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  1. Matt added a post in a topic: Who wants to help me test the IP.Content > Pages upgrade system?   

    Ok, thanks all. I think we have enough now. I'll PM you all. Richard, thanks for the offer, but I'm looking to test 3.4.7 to 4.0.0 currently.
  2. Matt added a post in a topic: Who wants to help me test the IP.Content > Pages upgrade system?   

    Thanks both. I'll PM you shortly so we can converse together.
  3. Matt added a post in a topic: Who wants to help me test the IP.Content > Pages upgrade system?   

    Hi all,
    I'm looking for a few people to work with me over the next few days on the Pages upgrade system.
    The Pages upgrade is a little tricky because the entire JS/CSS and PHP frameworks have changed completely, so custom blocks and custom templates are not upgradeable.
    However, basic Pages and Databases are fully upgradable and that's where I need some help testing the system.
    Ideally, you'll have a fairly smallish database that uses Content. You don't have to be a heavy Content user, just a few custom databases with some custom fields is good enough.
    ACP and FTP access to your sites is appreciated too, just in case I need to dig in on your site to figure something out.
    Let me know in the replies here and I'll sort a private corner somewhere out.
  4. Matt added a post in a topic: Pages Pre-release 3   

    If you have tagging enabled globally, then you can enable/disable tagging for Pages.
    Relational fields will be included very soon. Multiple categories per record won't be though.
  5. Matt added a post in a topic: Pages Pre-release 3   

    If you're running 4.0.0, then upload the files and run the upgrader. That might work. Generally though, previews are meant to be re-installed fresh.
  6. Matt added a post in a topic: Pages Pre-release 3   

    Refreshed the preview which includes lots of fixes and thumbnail generation/max dimension sizing for record images:
  7. Matt added a post in a topic: Stick footers please-many use them   

    I'm pretty sure you can do what you want with CSS.
  8. Matt added a post in a topic: Pages Pre-release 3   

    ​I'm going to add resizing options as I agree that it's silly to just dump a 5mb image in a record and call it 'done'. But yes, to answer the question above, there is indeed a dedicated 'record image' field. Or you can create your own upload fields too. It's really up to you.
  9. Matt added a post in a topic: Admin CP redirects to IPS Setup screen   

    ​We're giving out free meals with every error now?
  10. Matt added a post in a topic: Pages Pre-release 3   

    I'm working on the upgrade system still. There will be a way to upgrade your data (as much as possible) when we're into the beta stage with Pages.
    It's worth noting, however, that because we've changed the PHP, CSS and Javascript frameworks in 4.0, certain things will not be upgradable, like blocks and templates as there's no programatic way we can convert the changes to the data. Pages and databases will be upgradable however.
  11. Matt added a post in a topic: Why is there a cms folder within themes folder   

    It allows you to edit your Pages templates when you're in designer's mode. Pages uses templates stored in a different area as they are not tied to specific themes. Databases, page and blocks can use templates. It's the quickest way to get your site built.
  12. Matt added a post in a topic: Pages Pre-release 3   

    I've just refreshed the preview to fix an issue with adding blocks to non builder pages.
  13. Matt added a bug in IPS4 Bug Tracker   

    Calendar: Single day event

    For a single day event, do we need the "Start > End" notation? "10 December" should be fine.
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  14. Matt added a post in a topic: Pages Pre-release 3   

    We've just updated our Pages Pre Release, available here to all IP.Content license holders.
    This release requires IPS4 Beta 3, which was released earlier today.
    Pages is not upgradable from IP.Board 3.4.7 just yet so please don't try to do this! As usual, please report bugs to our IPS4 bug tracker .
  15. Matt added a post in a topic: Changing domains results in 15 dollar charge?   

    You're always welcome to contact is if you feel that you have a valid reason to change URLs but you've used up your quota. We're really nice people, promise.

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    Two IPS babies born, $2000 raised for charity and dozens of software releases - IPS, a year in review:

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    We're now running #ipb 3.1.2 on our own forums

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      I'm using Opera 10.60. Unfortunately, I see the same issues.

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      I've fixed those issues thanks to your code. Will update here later.

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      Thank you :)


      innovate or die ... IPB chooses to innovate and live ... I love you guys :)

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      Can you please add mobile support for Windows Phone 7?

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    This is just a test

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      Matt, would you have any news on the status of Dan's mod for ex CSEO users (

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    Testing something very cool

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      Matt - Getting this when going to Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING in /home/forumsi/public_html/admin/sources/base/core.php on line 4933

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    Beta released!

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