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  1. Sunlite added a comment on a blog entry: Skin Design Contest Winners   

  2. Sunlite added a post in a topic: Show signatures once per topic would be a nice default IPB feature   

    There is a mod for this, and it works very well. I think it's on Invision Modding if I'm not mistaken.
  3. Sunlite added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Nexus: Page Content Video   

    Worked perfect for me.
  4. Sunlite added a comment on a blog entry: Alex's CSS guide now available   

    Awesome, thanks Alex! :thumbsup:

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  1. Sunlite

    Hi! Hoping everyone has the best of holidays! May all of your wishes come true..... <3

  2. Energizer » Sunlite

    Hello Sunlite...

  3. Sunlite » AndyF

    Hey Andy, hoping all is well. Miss our chats, we'll have to catch up soon! Happy Easter! :-)

  4. AndyF » Sunlite

    Long time no speak :o , I keep seeming to miss you when you're actually 'here' , hope all is good anyway :-)

  5. AndyF » Sunlite

    About time I left you a profile comment so here it is :) , hopefully will manage to catch up with you for a chat soon.

  6. Sunlite

    if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure don't deserve me at my best." — Marilyn Monroe

    1. AndyF


    2. media

      nice :)

  7. Energizer » Sunlite

    Hello Sunlite, i would like say you short "Hello", i hope everything is well with you! Have a nice night! :-)

  8. AndyF » Sunlite

    Hey Susan :)

  9. AndyF » Sunlite

    Hey :) , yes things are ok thanks... Will catch up for a chat soon hopefully. :)

  10. Sunlite » AndyF

    hey Andy! Hoping all is well, love the kitty in your profile! :-)

  11. Sunlite » Jaime

    No, have not done Twitter, on Facebook though....
    It was freezing here today but I know it can't last much longer, looking forward to the warmth... and sunlite ;-)

  12. Energizer » Sunlite

    Hello Sunlite, Thank you for your Stop and Comment in my Profiles! it's nice to see!

  13. Jaime » Sunlite

    Hey you! Thanks are great! I am pretty excited now spring is near as the days are already getting warmer and sunnier. So excited about the long very warm days of the summer! :D How about you? Are you on Twitter?

  14. Sunlite » Jaime

    Hey Jaime, hoping all is well....

  15. Energizer » Sunlite

    Merry Christmas, @Sunlite and Everyone! :-)

  16. Sunlite » Jaime

    Merry Christmas to you too! Hope you get everything you want! :)

  17. Jaime » Sunlite

    Merry Christmas Ms. Sunlite!!! :D

  18. vesperala » Sunlite

    thank you :) I am ok

  19. AndyF » Sunlite

    Things are quite reasonable at the moment thanks! :) . Catch up with you for a chat soon hopefully!

  20. Sunlite » Steve

    Hi Steve, ready for the holidays? I haven't even started yet. Hoping all is well. :-)

  21. Sunlite » AndyF

    Hi Andy. Hoping all is well, hope to catch you on MSN soon. :-)

  22. Sunlite » Keven Fox

    ROFLOL, you have quite the visitor list, adult dating, porn tubes, ? Something you're not telling us? hahaha!