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  1. Matt added a article in Development   

    Changes to the File System in 4.0.5+ (Affects themes, custom blocks and more)
    For the IPS4.0.5 release, we changed how files are stored and loaded within the suite. Previously we stored the entire URL which was convenient but it made it problematic when you moved your community or tried to move images to another system such as Amazon S3.
    From 4.0.5 onwards, just the container and file name is stored in the database. This is much better for the database as it means you do not need to update your database when you change your URL and it's easier to move the files as there are no database changes to update.
    However, it does mean that you need to change how you display images in many cases.
    For example, if you had something like this:
    <strong>{$member->group['icon']}</strong>You'll notice that now it is just a broken image. You can use the new {file} tag to display it, like this:
    <strong>{file="$member->group['icon']" extension="core_Theme"}</strong>This will now display correctly. The extension parameter is mapped to the FileStorage extension found in /applications/{app}/extensions/core/FileStorage.
    So, for example, if you are managing gallery Images, the extension is gallery_Images. If you're managing Pages records, the extension is cms_Records.
    When writing code, you will need to be mindful of the changes. From IPS4.0.5 on newer, you will need to use code similar to this below:
    # Create and save (this is largely the same) $file = \IPS\File::create( 'core_Theme', 'file.txt', $contents ); # Calling (string) on $file now returns just the container/file.txt e.g. (monthly_04_2015/file.txt) \IPS\Db::i()->insert( 'table', array( 'url' => (string) $file ) ); # Load and show $row = \IPS\Db::i()->select( '*', 'table', array( 'file=?', 'file.txt' ) ); # We now have the container/file.txt, but we need the full URL $url = \IPS\File::get( 'app_Extension', $row['url'] )->url; print "<a href='{$url}'>";The most important part to keep in mind is that (string) $file will now store just container/file.txt and you need to call \IPS\File::get( 'app_Extension', $row['url'] )->url to get the full URL.
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  2. Matt added a comment: [4.0.4] Pages: <wbr> tag appearing in custom record fields   

    Changed Status to Closed
  3. Matt added a comment: [4.0.4] Pages: <wbr> tag appearing in custom record fields   

    You'll need to use {$formValue} in your custom template for this.
    $value is the display value (which is often parsed in some way) and $formValue is the value as it is stored in the database.
  4. Matt added a comment: 4.0.2 Pages upload fields don’t save to Amazon S3   

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  5. Matt added a comment: [] CDN-Paths broken   

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  6. Matt added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Pages images not responsive
    I have tried both WYSIWYG Editor and HTML Blocks, but the images are not responsive on Pages. Everywhere else the images fits the screen perfectly, but not on Pages. See attached image.
    Ticket 914602

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  7. Matt added a comment: Custom Editor Block   

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  8. Matt added a comment: 4.0.4 article meta tags doesnt work   

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  9. Matt added a post in a topic: Theme updates (code changes)   

    ​If you are seeing this on your suite too, delete the file: /applications/core/extensions/core/EditorMedia/Attachments.php
    You'll notice there's "Attachments.php" and "Attachment.php". Attachments.php can be removed.
  10. Matt added a post in a topic: Theme updates (code changes)   

    @ehren. I'm working through your bug list. The tabs not working is actually a bit of confusion. Tab keys are only a-z0-9 and then made lowercase. So you're actually using "word_Word" in the language pack, but the actual tab key ends up as "wordword" hence it doesn't seem to match.
    I've just allowed underscores though, but they have to be lowercase to ensure there are no duplicate but "different" keys.
  11. Matt added a comment: [4.0.1] BBCode is being parsed when entering code   

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  12. Matt added a comment: duplicate directory in uploads path   

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  13. Matt added a comment: duplicate directory in uploads path   

    I'll deal with this ticket, thanks.
  14. Matt added a comment: [4.0.5] group icon and cover photo missing   

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  15. Matt added a comment: [4.0.5]Cronjobs still failing   

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