition to being banned.
  8. Logan added a post in a topic: Auto-prune banned spam members?   

    With the new spam service, there are more and more members being marked as banned. Any plans for a task with settings to prune banned members due to the spam service every X days?
  9. Logan added a post in a topic: Search feedback - not specific to application?   

    Good to know, thanks! Hope to see the change. I think it makes most sense if using a "global search box" that it can automatically step down to being more specific depending on which part of the forum you are using, and from there providing options to search more globally if necessary.
    I feel it could also be confusing to not so savvy users who try to search within an application and end up seeing forum topics instead, who may not know to change the content type.
  10. Logan added a post in a topic: Search feedback - not specific to application?   

    When clicking the search box in the upper right it defaults to "all content" instead of auto-selecting the application you're in (ie: Marketplace -> files, bug tracker -> bugs) etc.
    It creates an extra step. More often than not when I'm in the marketplace (downloads) I'm interested in searching for a specific file, I don't seem to think to change the content type before hitting search, so after it returns results I have to select "Files" from the left. But it would still require an extra step even if I did change the content type before results are returned.
    I would prefer it to default to searching in the application I'm in and save a few clicks   curious what everyone else thinks?
  11. Logan added a comment: Missing manual query to run   

    Will wait and re-try on beta 8 then   thanks.
  12. Logan added a comment: Missing manual query to run   

    This occurred on beta 6, only recently noticed beta 7 was silently released. Yes, there are quite a few topics.
    Will try with beta 7 and see it if happens again.
  13. Logan added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Missing manual query to run
    Was able to run all manual queries to this point, however after converting followers, am now presented with ';' as a manual query, the continue button doesn't allow me to proceed and just shows semi colon after semi colon:

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  14. Logan added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Download button missing with lots of addons
    Per: http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/404844-cant-download-ipb-anymore/
    Reposting from: http://community.invisionpower.com/bugs.html/ips-web-site-and-client-area-not-for-software-issues/download-window-cut-off-r49091/
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  15. Logan added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Followed members
    Followed members missing post count. Also, significant vertical scroll with a lot of addons on the followed content page, suggestion: http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/404785-collapsible-followed-content/?do=getNewComment
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  1. Logan

    Summer is almost over. Went by too fast.

    1. .Ian

      July 27th, from memory, from 10am to 2.30pm ;)

    2. (e) Eric

      you're telling me.

    3. AnthonyKinson

      We've hardly even had any sun :-(

    4. Stars25

      I had plenty of sun down here in Florida! :)

    5. skinbydragonfly

      You can have some of mine this Summer Logan!

  2. Logan

    I love Halifax! :)

  3. Logan » Iestyn

    Not bad, how are you? :-)

  4. Iestyn » Logan

    Hello Logan how are you?

  5. Logan

    Off to the oral surgeon to get my wisdom teeth yanked out, should be fun! BBL.

    1. AndyF

      :( , its never that much fun, but at least when its done, its done :)

    2. Wolfie

      Have fun, enjoy! Then once the procedure is actually completed, ask for lots of percocet to last you a few days. Actually, you might want to ask for that BEFORE the procedure...

    3. AnthonyKinson

      I've still got my wisdom teeth, i had 4 teeth out when i was younger though (1 from each corner) because my jaw wasnt big enough.. so hopefully thatds going to pay off for me and i wont need the wisdom teeth out.

    4. Wolfie

      I had my wisdom teeth pulled some years ago. I don't remember the days following it, but I do remember that it wasn't something I wouldn't wish on anyone.

    5. Camoo

      It depends on how long the root of the tooth is. I got all 4 pulled and only had problems with two of them. And its not been that bad at all.

    6. Wolfie

      Ever had a root canal? If root canals could be used as a form of punishment, lots of people would think twice before committing crimes.

    7. Camoo

      I don't know what a root canal is and i think i don't want to know :-)

    8. Logan

      All done! Really wasn't bad at all. I didn't feel a thing, and I have no pain right now either. However I'm sure once the anesthetic wears off I'll probably start to feel something. They only gave me 600mg of ibuprofen for a painkiller, I thought they would have given me something stronger!

    9. Camoo

      Get well soon.

    10. skinbydragonfly

      Poor Logan! Glad it is all over now though :hug:

    11. Chris Ticehurst

      Funny enough I'm on a waiting list for the same experience!

  6. Logan

    Getting my wisdom teeth out a week from today :-(

    1. Steve H

      How many? 1 is bad enough but I had to get all 4.

    2. AlexJ

      Same. I need to get all 4 :(

    3. AndyF


    4. Logan

      All 4. My top ones are partially erupted, and my bottom ones are impacted.

    5. Jay M.

      Ouch! Hope it goes well Logan :)

  7. Logan » AndyF

    Thanks Andy :)

  8. AndyF » Logan

    I forgot to say 'congrats' :)

  9. Logan » skinbydragonfly

    Thanks Kim - that means a lot! :-)

  10. skinbydragonfly » Logan

    Congrats lovely Loganberry :D IPS don't know how lucky they just got!!!

  11. stoo2000 » Logan

    Congrats ;)

  12. Logan

    test test test - please reply to my status....

    1. Andrej

      Replying.... :)

    2. AndyF

      Test as requested :)

    3. Pixxel


  13. Logan » Cryptovirus

    You are the most awesome hacker I know!

  14. Logan » Cryptovirus

    You are the most awesome hacker I know!

  15. Logan » Cryptovirus

    You are the most awesome hacker I know!

  16. Logan

    has to give a Genetics presentation to a lecture theatre full of people. Eek!

  17. skinbydragonfly » Logan

    <333333333 wub u

  18. skinbydragonfly » Logan

    Hi Loganberry *mwah*

  19. lcwhitlock » Logan

    That's great to hear ... err read lol. Things are going well here too. My kids have one more week of school left, then it's 3 months of "mom, I'm bored!" Thankfully, the oldest just got a job, so he'll be kept busy and 'hopefully' entertained.

  20. Logan » lcwhitlock

    Hey Lisa! Yeah it has been awhile! Things are going great here, just finished up my first year, doing the summer job hunt now! (hehe) How are things with you?

  21. lcwhitlock » Logan

    Hello Logan~! It's been a long time since I have seen you last. I hope things are well?

  22. .Ryan » Logan

    *Bang Bang* I've captured the wild Logan's customer account :P